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Affordable eBay Loans for Online Sellers.

Apply for your eBay loan today!

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer online lending platform. Small businesses and online retailers from around the world get access to affordable, low interest loans. This is especially true for sellers looking to get quick eBay loans, as Bitbond allows borrowers to connect their eBay accounts to signify creditworthiness!

Thus, your stellar feedback can now help you get perhaps the most affordable eBay loan available anywhere today. Financing the growth of your shop has never been easier. Apply today, and get the working capital you need to boost sales!

Bitbond loans for eBay sellers have several noteworthy advantages over alternatives. These are:

  • Use your eBay feedback to qualify. During the borrower application, you will be able to connect your eBay seller account. This gives us a “read only” access which we use to review the strength of your eBay business. A large amount of positive feedback will lower the interest rates you have to pay on Bitbond!
  • Bitbond is more affordable than competitors. Bitbond only charges a single, one-time 1-3% fee for borrowers. This is deducted automatically from your loan amount and is only applied if your loan request is funded. As a result, Bitbond is significantly cheaper than alternative providers of eBay loans, as there are no hidden costs such as late repayment fees, or application fees.
  • Trusted by over 1,900 small business owners.  The third major benefit of using Bitbond to fund your eBay loan, is the trust you can put in the quality of our product. We have been recognised for our contributions to the finance and business loans sector for years. Our many nominations as one of the best providers in the fintech industry, as well as our reviews on Trustpilot and other 3rd party review sites testify to the high quality of our service.

                                Join Bitbond Now

Low Interest Loans

Our loans are specially thought for small business owners, entrepreneurs and eBay sellers. Build your working capital with our unbeatable financing offer!

Quick Money

Create an account in minutes, publish your request and start receiving offers. Your request can be fully funded in 5 days! Receive your payment immediately!

Bitcoin Technology

By using bitcoin we allow frictionless cross-border lending on Bitbond. You can buy and sell bitcoins through PayPal and other major marketplaces.

Pay on Your Terms

You can repay your loan at your convenience. 6 weeks to 3 years, it’s your choice. You choose your credit!

                             Why Work with Bitbond

  • Get an eBay loan of up to $25,000 to boost your business
  • Low interest eBay loans, as low as 1% per month
  • World coverage, get your loan anywhere!
  • +1,900 loans already funded and growing
  • Innovative Bitcoin technology
  • Personal loan manager to answer your questions
  • Over $2,900,000 funded already!
  • Connect your PayPal and eBay accounts to get unbeatable rates!

                             How Does It Work?

  • Register on our platform, fill in the application and we’ll get back to you with your borrower rating within 24 hours!
  • Once you get verified and rated, you can borrow Bitcoins by publishing a loan request on our site!
  • Bitcoin lenders will then finance your eBay loan!

Apply for your eBay loan today!

                       Bitbond Loans for Online Sellers

                                                    watch our video

Why Bitbond is Perfect for eBay Loans

The online powerhouse that is eBay is seen by many as the perfect outlet to sell high quality stock. The worlds’ leading online marketplace brings together reputable sellers and vast numbers of customers from around the world, to enable businesses to flourish and consumers to be satisfied. For most sellers however, tapping into this huge consumer base can be difficult as capital is hard to come by and high quality inventory subsequently remains out of reach. eBay loans with Bitbond can change that.

A number of online businesses have recognised the potential that eBay has, and have either used eBay as their main outlet, or set up a store that runs alongside their existing e-commerce store. As such, this has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to set up their online store and take advantage of the online sales boom that eBay is able to provide.

However, those new to the world of e-commerce could find themselves being cast aside for more popular stores which have revolving inventory.  Of course, there are other avenues a new start-up can take in order to furnish its store with products, such as dropshipping, but for those who wish to hold their own stock, then they may need to look at securing some eBay loans.

How to Secure an eBay Loan for Your Store

When people think of loans, they think of banks. And of course, banks are more than willing to listen to a business proposal, but if the person you speak to doesn’t understand the online e-commerce world, you could be left with a few blank expressions, as well as no loan.

This isn’t to say that all banks no nothing whatsoever, in fact, many are tech-savvy, but it can be helpful to acquire a loan from a company that truly understands what it takes to run an e-commerce business. Bitbond is one such company.

The Benefits of Securing a Bitbond Loan

      1.) Quick and Simple Signup for Your eBay Loan

Good reviews on eBay will grant you lower interest rates for your eBay loans when using Bitbond. This is because Bitbond allows borrowers to connect their eBay accounts, in order to analyse the customer feedback, which is weighted heavily when deciding on creditworthiness. Therefore, good reviews on your eBay store will give you access to lower interest rates.

Signing up for an eBay loan only takes 10 minutes of your time. This represents a significant improvement over the weeks or months banks, government or p2p lending sites take to clear you for a loan. With Bitbond you can apply for eBay loans in a matter of minutes without sacrificing time and effort. Be sure to have a valid ID, proof of income and a utility bill ready in order to complete your borrower application as quickly as possible.

      2) No Bank Account is Required

The first thing that should be noted is that Bitbond is not a bank, it is a peer-to-peer lending service, and as such your eBay loan will be funded by investors around the globe. The way in which Bitbond assesses its applications is very different to that of a bank, and doesn’t require the user to have a bank account. Those looking to secure a loan simply detail their request on the Bitbond website. Prospective investors then look at your proposal and if interested, will lend you Bitcoins in order to move your business forward with your eBay loans.

Once a request is funded, the money is transferred to the borrower straight away. As you can see, the method used differs greatly to the algorithms and credit scores that banks and high-street lenders use.

Those who lend small businesses and startups Bitcoins can benefit from earnings on their savings, whereas those receiving the funds can benefit from a low interest rate when compared to alternative high-street lenders.

      3) Global Access to Bitcoin Loans

Granted, it can be a little premature to boast about global access when only 35 percent of the world is online, but you have to admit, that’s still a fair amount of people. What it also means is that those looking to borrow funds for eBay loans aren’t shackled down with bank opening hours and endless meetings.

Having access to the Internet means that you can request a loan, regardless of your location. It also means that you are not limited to a specific country, as those who lend Bitcoins are located globally. Its factors such as these that are making Bitcoin loans a force to be reckoned with.

      4) Cheaper Fees

The world of loans is something of a fickle one. If you have had loans in the past and they have been paid with no problems, you will probably get a loan with a low interest rate. If you have a couple of late payments, then you could see your business paying back a loan at a higher interest rate.

Of course, this is only an estimate, as no one really knows what a high-street lender will charge until they have evaluated your loan. Now, it goes without saying that no-one should be looking to take out a loan if they don’t have the means to pay it back, but evidently life can throw up some obstacles, that can be a little difficult to avoid.

One the most attractive aspects of Bitbond is its low fees. There are still varying rates depending on how much is being borrowed and how long the loan will run for, but when compared to other lenders, the fees and interest associated with the loan are low.

With interest rates starting at 1% per month eBay loans with Bitbond are significantly cheaper than with other providers.

       5) Get Extra Resources

Bitbond specialises in providing eBay loans to Online sellers. Our Resources page is updated daily with free templates, eBay fee updates and seller tips for you to use. In your mission to maximise sales and make your eBay store a success, Bitbond can help you to gain valuable inside tips and tricks which will allow your business to flourish. Furthermore, our customer support is always willing to help and guide you through the process. Alternatively, feel free to send me an email to [email protected] for any questions, recommendations or problems you might have.

Getting eBay loans has never been easier

Bitbond is the world’s leading peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. This means that people managing small businesses and Online retailers get access to quick and affordable loans with low interest rates from around the world! Bitbond is perfect for you as an Ebay seller, as your Ebay reputation has a direct positive impact on your credit rating! No credit score necessary!

Now that you have proven that you know how to make money selling Online, it’s time to get an eBay loan to expand your business! Small eBay loans enable you to increase your inventory, hire new staff and maximise revenues.

With Bitbond you can customise your loan terms from 6 weeks to 5 years! In addition to the fixed low interest rates, this gives you unparalleled control over your cash flow! With over 700 loans already successfully funded, Bitbond has proven that it is the ideal platform for Online sellers to the eBay loan they need grow their business!

Connect your eBay account and get lower interest rates

As someone who knows how to sell on ebay, you represent the ideal Bitbond user. This is because we include Ebay seller feedback as a key factor in assessing your credit rating. Positive Ebay feedback can significantly impact your personalised interest rates, making it cheaper for you to take out a loan.

At Bitbond interest rates start from as low as 1% per month which is significantly cheaper than the 10.8% offered by the cheapest alternatives! Bitbond also offers you the quickest way to grow your Ebay business at top-speed, as you can be fully funded within 5 days after registering. This gives you an important advantage over other Ebay sellers, because you can buy the inventory you need to grow your Ebay shop and beat your competitors to the punch.

Once you have connected your Bitbond and Ebay account, we have “read only” access in order to assess the quality of your feedback. Specifically, this means that we will not be able to change or alter your ebay account in any way, and will simply read the feedback you have received!

Get your personalised loan quickly and at unbeatable rates today. Simply sign up and go through the easy application process to get the funds you need to grow your eBay business.

Apply for your eBay loan today!

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