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List of top On Page SEO Factors & SEO Guide for Start Ups:

List of top On Page SEO Factors & SEO Guide for Start Ups:

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most essential thing to stand in the competitive online field. Of course it

scares most of all beginners at first. But soon it will become friend to some and for other people it is still a foe. So to make it as a friend in online just follow this article totally.

Many Online Professional Experts will say that it will takes few years to learn SEO and apply it totally. So I prefer believing it as a false statement because many other online entrepreneurs succeeded in their online business and
offline businesses with simple SEO tips and tricks. Understanding of it may take serious time but gives you massive results in the online field. But getting SEO basics into your mind is enough for success and it takes just few minutes to learn. So here is my article to study about most important SEO factors for entrepreneurs and online bloggers for their success.

Most important SEO factors for Start Ups – Top On Page SEO Factors :

Many Factors of SEO can impact all the Page Ranks on Google Search Engine & Others. Here I am providing few best SEO factors for your offline & online business success.

SEO Friendly Meta Title Tags & URLs:

If you wrote any post or page on your blog/website, make sure you are using Page/Post title is SEO friendly or not. Because it gives uniqueness to your post on Search Engine & every online will have a glance at your link. But use catchy title for your Blog Post/Page. You title should possess focus keyword for search engines presence.

Google usually shows more than 30-40 characters in title tag and it limits to 50-60 characters. Mostly may be those 50-60 are only fits into 512 pixel show. So it is better to use 55 characters approximately in your Page/Post Meta Title. It is not less 95% of your posts meta title. Then your post or page will be shown on search engines appropriately. This is all about getting a user view at first glance from the Google/Other.

Make Meta Description Attractive:

Below the Meta Title & URL, you will see Meta Description space if you are using Yoast or any other platform. Here you have to insert your focus keyword as meta description so that it will be relevant to Google and Humans too. No one will watch your website if your meta description is not attractive and useful. We need to write description for both the search engines and for the humans mainly. Really this trick will give you results just after crawling if you used good meta descriptions on your page/post.

It is like an introduction of a page/post. If the introduction is not good, you will loss the users stare and it is analogous to the interview. If you get interviewer attention, you will be qualified for the job. Likewise, if you get users attention, you will lot more views, popularity for. Meta Description is between 150-160 characters. Only 150 characters of Meta Data will decide whether the user should visit or not. So take little care about that.

Image Optimization for Search Engines:

These days it is the vital player on On Page SEO. So have a habit of leaving Alt tags for all your images which are on your blog posts/pages. Really it’s an ultimate approach of image optimization for Google & Other Search Engines. Just use relevant image alt tag for an image for search engine optimization. I can also suggest that using images in PNG format will be so helpful because the name itself says Portable Network Graphics (PNG).

Website or Blog URL – Structure SEO:

Blog’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator, Previously Universal Resource Locator) plays vital role in Search Engine Ranking. So have an appropriate URL name along with the focus keyword. Don’t ever use gibbering numbers, punctuations marks in it. Using meaningful & clear URL will get priority in Search Engines mostly. Have a look at an excellent and bad SEO approaches below.

Excellent Approach for SEO:

  • Use Canonical URL to prevent content duplications
  • Post URL should contain focus keywords

Bad Approach for SEO:

  • Long Length URL)

Reducing the Loading Time of a Website:

I think most of many never think about the page loading speed of a blog. But if not then think now, it will reduce your ranking in Google, Yahoo etc.

The Website/Blog’s speed is one of the signal for search engines to reach out quickly in searching. Google always gives greater priority to the websites which has faster loading speed. So Optimize your blog for speed loading for better ranking in Google. It will enhance your SEO results and gives a super juice to run faster in ranking than the other blogs & websites. And quick loading speed blog is friendly to all users and for the Google too. So make your website fast for your business success.

  • Your website will have Guaranteed Rankings if it loads within 1.5 seconds
  • Your website will be Good if it loads within 3 seconds.
  • Your website will loss 50% of traffic if it loads for more than 5 seconds
  • You website will loss 90% traffic if it loads for more than 10 seconds

So analyze you blog and Optimize your blog for your business success.

Website Redirection Factor of SEO:

Your website should redirect for both www. Or without www. Configurations. It is needed for on-page SEO.

Internal Linking to Website:

Links which are inside the content are called internal links and the process of it is called internal linking. Google gives lot of priority to the websites which has good amount of internal links which redirects to your blog/website.

Keyword Density Strategy in Blog’s Content:

It’s an important factor of On Page SEO & Ranking but it should be used wisely. You should use keywords in your content up to some extent but don’t do this over. Because now Google Search Engine had changed a lot and giving importance to the blog’s content than the keyword stuffing. You should need creative writing tips for blog success and for search engine ranking.

Use some keywords in content but those should mingle in the content. Also put keywords in meta tag, URL, title etc.

  • Your Focus Keyword density should be 2% to 3% in your content
  • Use keyword in image Alt tag and if you have time use any title in the caption etc.
  • Use some keywords with highlights, bold and italic formats.
  • Your First Paragraph should have focus keyword and also in the last paragraph.
  • Place your focus keyword in both the H1 & H2 tags

Content Strategy:

It is very important. You have to analyze for good content and you have to know what type of content people actually loving to read. Content should always be informative and unique because content is the king. Make content as SEO friendly and user friendly.

Responsive Design:

Your website/blog design must be astonishing on all devices. Users may be from any device and platform but you should provide attract them your blog’s look and information. So take care about the Website redesign if it don’t have responsiveness.

Add Social Sharing Buttons available in Blog or Website:

SEO always works best with social media platforms. So to get high amount of traffic to your blog/website you should have to organize social sharing buttons for content sharing. Really if SEO and Social Media Sharing increases your website will reach to the top for all type of keywords.


It is the file which advices in Crawling. With this you can advise Google to crawl a specific page/post.


Coming to the SEO, having sitemap for a website will makes it available to all major Search Engine Platforms like Bing, Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Duck Duck Go etc. It is also a major search engine ranking factor to have success in the online field of SEO & Ranking.

This is all about the List of top On Page SEO Factors & SEO Guide for Start Ups. If you like it, Please share it using social media buttons. Have any queries, leave a chat text below in comments.

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List of top On Page SEO Factors & SEO Guide for Start Ups:


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