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How to edit your thesis without professional assistance?

How To Edit Your Thesis Without Professional Assistance?

Editing is extremely important procedure as your thesis quality completely depends on it. Even if the paper is a real masterpiece poor quality may cost you a lot.

How to get rid of all distraction and start writing thesis?

Only with proper planning and professional assistance of your professor you will successfully manage writing and editing of your academic paper. Creating a good thesis paper often requires skills slightly different from those, used in non-academic papers. Experts from Thesis Panda know how to provide outstanding result and exceed your expectations, so if you need professional thesis help don't waste your time.

Written assignments are essential for academic success; therefore, students should do their best in order to create an essay of high-quality. Sadly, but it is extremely hard concentrating taking into account availability of numerous sources of distraction: smartphones, tablets, the Internet, and many other. Those, who are interested in writing a quality essay should follow these recommendations to avoid these distractions influencing their writing productivity:

  • The internet must be turned off;
  • If you are a Mac user try Whiteroom app;
  • Shut down all the programs you currently dont need;
  • Turn off your TV, phones, tablets;
  • Clear your desk this will help keeping your thoughts in order.

Probably obvious for everyone steps that we often forget doing. The easiest way to get everything done if you dont have enough time is addressing specialists to order a perfect paper and receive outstanding result. In this case, you have time for family, friends or even a vacation.

How to start working over your thesis?

We all were students and also have written various papers. It is time-consuming and challenging assignment that require a lot of efforts. By many students such assignments are considered as boring and overwhelming whether it is for a class, for a scholarship or a contest. Essay is a large project, therefore, requires responsible attitude and should be divided into smaller and manageable parts. In this way the job can be scheduled and made much faster. Here are recommendations in order to draft and write a successful essay. In order to start you should pick your topic and make sure you are interested in this subject as it will be difficult to engage the audience if you are not expert in your field of choice. If you didnt have your topic assigned there is a great chance choosing the best one for yourself and decide whether to create a detailed analysis or general overview. After selecting a topic, it is important start conducting a research. When you have the subject it will be easier to make a plan of actions. The most interesting part consists of writing a body of an essay. At this phase your diagram will be useful as here you will be creating structure of your thoughts. After managing this part, it will much easier writing the introduction section. This part attracts attention of listeners or readers and explains what to expect from your research. Try making introduction attention-grabbing and add quotes, and even appropriate jokes will work.

Next comes conclusion part. Here you will sum up achievements and overall ideas. The final part shouldnt be long three to five sentences will be enough. This should be reinforcement of your essay. Introduction and conclusion are easier to write at the end, after the body is completed as it will be much easier to create logical connection and make thesis more integral.

Before submitting your essay, it requires double check. Small details are important. What demands additional attention is checking order and structure of paragraphs. It is important re-reading own essay. Make sure it makes sense and sentence flow is smooth or add linking phrases to connect idea better. Grammar and spelling mistakes are essential and do your best to eliminate them all.

Once more review requirements and give your thesis to your friends for proof reading. They will be able noticing what you have missed. All these easy steps might be helpful when starting to plan writing of your academic paper.

The process of editing

After your thesis is ready, editing is a must as it makes your paper easier for readers to understand. This process includes perception of your work in three different ways:

  1. Structure editing that allows maintaining right logical connections and helps readers to understand your arguments. General points that should be taken into account:
  • Are you sure your introduction defines the topic of your research?
  • Are your chapter divided into sections and ordered logically?
  • Do all chapters have own introduction and conclusion?
  • Make sure material in chapters is readable and has meaning.
  • Are your introduction and conclusion parts connected?
  • It is important for the conclusion to sum up your argument.
  • Make sure all used sources are acknowledged and fully referred.
  • Have you used the recommended style to format your discipline?
  • Language and style editing makes sure sentences have correct grammar and there is consistency in style throughout the thesis. If your paper corresponds to all requirements it is easier for readers to concentrate on papers content. Points to be considered:
    • Writing in formal, academic style;
    • It is vital to make sure every sentence is grammatically correct;
    • Seek for professional recommendations on written English and read other papers to understand how it should look.
  • Proof reading gives a chance to eliminate spelling errors, typos, formatting mishaps and all the rest distracting mistakes and allows readers to stay focused on your paper. Proofreading concentrates on:
    • Make sure all margins, notes, quotations are in order;
    • Pay attention to font size, headings style, captions, footers, spacing, quotes, page numbers, figures;
    • Correct spelling, use of bracket, punctuation, references, abbreviations all demands closer attention;
    • Every list of figures, maps and tables must be double checked for accuracy.

    You should think about process of providing editing procedure even before starting to write as it is much easier to control yourself right from the beginning then rereading it for dozens of time after. Plan your structure and style in advance, find style manual or other guideline suitable for your discipline. Later it will save a lot of time. Make sure your English is flawless and if you have doubts consult with your supervisor, maybe he will recommend tutorials, workshops that will be useful. That last part of editing, proofreading, takes place at the very end and providing it you concentrating simply on consistency and accuracy.

    Editing tips to make your thesis flawless

    Students, who wish to submit a paper of great quality and earn high grades should take editing procedure seriously. Here we will provide you with essential tips that will help to understand and find a way to improve your content before handing out:

    • Make sure your thesis corresponds to all requirements and guidelines are followed accurately. Pay attention to titles, placement of sections.
    • It is important for the research to be provided thoroughly and for the topic to be written perfectly. Make sure your thesis supported with strong and appropriate details and proofs. All supporting materials are worth double check and it is wiser to postpone submitting in order to make sure your thesis main question is fully explained.
    • Pay attention to the way your information is organised, that there are key points that will make the perception of new data easier for the audience. Logic order must be present along with essays good structure. Spend some time reorganizing your data if necessary for the audiences convenience.
    • Punctuation, grammar, word usage, language and other important aspects require special attention as, even if your paper is brilliant, grades may be lower due to these kind of mistakes. Finding and fixing these technical writing errors takes a considerable amount of time as you have to carefully reread your thesis and not once. Not corrected mistakes significantly reduce quality of any academic paper, so in order to make a good presentation of your work dont be lazy and dedicate enough time to eliminating any mistakes.
    • If you managed to write your thesis with your own efforts, it is wiser to hire professional editor or proof reader as it will be much easier if you dont have enough patience or time to check own paper. Still, one of the well-known methods to make proofreading is reading your content backwards. Another useful tip, if time allows, is forgetting about your paper for a while and get back to it after some period of time. In this way you can catch more mistakes. Also, make sure that sentences and paragraphs have good structure and readable.
    • Dont try to save time on checking references and citations as a lot of mistakes are made exactly here. Find some instructions that will help to cite your sources in correct way. If failing, you are risking to raise plagiarism worries. Few days dedicated to careful proofreading will save you from a lot of troubles.

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    How to edit your thesis without professional assistance?


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