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My Gym Routine

Becks here,

This time I’m talking about the gym.
If you saw me you’d probably piss yourself laughing and question if I even go, but yes, yes I do.
I’m no hardcore gym freak, I don’t live by a strict diet and I could work a lot harder at the gym for sure but it is helping me maintain my weight. Which is all I can ask for really.

My main reason for Joining my gym is my mental health. I have struggled for a number of years now, and if you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that little has helped me so far. I had read up on people’s self-help and joining the gym was a common one. My whole problem with joining the gym was my anxiety and what people would have thought of me being there. So, I had to face my demons to then face them again.
Below is my ultimate beginner workout no stress, no pressure, just exercise.
It is recommended that an adult should do at least 30 minutes or exercise a day, so that’s exactly how long my workout starts off as before building stamina and strength.

Warm Up – I start on the bike for this, on no special settings, just quick start and I pedal and pedal for around 15 minutes. It doesn’t sound much but I was so unfit that I struggled to do this when I first started the gym. As I’m getting better I’m building this up.
Cardio – After completing 15 minutes on the bike I go straight over to the cross trainer. I opt for this because it’s a Lower Impact than the treadmill but with the same cardio effects. Once again this is on quick start so I can keep to my own pace. I do this for 5 minutes. Once again it doesn’t sound a lot my I push myself the hardest in these 5 minutes which I am trying to build.
Cool Down – This isn’t really a full cool down as I’m still pushing myself but I opt for a lower impact exercise, this time it’s the rowing machine. I tend to keep slowing down on this until almost stopped for around 5 minutes again. It something I find a lot easier to do so for me this is a more enjoyable bit after heavy cardio.
Weights – I leave the weights to the end so I know that I have sufficiently warmed up and that I’m not going to snap anything. At the moment, I’m opting for the leg press a lot – probably because I’m super lazy and I get to sit down – that’s so bad isn’t it?!? But anyway, I do this for a further 5 minutes, I can’t tell you how many reps because it differs every time I go.

After this I cool down by walking around and eventually sitting around waiting for my boyfriend to finish his workout, which looks 10x more impressive than mine, but anyway. I’m trying.
By no means am I trying to brag, I’m posting this to help someone who has never been to the gym before or has never tried a routine, because I hadn’t either and internet only offered to help if you payed – which is shit.

Show me your workouts!

Becks xox

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My Gym Routine


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