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Moods of the Month – And How they Affect Your Views

Each month has its ups and downs in terms of views. Sure, if you don’t do marketing, you won’t get views. If you don’t make content, you don’t get views. But for the sake of this article let’s think about it this way:

You: You’re a blogger or someone who makes content on the internet. For my purposes, you are a writer looking to see what writing things to write about during the year. If you’re not, this could still be a useful guide. Also for our purposes: You’re making regular content, and you’re also marketing so how do the moods of the month affect that steady stream?

All of these ideas are speculation based on patterns in my stats and looking at how weather, seasons and holidays affect these months. 


January is a fickle month. Up until about the fifteenth, people are reading their blogs and being on top of their lives because of new years. As the month wanes, they begin to revert back to their old habits and life begins to pick up after the holidays. This month is okay for views but not the best. I took this month off from posting and getting stuff scheduled instead as the meager views aren’t worth the struggle of wracking my brains every week for content.


I hate February. It’s the shortest month but it won’t ever leave. It’s that dreary time of year where it’s not winter but not spring and then there’s Valentine’s day which makes people sad and happy depending on the person. Also, people have given up being better people by this point and they don’t want to read the blogs. This month is terrible for views. The way to post in February is before and ON the fourteenth. After the fourteenth, it’s not really worth your time until March. Maybe post once a week instead of four until you get to March.


March is a rather optimistic month. The beginning of spring brings cheerfulness to readers and sometimes inspires them to go outside and….read your blog or watch your videos. Also, the unfortunate people with allergies are miserable so might as well stay inside and do nothing except read the things they’ve been procrastinating on. This sentiment continues and grows even stronger in the month of April. This month is decent for views, but not too great. March can bring a spike of views if you create a March madness for characters, books, and blogs. I have tried it. I failed miserably because I was an innocent child of a blogger, now I’m preparing in advance, so it should go better this year.


April continues the theme of miserable allergies, but it also brings rain. Rain tends to make people stay indoors unless you’re me, I love to go outside. But the more people are shut up indoors, the more people will probably try to be productive. Or just stare at the rain and use boxes of tissues. This month is decent and depending on your content, could be excellent for views. April is known as National Poetry Month, and I posted my poems in May, but if I posted my poems from Napomo in April, no doubt I would receive a good amount of views.


May begins the decline of pollen, notice I say BEGINS, as it doesn’t truly end until June. May is also a cheerful month that begins the upward climb of views as the weather gets warmer and warmer. The end of May is also the beginning of the end of school, with schools letting out until mid-June. Depending on the age-range you’re trying to reach you should probably see an increase in views.


June continues the upward climb of views as summer begins and more and more people are out of school or are taking vacations. People who are taking vacations are not likely to read your blog en-route, but they’re likely to use their device to read it during the vacation. Either that or read a book or newspaper. This month could be considered above average for views.


July, though a rather above average month, can potentially bring a dip in your stats as summer is in full swing and people are trying to get every moment at the pool, beach, or sleeping in that they can. But there are still those zealous people who troll the blogs looking for interesting content to read. I personally think documenting your camp NaNoWriMo progress would be a good idea if you want to attract other book people. This


August is a month of panic and begins a slight downward spiral that doesn’t take full effect until mid-October. And yet, while beginning a downfall, this month was the climax of my year last year, as I participated in CWWC. Entering contests and blog tours can boost your stats in an amazing way. So if you work hard, you could make August the climax of your year and then quietly round it off as the year closes.


September can bring you a respectable amount of views but the downward spiral that began in August will begin to affect you as school-age children and college students go to school and normal working adults return to normal life after a good three months and reading your blog. Very loyal readers of your blog will read everything you write but others will tend to slack off as they consider real life more important  (and rightly so).


October can bring a spike in your views if you do several things. Write spooky stories or document your costume-making process. If you’re a musician post videos of you performing spooky songs on your instrument or using your voice. You can milk Halloween for all it’s worth.


November brings a drastic dip in your views, but if you’re a writer it can still become respectable. Nanowrimo begins and I should have documented my progress every Monday, as I am recording my novel progress. Nanowrimo is one of the prime things to milk if you’re a writing blog catering to writers and curious people. Nanowrimo can save your views from being miserable but December will continue the decline until January the January/February crash.


December is a below average month as the holidays begin to kick people’s butts. With parties, food, family, and present buying it’s insane. Absolutely NO time to read your blog. So give people tips on how to make the holidays easier and you’ll get some traction. Poems are rather nice in the week leading up to Christmas, and as December unwinds into January you will probably see a slight upward spike in your views before the January crash.

I hope these points helped in understanding the sort of content you need to make year-round. If you’ve found some of these things different, or you have something to add to people’s behavior, please comment below I’d be delighted and fascinated to hear your thoughts!


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Moods of the Month – And How they Affect Your Views


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