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Figuring out: Tips for Perfect Figure

In today’s time, the contemporary modern woman wants the best of everything including her uber glam looks that is defined by the pretty face and a perfectly toned Body. Hardly any woman exists today, who is fully satisfied with her body shape or overall look ever. If you are a woman, that too the urban woman then most definitely, you must be conscious of your looks every time you step out of your house. Not your fault though, it’s woman nature to notice each and every thing about another woman’s look right from the head to toe. Sooner or later every woman develops the desire of having a well shaped body just like the models on any magazine cover. And once you set the goal of having a picture perfect figure, there is no dearth of advises and suggestions from your friends and closed ones in terms.

Although every girl is born beautiful, to acquire a perfect figure and hugely appealing appearance, the very first thing you need to do is to accept the current condition of your body. Then in later stage, you can actually start planning about all do’s and don’ts for attaining a perfect body shape as per your body type. There are basically four types of female body shapes such as- hourglass shape, pear shape, banana shape and apple shape which are also the most talked about body shapes for women. Globally, hourglass shape is considered to be the most perfect female body shape by majority of people. Therefore, first of all, you must decide the body shape you are aiming towards before taking the final steps for the perfection. You should generally avoid undergoing any shortcuts, particularly all those expensive and complex surgeries in medical field such as liposuction, cosmetic surgeries, weight loss surgeries and plastic surgeries etc. Rather, there are various other simple and natural ways available which can actually help you to attain a good body shape. On the other side, determination and constant motivation from your own side play key roles in your plan of action. Here are some essential points needed to be followed to attain a perfect figure:

1. Consumption of a healthy balanced diet:

A healthy balanced diet always plays a very crucial role in maintaining fitness of the body. Your diet plan should be designed in such a manner that it should fulfill the requirements of your body type. Consequently, your balanced diet should comprise of all essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals and fibers. Intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables should always be there in between short gaps of your major meal timings. At the same time, junk food items should be avoided by you as they are richest source of fat and calories. Specifically, you should keep a distance from sugars and fatty foods (especially saturated and trans fatty acids). Pay attention and monitoring the correct quantity of food consumed by you. At the same time, you must also keep a track of measurements of some specific body parts such as – waistline, weight gain or loss in monthly basis so as to monitor the efficiency of your planning. Consulting a well-known dietitian will be of great help, as the dietitian will help you with a well-planned diet chart as per your body type. Your diet should also have nutritional values to provide the ample supplement required for a healthy body. With the growing age, women usually start getting worried about the weight gain issues. As a result, they start following a strict diet plan. However, this is not the ultimate solution because very often the crash dieting will have various side effects on your face and body. For example, the moment you stop the crash diet, there will be sudden weight gain. Most importantly, no diet plan suggests you to skip any of your meal. So, even if you follow any diet plan, try to make it simple and sensible one. Side-by-side also keeps a track of calorie consumption by you. And most importantly, to curb your hunger and craving for food, you are recommended to eat small quantity of food at regular intervals in a day. At the end, you must feel proud of yourself for being successful in maintaining an absolutely desirable figure with a correct diet plan.

2. Physical exercises:


If you are seriously dreaming to have beautiful curves, flat stomach, firm chest, sleek and slender pair of legs and overall well toned body, then you must include some essential workouts in your daily regime. Physical workouts not only help in keeping you fit, but also help in shaping up your body with the perfect curves. You can start it off with less resistant and mild exercise forms. There are various kinds of exercises which you can do on your own at home without the help of any trainer. There are various forms of workouts known in today’s time such as walking, aerobic exercises, cycling, swimming etc. However, you can also go for the gym option under the guidance of an expert for attaining the desired body shape. In your day-to-day life, it is equally important to make yourself engaged with most of the physical activities like taking stairs instead of a lift to move from one floor to another. Also try to go for a walk after dinner or early morning jogging can also help you to have well toned body and healthy lifestyle. It is also recommended by the fitness experts that you should always chase your body to extremes before your every meal to make your body fluid well stirred and to get your skin loosened. Apart from core physical exercises, you can also include swimming or yoga as these are some of the most effective ways of body fitness and perfect body shape. The entire above mentioned are basically fat burning workouts which plays a key role in possessing a well toned body. At the same time, a physical workout also helps in increasing the overall metabolism of your body. Trends keep changing with time. We must keep this in mind before chasing a desired body-shape. The standards related to physical appearance of your body also keep changing. Don’t just blindly run after size zero, only because it’s a fad. Focus more on a healthy body with a well proportionate body that can be achieved with the help of a good diet plan and regular physical workouts. Once you achieve the desired result, don’t just go on an exercise vacation. Instead maintain the consistency throughout your life. Eventually, be a proud owner of a dream body with healthy living. Aim to be fit and feel energetic for lifetime.

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Figuring out: Tips for Perfect Figure


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