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Why is it so difficult to write a high-quality definition essay?

If you are a first-year student and you think that Essay writing is simple, you should think twice as soon as possible because it is not true. It is really difficult to create something interesting for readers and you will be forced to spend a lot of your free time in the near library to find appropriate and exciting information. Moreover, do not forget about sources, references and other important aspects of a definition essay.

You should also keep in mind that you have to Write an outline, interesting arguments, eye-catching introduction and strong conclusion. In addition, do not forget that many students try to combine studying at the university with their job. Some of them also have their own families, that’s why it is quite obvious that they do not have enough time to write a high-quality essay definition.

So, most students usually whether do not know how to write a definition essay or they do not have enough time to do that. They just refer to special essay writing companies and forget about this boring problem forever. However, there are always several students who are ready to write definition essay without any additional help but we still want to share several useful writing pieces of advice for them. If you are one of these students, continue reading because it will be really useful for you.

What does “definition essay” mean?

If you are forced to write a definition essay, you should understand the meaning of this academic paper. In fact, you have to explain the meaning of a term. Pay attention that there are different terms, that’s why your research usually differs as well. For example, if you have to explain terms “art”, “architecture”, “monarchism”, “international law”, “urbanism” and so on, you will be obliged to read a lot of articles and books to find the appropriate definition of this word because these concepts are concrete and difficult. However, if you are going to find the meaning of such words as “love”, “honesty”, “friendship” etc., you can write this definition essay according to your own feelings and point of view.

How to write definition essays if you are inexperienced in this sphere?

If you want to write a high-quality essay but you do not have any experience in essay writing at all, you should follow these simple tips:

  1. Select the word, which you are going to consider

    The first stage of this process is probably really obvious: you have to find the word, which you want to define. As you probably understand, the number of possible alternatives is really enormous. You can write an essay about “feminism”, “justice”, “love”, “freedom”, “patriotism”, “friendship”, “success”, “religion”, “death”, “birth” and so on. Just choose the best one and move forward to the second stage.

    However, you should keep in mind that there is no need to choose concrete objects. For example, it is a very bad idea to choose such words as “pencil”, “cup”, “pillow”, “bed”, “mirror”, “towel”, “kettle” etc. These terms are concrete and you will not be able to write a lot about them. In most cases, it is really simple to describe these concepts, that’s why we can guarantee that your paper will be a little bit boring.

    In addition, a lot of professional writers also recommend students to choose words, which are familiar to them. In fact, if you understand the most basic meaning of this word, it will be significantly easier to write a good essay. For example, you should choose “success’ instead of “pedantic” or something else. Of course, this rule is not an obligation and you can choose other words but we think that it will help you to reduce spend time.

  2. Define this word

    Now, you have to do the main part of your paper. You have to describe and define this word.

    First of all, look up this term in the dictionary. Figure out everything possible about the official meaning of this word. You should also find appropriate synonyms or antonyms. Many professional authors also declare that you have to find the structure of the definition of this word.

    Second, it would be great to get several encyclopedias and find the origin of this word. Figure out where the word came from. However, we should probably notify you that it would be really difficult to find this info about abstract concepts (love, justice and so on), that’s why you can refer to this method only if you have already chosen professional terms (Incoterms or travaux préparatoires). Pay attention! You should refer to specialized encyclopedias (law, biology, chemistry) because general encyclopedias usually do not contain this type of information.

    Third, you can also find a lot of videos on the Internet with discussions of this word. Some people that there is no need to waste your free time on this activity but we are sure that some of these videos can help you to understand this concept better. Moreover, if you refer to professional websites such as Google Scholar ProQuest, we can guarantee that it will make your life easier.

  3. Create a draft and start writing

    After that, when you have already found enough information to create a high-quality paper, you should start writing process. You can stick to the typical structure or five-paragraph structure. In fact, it doesn’t matter. Just try to write strong introduction, conclusion and do not forget about interesting arguments during writing the main part of your paper.

    It is also really important to use special typical forms if you have to write a definition of writing. For example, we strongly recommend you to use “according to the X dictionary”, “according to my research”, “this concept comes from X language” and so on.


Therefore, do not worry about writing this essay. Of course, there are a lot of challenges, which you have to accept during writing definition essays but we are sure that you will manage to overcome them without any problems. Just follow abovementioned tips and you will gain success in this sphere!

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Why is it so difficult to write a high-quality definition essay?


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