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Hi beauties,

my ultimate skin care regime for a beautiful and flawless skin
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                 How are you all? Today I am going to talk about my secret Skin care regime, which completely changed my troubled skin into a beautiful and flawless oneJ. Beautiful and flawless skin! Who doesn’t want a skin like that!!!! Yes my dear beautiful ladies, this post is definitely going to help you to bring out the hidden beauty within youJ. If you follow these steps regularly for at least a week, you can see the magic with your own eyes!
Wash your Face at least twice a day with a chemical free, natural face wash. I recommend BIOTIQUE PURIFYING NEEM FACE WASH for acne prone oily skin, combination skin and normal skin, and Himalaya Aloe-Vera face wash for dry skin. This is the first step you can follow to get rid of the troubled skin. Washing face in the morning with a face wash helps to keep it fresh throughout the day and washing in night can help you to wake up with a healthy skin in the morning.

 So throughout the day your skin is primarily protected! You should be very careful while choosing a face wash because if it is not the right one for you, you may end up in utter disappointment. I am a person whose skin was very much sensitive (not now thankfully) and usage of any new product used to create breakouts on my skin. So choosing a face wash was a very difficult task for me.

 As I’ve already mentioned in Biotique bio neem face wash review  , it’s my mom who helped me to choose the right one. And I believe if that face wash can suit my sensitive skin it will definitely suit almost all the skin types in any case if you are a person who don’t like Biotique products(just like one of my friend) can definitely try some other natural facewashes like that of Himalaya, Kaya, FabIndia, Khadi, etc… 

Hopefully I will be publishing the reviews of many such facewashes soonJ. But please do opt for natural facewash because treating trouble skin with chemicals will weaken the skin and make it unhealthy. So the step one is to wash your face twice a day!
Tone your skin twice a day! Yes toning your skin is very inevitable. Because we are living in those surroundings where there are so many vehicles roaming everywhere and pollution all around, these had contributed in changing the texture of almost all people’s skin. 

Toning is the process of making all parts of your skin (face and neck) evenly toned. To be more precise, there will be some people whose t-zone alone is oily whereas all other parts either dry or normal, and those with uneven texture of dryness or oiliness in somewhere on the skin, toning can help to  reduce that uneven texture to an extent. And toning also removes the excess dirt that remains on your face or neck even after cleansing (facewash is a cleanser). 

I use Fabindia Neem tulsi skin toner as it is free from parabens, alcohol and other harmful chemicals. Always try to use alcohol free and paraben free toner, because alcohol can damage your skin in the long run. Take a small amount of toner in a cotton ball and gently rub it on your face after cleansing with a facewash or cleanser, this is the way to use toner.

 I will be publishing the review of Fabindia Neem tulsi skin toner very soonJ. There are many other toners like that of  Keihl’s toner but it is a little bit costly yet very useful… So second step is to tone your face daily twice everyday!
The third step is to moisturize… that also twice a day (morning and evening). My dear friends, please listen …, this is very much inevitable! There is a common misunderstanding that oily skin beauties should not use or doesn’t need a moisturizer!!! Oh please, moisturizer doesn’t leave your oily skin extra oily it just tries to bring the skin to a normal condition with enough moisture. Usage of oil free and shine free moisturizer will help to solve the problem of oily look, for oily skin beauties like meJ

I use Lacto calamine oil control daily nourishing lotion on my face and neck for the moisturizing purpose. You can read the review here Lacto calamine daily nourishing lotion oil control review. It’s quite good for those with oily skin as it provides a matte effect on the skin. As many of us know, Lacto calamine is paraben free and contains zinc oxide which is a very good element for enhancing the beauty of skin and to reduce almost all skin problems.

 You can even use a moisturizer from Neutrogena and such companies or the one that you confidently think will suit you. But please don’t avoid moisturizer! And yeah, those with dry skin will definitely be craving for a moisturizer right? So this is a step that you will love the mostJ.
Start using a sunscreen!!! This is something very much important for all types of skin. Because UV rays and such radiations can cause harmful effects on your skin and this can even lead to skin cancer. So using a sunscreen not only helps you to prevent tanning but also protects your skin from many other damages including premature ageing of skin. Harmful rays of sun leads to premature ageing by causing wrinkles on the skin. So using a sunscreen is a must. 

I was a girl who thought sunscreen is not a necessary thing to be added in my daily routine and I’ve never used it till my 18th year of life , but now I realized my skin complexion was actually very fair but due to the exposure towards the sun it had become too much tanned. But trust me guys after using sunscreen I’ve seen a very drastic change. 

My skin complexion started getting fairer and fairer! I’ve been using LACTO CALAMINE DAILY SUNSHIELD FOR OILY SKIN. Many girls have a complaint that sunscreen create breakouts on their skin even I also thought the same, but this particular sunscreen is just simply superb. You can read the review here  Lacto calamine daily sun screen ( oily to normal skin) review. And always choose a sunscreen which is paraben free because sunscreen is something which we should use daily, so using parabens daily on your skin is not good at all.

LOTUS 3IN1 MATTE DAILY SUNBLOCK is also a very good sunscreen for all skin types. You can read the review here Lotus 3in1 daily sunblock review. So buy a sunscreen today itself and just enjoy your outings!
The fourth step is my secret face mask!!! But I am glad to share it with you because I know how much struggle women take to get rid of troubled skin. So let me share it with you. 

First of all you need to go to the market and buy some barley powder. And then a take a small pot and add two tbsp of barley powder to it and add water till the 3/4th part of the pot and let it boil and until the mixture reaches a thick consistency. Now switch off the stove and add let it cool for a while. After that take the required amount of the mixture and add 2 or 3 drops of glycerin to it and apply it on your face and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water with a face wash. Within days you can see the difference!

 Barley is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C and minerals. It improves the elasticity of the skin, creates pleasant skin tone, it has anti ageing properties, helps in skin whitening… and a lot more beauty benefits. So prepare this today and start helping your skin!
This is a little bit difficult step! I am not going to make you tensed let me straightly tell you what it is… You have to take one tbsp of raw turmeric grinded with neem leaves every morning before breakfast!!!OMG!!!! Don’t think this is impossible, because if I can do this you all can just simply do it. 

Turmeric, as we all know have many amazing properties including anti-cancerous activity, so consuming it every day not only helps in increasing your beauty but also your health. 

Consuming turmeric in morning before breakfast helps in the easy digestion and utilization of it to the core. This will definitely increase your complexion if you consume it every day without fail. So friends go ahead……..

Sleep on a pillow with satin/silk pillow cover! Even though this not an important step this can definitely add a lot to the texture of your skin. Because sleeping on satin/silk pillow case can give your skin the same soft and smooth feel which we get while touching those clothes. 

When you sleep on cotton pillow case sleep lines can appear on the skin which makes it rough. This way of sleeping do helps in reducing the chances of wrinkles. Sleeping in this way not only adds beauty to your skin but also provide helps to your hair to get that shiny silky feel. 

So this was a step which I followed after referring many books and websites. And I’ve experienced the change by myself after following this step. Sleeping is the main process which determines the health and beauty of the skin. So the platform of that process is also very important while considering the benefits. So switch to a satin/silk pillow case to get that shiny smooth skin!
Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day! This is a step you can find everywhere on the internet. It is that much important, that’s why even I am also mentioning this here. Drinking water in the morning before breakfast cleanses not only your skin but also the whole body and internal organs. 

This can prevent a lot of skin damages as well as other diseases. This also helps in proper digestion. Don’t think digestion isn’t related to your beauty. Being a biotechnology student, I am telling you that digestion do plays a major role in the beauty and appearance of your face. Improper digestion can make your eyes appear swollen and lips look pale. 

Drinking water right after having food is also very bad for health and beauty because this can lead to fat bellies and other ugly looks and bad internal metabolism. Hydrating your skin is a major step to get rid of the troubled skin. 

Drinking water is the best measure to keep your skin and body hydrated. Only a well hydrated skin can glow just like that. Drinking water in the morning helps in increasing your facial glow and complexion.

 Many scientific aspects are related to this connection between your health and beauty. And for ladies especially, drinking water is very much important to keep their blood purified. If the blood is purified, your skin will look clean and fresh. So start drinking enough water everyday especially in the morning.
Eat good food! Good food means food that helps in enhancing your beauty as well as health. As I have already told, something which goes inside, gives the result outside. So if good things are going inside, you will get good results. This applies well in the case of food and beauty. If you are eating a lot of junk foods and such heavy foods everyday that gives your body a tiresome work to digest them, this will result in the damage of your skin too. 

Many pimples and acne are results of this type of unhealthy eating. Consuming food with excess oil and fat, leads to the deposit of these things in the pores of your skin especially on your face and leads to ugly pimples and acne. So at least people with troubled skin should avoid consuming fast foods completely. 

Consumption of fruits and watery vegetables can do great magics on your skin. Fruits that contain antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene etc. can make your skin look clean fair. Papaya, mango, kiwi etc are such fruits. Vegetables like beetroots, carrots etc. can increase the natural complexion of your skin. So adding all these to your diet can make you beautiful like those beautiful fruits and vegetablesJ.
Drink green tea twice a day and cut of all milk tea and coffee. Green Tea is a wonder tea that provides a million benefits for a human being. Green tea is an internal cleanser. It purifies blood, helps to reduce weight, rejuvenates skin, prevents premature ageing, prevents 20 types of cancer including skin cancer, it reduces blemishes, black spots, acne, pimples etc. by purifying the blood from inside.

 Likewise, this green tea has got many fantastic properties to do with the human body. Consuming it daily, purifies the whole body and thus makes the skin look fresh and beautiful. It also helps in making the skin glow and making it bright. It also have anti-ageing and anti oxidant benefits that can help delay signs of skin ageing such as sagging, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Green tea can also be used as a natural toner. It can be used to wash your face and hair. If you wash your hair with this you get a colored feeling on your hair, so this can be used to naturally color your hair. Drinking green tea every day, boost the cells on your skin and rejuvenates them and thus you will look more beautiful. So start drinking green tea today itself!
Choose a perfect bathing bar! This is also very important as we can’t bathe without the help of a bathing soap. and face washes cannot be used all the time we bathe. So a perfect soap is needed if you want to wash your face and clean it while bathing. I am a person who bathe 2 times a day and I wish to clean my face with a soap in the evening right after I reach my home from college (morning I wash with face wash). I recommend you to keep a separate soap for your face because washing the whole body with the same soap is not good for the hygiene of your face.

 I use Pears Oil control soap for my face and it is very good. You can read the review later. I’ve used Johnson’s baby soap before, but wasn’t satisfactory. Then I started using Azac medicated soap to prevent acne by the recommendation of my friend, but it didn’t do anything other than making my skin more sensitive.

 At last I bought this soap and I’ve been using it from past 2 years and it works really well.  Oily skin beauties should not wash their face too much with soap as it leads to the excess production of oil on your skin. So use soap only once in a day. And for body you can choose any chemical free soap (chemicals are not at all goodL) just like Biotique morning nectar (you can read the review very soon). So choose a perfect soap.
Last but not the least, sleep at least 8 hours a day! This is very important as this determines the result of all other external things you do to rejuvenate your skin. Sleeping is the time in which all the things work on your skin, so to get expected results you should sleep very well. And lack of sleep can also lead to the tired and not so fresh look of your face. 

We all want to get that mesmerizing feel when someone looks at our face. And for that particular thing this sleep is an inevitable thing. So always sleep well in a good position comfortably. Doctors prefer women to sleep with your body and head turned to the right side as this helps in the proper working of reproductive organs of a woman. As I’ve already told try to sleep in satin pillow case.

 And girls should try to avoid wearing tight clothing and inners while sleeping. Always sleep by removing your undergarments (doctors say so). Always do the cleansing, toning and moisturizing technique before going to sleep. You can also moisturize your legs and hands before going to sleep. This helps in making your legs and hands softer. 

A sound sleep can also improve your mental conditions and gives you a positive feeling throughout the day. This can also add a lot to your beautyJ.
Following all these regimes without fail will definitely give you good results and will help you to get rid of the trouble skin. More over all these things, we should keep our mind beautiful to look beautiful.

 A positive and pleasant mind will give the face a magnetic kind of attraction, even though the person isn’t that much fair or stylish. If you are a person who is suffering from troubled skin you have to first calm yourself and understand that all those troubles are definitely curable. And believing in yourself and the things you do, will give you results 10 times faster. 

So do and follow all the steps with full trust and belief. And think that you are the most beautiful lady in this world. Wake up every morning and look into the mirror and say that “I am beautiful”. Trust me guys this is a fantastic auto suggestion. 

People will start looking at you and they will also say that you look beautiful today. All these are my experiences. In this post I’ve only written what I did to make my skin and face look beautiful and healthy, not a single word without experience. So trust and follow these steps and see the magic!


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