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when will I get married free prediction

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Discover What Stars Have Already Decided For Your Related to Marriage

Are you thinking when will you get married? Are you facing delay in your Marriage for long time?Are you unable to find your match? When you are facing difficulties to find your soul mate or your marriage gets delayed after lots of effort or at the nick of the time of your marriage the love relation calls for separation, you need astrological assistance in setting up your marriage and marriage date. Astrology is something that does not work as magic but it can help you in finding the problems that you are facing regarding your marriage.

wheni get marry

Aspects of Marriage in Astrology

First you need to create your full astrological report by your date of birth. When you would get the horoscope or janampatri or kundali at your hand only then you can indentify when will I get married free prediction. Your seventh house is the karaka house for marriage. If benefic planets sit in your seventh house and afflicts (provide seventh aspect from where the planets are posted)then you can experience early marriage. But if your seventh hose is afflicted by dustana or malefic planets then you may undergo various problems in marriage.

Different Reasons for Early or Delay Marriages

In Hinduism, getting marriage does not mean only merriment by people. Marriage is not all about love, but it is also the lifelong deal of two souls and among their families for long time. But if you cannot know how to deal with the problems in marriage then you need to take astrological testament. Let us see the reasons behind early, late and obstacle in marriage.

  • Possibilities of Early Marriage in Birth Chart: If your seventh house is ruled by benefic planets like, Jupiter or Venus or Mercury then you will experience the early marriage. The posting of planet Venus in your birth chart has to be beneficial. If Venus is placed in a benefic house and it is the ruler of your 7th house then you will be married early. The placement of the 2nd lord needs to be firm and benefic. The second lord has to be free from malefic effects. Your lagna has a significant power in letting your marriage early. If your lagna lord is powerful then you can surely get married in early stage of life. When Venus is placed in Kendra house or trikona house, you will get marriage early. click here to see Free Astrology Predictions Based on Date of Birth.
  • Possibilities of Late Marriage in Birth Chart: When malefic planets possess your seventh house in your birth chart, it is indicated your marriage will be happened at late night. If your seventh house is afflicted by Saturn or Saturn is the lord of your 7th house then you will face unwanted dalay or hardship in your marriage. Saturn makes things delay for betterment and marriage is not the exception. If Venus shares house with Saturn or Rahu or Ketu then you will face problem in marriage. Consult with an astrologer to find out suitable ways in getting marriage. click here to see Marriage Horoscope by Date of Birth
  • Refusal to Marriage: When you do not want to get marriage early or do not want to get married in any condition, there is no doubt your 2nd and 7th house is afflicted. Even the refusal in marriage can be happened when Saturn is placed in the Lagna or 7th or 2nd Sometime, Venus under the influence of Saturn causes delay in marriage. When Venus sits under the influence of the Saturn, native is unable to respect his/her partner and he/she avoids to get married. They fill marriage is a bondage and they cannot trust their partners easily. In this case of point they try to avoid the matter of marriage. These types of natives choose to stay unmarried for whole life or they marry in late age. click here to see Marriage Astrology Based on Date of Birth

Not only the position of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter impact the timing of marriage in astrology but also yourMahadasha, antardasha, Sade sati effect, position of Mars in your birth chart and the connection among Saturn, Mars and Venus create a wide impact in timing of marriage. Natives who want to know when will I get married free prediction they can use the marriage horoscope software to know the exact timing of marriage.

Online Marriage Consultation

Hence, if you are thinking when to get married or what is the right time to marry then you can roll your eyes in this blog and you will get your answer. For better result consult with online astrologer and get to know when will I get married free prediction.

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when will I get married free prediction


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