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5 Weird QR Code Marketing Tactics To Ultimately Boost The Sales

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Mobile is an invention that connects the digital and physical world and social media is a reinvention that creates a strong connection between them. Social networking is the number one reason people are getting online. Online shopping has made everything pretty uncomplicated. The Internet made all these things possible.

Most of the businesses are predominantly promoting their brand and creating awareness for their products and services on social media. The report says almost every consumer tend to research on the Internet about their needs before purchasing anything online or offline. So now, all you need to know is how QR Code is playing an important role in this digital-first world.

QR Codes ain’t just a jam-packed pixelated squares. It can bring people from that one point to the digital arena. As more customer touch points are migrating online through QR codes, giving people the benefits are quite important. For the successful QR code campaign, we’ve to capture the eyeballs of the right people for the right reasons at the right time to make the first impression as the best impression.

QR Codes On Business Cards

QR Codes On Business Cards

Yes, I said that people are migrating online, from toddlers through grannies, has an iPhone or an iPad in their hands, sitting on the desk, moving on the train or just from the bed watching movies, listening to music, shopping online and even exploring the Athens and the Petra right from their smartphone through VR. Did you know still there are many businesses that use business cards as primary promotional material? But in this digital era, if you don’t use the digital, you’ll see your competitors running in front of you. Using QR codes on your business cards will bring your consumers back.

QR Codes For Offline Marketing Campaigns

Using QR codes online like sharing it through social networks or putting up on the website, Urgh, it’s totally a waste of time! Do think they have to buy another phone to scan your QR code when they see it on their phone? Your consumers don’t have enough time to take out their smartphone, open the QR scanner app, scan the code, get the link, and then open in a web browser; sounds like a long haul doesn’t it? Instead, you should have just shared the link. When you have a plan to launch a successful QR code campaign, try incorporating your QR codes on offline marketing campaigns, especially on the printed marketing materials like brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, posters, banners, billboards and even on moving vehicles.

QR Codes That Brings To Chatbot

Chatbots can be predominantly considered as “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. With in-depth understanding of consumer’s needs, chatbots can help them choose right products they are looking for. As I said above, scanning a QR code is a“long haul” and by making the users scan the QR code we need to provide the benefits. Most of the QR codes are scanned only once; if it is worth, it will work. Implementing chatbots as a landing point can make the session static interactive.

QR Code as a Point-of-Sale

“Scan to find our store”, “Scan to get a cashback”, “Scan to add the product to the wish list”, and even “Scan to refer a friend” like campaigns help you kickstart the sales but “Scan to pay” will finish the sales. Yes, QR codes can help your brand bring more awareness and convince your audience to drive through the sales funnel. QR codes are one of the smartest ways to pay and get paid.

QR Code That Brings Shop To People

Most of the QR code marketing campaigns are initiated to bring customers to the retail store but this brand proves that you can still do it in a different way. In this hurry-burry world, people just wanted to make things at the speed of the light. There are some brands which really cares about that. So one of the brands initiated this campaign to consumers that let them shop right from their place by just scanning the QR code of the product.

Some Pro Tips

Shrink Your Link:

Shorten your URLs to make your QR codes user-friendly and device-friendly. Both the above QR codes will bring you to the same URL but when you shrink your link, you can make it easy and it scans faster.

Track Your Link:

Use UTM parameters to track the hits — it helps you inspect when and where the click came from and use Google Analytics conversion funnel to track the goals like click-through rate, Sorry! scan-through rate, conversion rate and more.

Prettify Your QR:

Thematic and branded QR code can attract your audience.

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5 Weird QR Code Marketing Tactics To Ultimately Boost The Sales


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