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A Cure For Reality

A Cure For Reality

I don’t know what to talk about today so I’m just going to let my spirit lead me. I’ve been learning a lot I guess. I’ve been studying up on different things most recently and notably wisdom. I can honestly say that I’ve grown but the test of how much you learn is found in the arena of life. In your day to day where you are put to the test and your emotions might get the best of you which is also a problem which has been addressed in the books I read and I must admit that I have faltered a few times and I have regressed like an amateur boxer who reverts to brawling and forgets his skill. But in due time I am sure I will defeat my weaknesses in the end because I won’t stop trying till I’ve reached my goal and can finally say I’m self actualized.

I got laid of from work about two months ago. Was I upset? Yes I was but I was also relieved that I would get some time to rest and recover. I am still looking for work so I’m sure I will get one eventually. Had an interview the other over the phone but it didn’t go well because I got a little flustered and screwed up. It was a learning experience though. I see it as a stepping stone because now I know better so the next time I won’t be so ill-prepared. I have an interview tomorrow so in a little bit when I’m done writing this I will be getting to bed. Need all the rest cos I intend to get that job this time.

What else is going on with me? Oh Yeah I just heard about this guy they call Kingsley Omaghu. He is probably the most competent presidential candidate presently and I’m excited to see him actually in office. He could do some real good if elected. The problem though is I don’t think the public know about him. Lets hope we are properly sensitized by the 2019 elections.

As you may well know I’m schizophrenic. Not all of the time but yeah, I do get episodes now and again. I get so stressed out and though my brief stay in Leicester was productive as I was put on the right medication and over time I’ve seen results because the voices have stopped, the residual symptoms still remain. Schizophrenia can be more to me to a bunch of Character flaws and some anxiety so it takes some effort for me not to act out of character and keep my thoughts in line. I’m neurotic and a bit of a compulsive character. But after everything I’ve been through I can say I know myself better. I know my weaknesses so that’s the first step to getting  a Cure. Hmmm, a cure. I was told there is no cure for Schizophrenia but I remember they thought differently in the home I stayed at the hospital in Leicester. They were trying to cure me. I bet I would have seen more progress if I spent a couple more months there like they tried to keep me for. I already felt so much better that first month.

Oh yeah. I’ve been postponing my CFA exams for like a year now. I need to find some time to really study. It’s all I can think about. It’s the one goal I have all my hopes set on. I’m going to do it in June next year for sure. I’m sure I’ll be ready by then.

That’s basically it. That’s about all that has been going on with me. What about you? What’s going on with you?

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A Cure For Reality


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