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Mercury typically rules communication and clear thinking, so when it’s Retrograde, those things tend to get a little messed up. It usually results in a lot of Confusion, Communication Issues, and Poor Decision Making — all things that are essential for a comfortable travelling experience.

Mercury retrograde can also affects Electronics, Tech Failures, Scheduling Conflicts, E-mail / Chat Typos, Travel Snags.

You can expect misunderstandings too. You’ll get a chance to make amends when it comes to any recent communication mishaps. When we ignore unresolved issues, they stay unresolved.

The backspin of Mercury will be asking us to focus our energies on the private, intimate secrets and truths that are likely coming up for air. These could be related to Finances, Sensual, or any other issue that might harbour shame and secrecy for you. Buckle up for a ride in which you need to do your best to double-check technical details, strive for more patience and diplomacy. If frustrations arise while you’re collaborating with others, think of ways you can tie up loose ends.

What are the Mercury retrograde dates for 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be in complete retrograde movements during the following date ranges:

  • January 30 to February 21
  • May 29 to June 22
  • September 27 to October 23

What is to be done in Mercury Retrograde?

Avoid arguments.

Avoid criticism

Stay Calm.

It might be best to attempt to resolve any misunderstandings in person instead of using text or email where minor dust-ups can quickly devolve into major debacles.

Don’t make any important decisions, doing business, or signing contracts.

Delay your travel plans if possible.

Be more sensitive and patient

Take backup of your important information.

Keep backup batteries and chargers and hards drives close by.

Avoid starting any new venture / business.

Focus on activities that start with the prefix “re-,” which means to go back. Review all your contracts before you sign. Renew your commitments, rather than making new ones.

Prepare to repeat yourself often. Reunite with old friends, redecorate a room, rekindle a romance. Known as ‘Budh’ in Hindi, Mercury rules the conscious minds of individuals , which is ‘Buddhi.’ As a result, all things associated with the conscious mind inherit the purview of Mercury like –

1. Perceiving and relaying information

2. Communication and negotiation

3. Buying and Selling

4. Contracts, emails, physical mail, and important documents

5. transmission

6. Gadgets

7. Anything with moving parts (including vehicles and watches)

8. Distribution Networks

9. Short Travels

Mercury Retrograde happens to assist us learn our lessons and roll in the hay better subsequent time. this is often why having the presence of mind and understanding fully what we do is important at this point .

What happens if we don’t? Well, Mercury keeps taking us back and forth till we learn our lessons. It’s not only Mercury; whenever a planet turns retrograde, it’s time to attend to the matters ruled  by the earth. Let’s now check out the do’s and don’ts during the retrograde.

Do’s –

All you would like to try to to during a Mercury Retrograde is things that begin with ‘Re’ –

1. Revise your life and appearance at what you’ve got done thus far , what you would like to try to to and the way you would like to try to to things. It’s also time to travel back to the teachings we learned within the past and ensure we all know them well now.

2. Recount your expenses, your income, your accounts, and your inventory. If something is missing, catch on and if there’s a mismatch within the finances, confirm you discover them out and proper them.

3. Reunite with lost lovers, friends, family, and yourself. Best time to travel inwards a5nd connect with yourself while also looking back at relationships and healing whatever you’ll .

4. Recycle things, people, paperwork (be careful with this one), and places you don’t need anymore.

5. Repair a vehicle, a watch, a gadget, or anything that has moving parts.

6. Rewrite any documents that you simply aren’t feeling right about or anything you want to have written within the past and feel needs a revision.

7. Resign when a discussion isn’t going the way you thought it might and provides up the necessity to win at this point it’s essential to take a position on your thoughts than the external at this point .

8. Rejoice and count your blessings. Thank your Ishta Deva for all the blessings, and confirm you thank your parents, your Guruji, and therefore the Universe a day .

9. Recuperate and go inside. you’ll say no to the parties, hanging out with friends, and any travel trips now. Snuggle with a book and a hot cup of cocoa, or simply sleep covered in blankets. Rest is crucial for your mental and physical health at this point .

10. Renovate your home and workspace. Cleaning them first may be a good idea. Best time to form your spaces fresh and rejuvenated.

Don’ts –

1. don’t sign any contracts or submit important documents

2. don’t begin projects which will take quite a few of days to finish

3. don’t purchase new gadgets, electronics, watches, vehicles, or anything that has moving parts.

4. don’t renew your passport or apply for a visa

5. don’t trust your memory.

6. don’t change your PINs and Passwords

7. don’t undergo elective surgery

8. don’t marry .

9. don’t shift homes.

Most importantly, it’s time to find out our lessons and learn them well. Meetings, flights, mails, and couriers might get delayed. Hence, we propose you don’t book travel unless extremely important. you would possibly also want to reply to new client inquiries with caution as most inquiries coming at this point hardly become a business. Same with new relationships, it’s best to end what you started before you start anything new. Also, keep your plans flexible and straightforward therefore the sudden change won’t leave you startled.


Write the below mentioned frequencies anywhere on your left side of your body, one below the other, daily till Mercury Retrograde ends.

10 Hz and 80 Hz, (both in blue) for soothing emotions, staying calm and relaxation.

141.27 Hz to balance the energies of Mercury in green color.  

Write 137 142 133 914 and 70 47 898 with red ink on all your houses hold electronic equipment or gadget. Includes your mobile too. Write daily

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