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INTRODUCTION: Before going to discuss the topic, let us focus on what is Print Media. Print media typically includes newspapers, articles, etc. On the other hand, electronic media includes Internet , Television, E-books, E-journals, E-magazines etc. Print media is the oldest form of mass media and still not outdated.  In India daily about 70% people start their day by reading newspapers. Due to advent of new media the growth has been declining but still newspaper holds its value even today.

Print media Vs Electronic media: Electronic media has so many advantages in comparison to print media .It is more advanced and innovative too. It is cheaper than print media. It is very much useful for the people with hearing and visible impaired. It can be reached faster than print media and can be made live also. Whereas Print media does not have such facilities.

Now a days, Smart phone is in the reach of every one’s hand. With the help of smart phone anybody can get up to date information instantly or can read E-books/E-journals etc., just you need to connect your phone with 3G/4G network. Electronic media is more advanced and environment friendly because we need not cut tree for producing paper.

And our young generations mostly prefer electronic media rather than print media. They like to surf on Internet rather than to read books/ newspapers. As we are thinking for paperless society, so in that case electronic media will be the sole choice.

Electronic media is also helpful in bank transactions, even I also prefer Net- banking for fund transfer and online purchasing. Presently in every sector electronic media is preferred for communication purpose.

Now, the question arises, Will print media survive in near future?

Though print media has a declining growth, I can say both the media will go side by side in near future. In light of my arguments, I am giving some points.

  • Easy Access: It is easily accessible in remote areas, because most of our villages are out of electrification and mobile network is also rare. So print media is the only source of information.
  • Cost effective: it is cost effective for the people who live in rural areas. People can easily afford a newspaper as compared to TV/other electronic gadgets.
  • Choice of reading: In India, till the date most of the people love to read newspaper with a cup of tea. Our day actually starts with by reading newspaper, and gradually, as day passes by, it switched to electronic media.
  • Equipments: Print media does not need special equipments to gather information.
  • Health Hazards: The most important disadvantage of electronic media is that it affects our health. It has so many side-effects on our mental as well as our physical health. Spending hours in front of a television or surfing on internet tends to suffer from Eye problems and obesity. Radiation presents in electronic devices affect many internal parts our body such as brain, eyesight, nervous system and ears etc. Reading e-books or surfing on internet at bed time may lead to sleeping disorder also. And most of we are used to that practice.
  • Authenticity: It is very difficult to judge the authenticity of digital content. All digital contents are not authentic and for that reason most of us still rely on print content.


In western world, news paper circulation is drastically going down, but in India the scenario is little bit changed, Print media has maintained its place till today. Presently, most of the leading newspapers have started their online portals or websites that provides news as well. Young generations are mostly online readers, so to catch them Print media need to adopt some new innovative strategies . And News papers need to more focus on vernacular languages, because most of the digital contents are in English.

As   techno savvy , I often spend many hours on internet but still I like to read newspapers with a cup of tea and also rely mostly on books for a piece of information. From the above discussion we can eventually come to a conclusion that electronic media will not replace print media, both will go side by side in near future.


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