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What is Adsense – Beginner’s Guide for Making Money that you Only Need

adsense beginners guide for making money

Do you want to learn everything about Adsense.

This is your A to Z Guide.

When I started blogging 2 years back, I was aware about making Money with blogging. Because at that time I was fond of publishing New articles daily. I had never expected that I can make money with blogging.

As time was running out in the way I was going to learn new things. Suddenly I felt, I can make money with that. I start finding ways to make money online.

After several days of research, I founded that it is not easy task. For that I need more deep knowledge about it.

Time was running, and now I heard about Adsense. This was my first meetup to Adsense.

At that time, it was very much hard to get Adsense approval. Yes it is possible if your blog has quality contents with 10-15 posts and good navigation. But I was running my blog on Blogspot which was the matter because blogspot allows sign up for 6 months old blogs only.

So, I was not able to do anything. I create a blog and left it for 6 months. After 6 months I bought a domain and configured with blog.

Luck by chance I got Adsense approval in just 1 day with 5 Copied posts. Really it was awesome and shocking for those people who didn’t get.

Like wise I was moving ahead and searching new things. I met to many other ad networks like PropellerAds.

But friends remember, Adsense is incredible. It is the best of all.

Many people generally asks,

What is Adsense ?

How does it works ?

What are the eligibility for Participating ?

How I will be paid ?

How to apply for Adsense account ?

So today, in this article I am gonna share all those answers of these above questions. Just go through the article to clear your doubts.

What is Adsense ?

what is adsense

Adsense is an Advertising program which allows publishers to show contextual ads on their website or blog and earn money when site visitors click on the ad.

Adsense is a Product of Google. It is also a type of service which google provides like AdWords, analytic and many others.

It was founded by google in March 2003. Google uses its technology to serve advertisements based on website content.

Google Adsense is now one of the most popular advertising network in the world. Anybody with a website or blog having good traffic can generate decent income.

The source of all Adsense income is fully AdWords from which they supply link, image and banner ads etc.

Google currently shares 68% of revenue generated by AdSense with content network partners, and 51% of revenue generated by AdSense with AdSense for Search partners.

How does Adsense Work ?

how does adsense work

Before starting anything I want to tell you that Adsense is not a quick trick to earn money. Even it can take a whole year to make a single dollar.

Most of the websites that you visits daily are monetized by Adsense. Even you can see ad in google search results.

Basically, there are two ways to make money from Adsense :

  • Impressions : The number of Page views of pages or posts with ads.
  • Clicks : This is based on how many people are clicking on your ads.

For getting started with Adsense advertising program. You only need to submit an application and add the given Code to your website or blog. After 7 days you will get an email from Adsense with Approval if your website or blog is qualified with it policies.

Once you get to a minimum threshold of $100, google will either send you a Paper check or direct bank deposit. It depends on you, which money transfer method you are choosing.

Who’s eligible ?

who is eligible for adsense

Anybody with having a website with quality contents and follows Google Terms & Conditions is eligible to participate in the program.

But there are some other things which you must check before applying for Adsense.

  • Do you have a Website ?

Yes, this is the must thing which you need for applying. On a website you can show ads and earn money.

  • Are you at least 18-year-old

The program allows those people who are at least 18-year-old.

  • Does you website comply with Google program policies ?

This is the most important part which you must focus because if your website is comply with program policies then you can participate.

How I will be paid ?

how i will be paid

Once you have crossed the minimum threshold of $100, you can easily get paid.

There are many options available through which you can receive you money like Cheque, EFT, Wire Transfer and Western Union.

Basically, you will get the option to add your bank details. To add your payment method.

Just follow the given instructions :

  • Signin to your Adsense account.
  • Click on your profile and then Click on settings.
  • Click on payments.
  • Click Add Payment method.
  • In the ‘payment method’ enter you bank account information.
  • Now save.

Google generally issue your payment between 21st and 26th of month after applying from your side.

How to Apply for an account ?

how to apply for an adsense account

If you have all the qualities that Adsense want then you can apply for a publisher account.

Before applying for an account you must recheck all the terms & conditions because google is very strict about his policies.

Steps for creating an Adsense Account :

  • Go to Sign up Page.
  • Signin or create new account.
  • Proceed to 2nd step.
  • Enter your Domain and Choose your language.
  • Now move to 3rd step.
  • Here you need to enter your contact information which must be match to payee information.
  • Fill it out and Submit your application.
  • Now, tick on I agree Terms & Condition and Click on submit.

Hurray ! It is done.

If everything will be fine then you will get an email with congratulations. This may take 24hr to 7 working days. It depends on the website, if your website is fully comply with its agreement then surely you will get approval email as soon as possible.

Things that you must Remember :

There are few things which you must keep in your mind after getting Adsense approval. I highly recommend you to follow these things. Otherwise, your account can be banned.

  •  Never click on your own ads.

Yes, sometimes people think that they can make money by clicking on his own ads. But you are wrong. Google is smarter than you. They knows everything what you do.

  • Pay attention to your dashboard.

People forget after getting and applying for Adsense account. They don’t open the account. As a result, someone can make fraud click which google do not allow. Now again your account can be banned. So keep your eyes on CTR, and if you found something wrong then de monetize the website and contact to Adsense.

  • Do not put too much ad units.

Some people just put a lot of ad units on a single webpage, which is considered as wrong by google. They only allows 3 units per page but you can use 6-7 ads if your post or article is long. Basically, it depends on the article length.

Now, your are completely ready for Adsense and can become a good publisher.

All the above information is personally experienced by me. If you have any doubt in your mind then you can clear it out by commenting below.

I will reply you soon as soon possible. I hope you enjoyed the article. So please share.

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What is Adsense – Beginner’s Guide for Making Money that you Only Need


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