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Society Sucks Sometimes

(I’m sorry guys, I wrote this about a week ago but I haven’t posted it until now, hehe!)

Hello there! I hope you’re well on this fine day.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in like, four weeks, but I’ve been thinking up some new blog posts, as well as playing with picture editing websites to create profile pics and such. A lot’s been happening lately (a lot of exciting new experiences!!!), which I’ll describe shortly – and a bit of it has to do with the topic I’m gonna write about. Let’s hop into it! (Omg I sound like Mylifeaseva right now haha. Ok let’s start before I fangirl too much)

So with exams finishing up and 2 weeks of School left (yay!!!), Christmas around the corner and approximately 30 days left of 2016 left, I have a lot to look forward to. As the school term (and my 2nd year in high school) is coming to an end, our school usually holds a performance/display night for the top achieving music and art classes, where there’s an art display and a concert for our community. My 8th grade class is the top music class, so we’re going to perform ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes on the night. I’m singing with one of my best friends, and she’s got an AMAZING VOICE. I mean, she sounds just like a young Christina Aguilera, and I love how she sings the song, and she has nothing to worry about.

This is the bit where it all gets a bit complicated though – we both think that we’re worse than eachother – like, we put ourselves down to build eachother up. When I said that I Sounded like an ass, said that she sounded worse than me, and it pretty much escalated from there (I know that it sounds like we got into a screaming match of ‘who’s worse’, but I just mean that we kept doing it and it wasn’t benefitting either of us). Anyway, I thought we both sounded awesome, but I personally was intimidated by how good she sounded! She kept saying the same thing, but I personally thought that she should’ve just soloed the whole thing – and I should’ve just stuck to playing power chords.

So, the question is – are we expected to put ourselves down?

It’s a messed up societal thing, where a person is told that they’re beautiful, that they slay, and that they are worthy of everything good that comes their way – only for the same society to tell people who actually believe that of themselves, that they are too ‘self-absorbed’ and ‘snobby’ or ‘on their high horse’. Often when people post a really nice picture of themselves captioned, ‘slaying’ or ‘bomb selfie’, they get nice comments and lots of likes, but some people also get hate for loving themselves. What a ridiculous thing to do! If a girl says, ‘I’m fat’ or ‘I’m ugly’, her friends will tell her she’s not fat or ugly at all – but if she were to embrace her curves and natural features, she’d be getting called ‘selfish’ from the haters. It’s truly revolting how some people can turn their backs on you once you start accepting what you can’t change, and therefore start dissing you because you’re being you. I think this argument is one of the key reasons why we don’t cherish and love ourselves as much as we should – and it’s not even about looks that much! It could be happening within the workplace, at home, at school, or just something casual that you enjoy doing

As a person who wants to know how to fix this, one moment at a time, I’ve come up with some rules to help you overcome these societal double standards.

  1. We Are All Different (I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!)

I think the saying speaks for itself, but I still just want to point out that, in every aspect of life, there is plenty of room for everyone. You might feel as if you need to ‘compete’ with other people to feel adequate, but no – one is going to do things the same way you do, because you have something unique and never – before – seen to offer to this world. That’s why it makes no sense to put other people down to make yourself look better, because they’re doing the exact same thing differently anyway. It’s mostly relevant for when other people try to belittle you, because you may feel ‘not enough’ or like you’re ‘not up to the standard’, but really, if you dance to the beat of your own drum, you’ll succeed at your own pace because it makes no sense to be hurt by someone’s comments when you’re doing things in your own unique way, and they’re doing things in their own unique way.

  1. You are better than you think.

Remember that one time you got an A+ on a test that you thought you failed?

It’s drilled into us from day one that we just simply DON’T give ourselves credit for what we do best, and that we shouldn’t think so highly of ourselves. THAT, my friend, is one of the most mucked up things I’ve ever heard of. Sure, there’s a fine line between loving yourself and being selfish, but you must be confident in your abilities, qualities and personality traits. If what you do and who you are makes you and the people around you happy, then you should embrace it and make it known that you possess good qualities and skills.

  1. You CAN do it.

If you work hard and consistently, you WILL make it. It’s as simple as that. Eminem didn’t get to be one of the world’s greatest rappers by sitting on his butt and getting people to be his servants, did he? If you keep your eye on what deserves your attention, you’ll be more motivated and persistent to reach that goal, and you’ll be rewarded with a flood of happiness, pride, relief, a sense of achievement and soooooo much more.

I think that’s gonna be all I can say for now, but I’ll post again soon.

Have a marvellous day,


Kylee xox

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Society Sucks Sometimes


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