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Best Knives of Alaska – Top 5 Alaska’s Hunting Knife Reviews

What is the best thing you can bring from Alaska?
I hope most of the adventurist will agree if I say it’s "Knives of Alaska," right? Nevertheless, Knives of Alaska could be the best gift for your friends or relatives after returning from Alaska trip!

Without any doubt, Knives of Alaska could be one of the best collections in your hunting depository. You know what, Alaska's Handmade Knives fascinate everyone! Knives of Alaska are well reputed for Finest Quality Knives in the words which represent their top-notch craftsmanship with all the design.

When we are going to buy some knives, we need those knives which have a sharp edge, sure grip, best material, balance and easy to use. Moreover, I can ensure you that they all have the quality to fulfill your requirements.

By spending money in Knives of Alaska, you will not be disappointed. With this article, you are going to explore in depth review of 5 Best Knives of Alaska with their all features, pros and cons.

Without further adoHere is a list of RecommendedKnives of Alaska:

  1. Super Pro-Pack Combo, (Black/Tan) ---------- 4.8
  2. XtremeSuregrip Handle Boar Hunter----------4.7
  3. Silver Stag Hunter Combo Fixed Knife---------5.0
  4. Suregrip Triple Knife Combo set -----------------4.9
  5. Jaeger Cub Combo Set (Black/Tan) -------------4.6

Why do we choose these Five knives out of ALL Models?

Knife's of Alaska manufactures the best quality knives and ensure an excellent customer satisfaction. I tested most of the models of Knives of Alaska. Among all the models I selected top 5 product and recommend to others which are best for gifts and personal needs. My personal collections mostly used for deer, and goose hunting and processing for the freezer, great knives!

Technical Features you must to know before buy:

Brand: Knives of Alaska is one of the best manufacturing company for hunting knives all over the world. It ruled the world since the end of the 19th century with an excellent reputation.

Color & Size: Knives of Alaska have many variations in its storage with different shapes and sizes. You can quickly pick your suitable one for the hunting trip.

Folding or Fixed Blade: The majority of the Knives of Alaska products are fixed blade knives. That means these are not like folding pocket knives.

Blade Steel: Almost all the materials of Knives of Alaska made by D2 steelwhich ensures thick blade, sharp edge, and deep penetration.

Sharpness: Diamond Sharpen edge.

Handle Material: Most of the products of Knives of Alaska are Suregrip with piped lanyard holes.

Blade Tang: Full Tang.

Flexible Rate: Maximum custom knife makers charge as much as high rate for similar products but those knives are affordable between comparisons.

Carry Options: Oiled leather sheath and nylon storage bag.

Blade Finish: Non-glare matte finish.

Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within the U.S.A. only most of the lighter knives are shipping internationally.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty. You can sharpen your knife anytime at Amazon store but leather sheath beyond the warranty policy.

1. Knives of Alaska 00252FG Super Pro-Pack Combo Set, Black/Tan - A Complete Package for your Money!


Most of the buyer reviews say that the Super Pro-Pack Combo Set is a pretty great product for the rate. Those studies show you a positive indication of the quality and quantity of the product. It is overall a complete module item, and we are recommending it.

Serious hunters choose it for complete 

field dressing, camping, and a survival set. Included in this set is the razor sharp Hunters Hatchet. It perfectly balanced with a genuine American hickory handle for general light chopping, the Bone Saw, and their diamond sharpening steel. It explains much variety of application knives and their employs.

This set includes a cutlery for any chaser, camper or survivalist. Most of the consumer says that Knives of Alaska 00252FG Super Pro-Pack Combo Set, Black/Tan serves top notch product.​

It characteristics the hooked up blade knife and the segmented form knives makes use of and differences. It also highlights the care, cleansing and garage of these knives to defend them. Now not simplest do you have to should care for your knife, but it is vital to treatment for anybody inexperienced who would possibly occur into getting in touch with it.​


Colour: Black and Tan.

Item Model Number: 00252FG

Materials: All tools made from D2 tool steel. Handle Knives and saw all have Suregrip handles with piped lanyard holes.

Sharpness: This super pro pack combo set has a diamond sharpening steel with a hatchet.

Tool Bag: The set Includes a nylon storage case.

Domestic Shipping: The Item is eligible for U.S.A Shipping. Weight 3 pounds.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty.


  • Super Pro-Pack Combo Set, (Black/Tan) is an ideal gift package for your dear one. Lower price for the combo set.
  • The D2 Tool Steel blade is Double Drawn Heat Tempered for maximum edge retention.
  • The Muskrat is the perfect piece of cutlery for skinning and fleshing.
  • If you want to get experience with different types of knives, then you should pick the one.


  • This package sometimes a little bit heavier to carry.
  • The hatchet’s design is not utilitarian. Cheap made and small, reminds me of a matchbox size toy.
Check Price On Amazon

2. Xtreme Suregrip Handle Boar Hunter – Extreme Suregrip, Easy to use!


A unique of the personal products had been present to embellish your sidereal day. The boar hunting knife has a full 6’’ razor sharp blade ensuring thick edge. It has a durable full tang D2 steel blade with a sure grip. 

XtremeSuregrip Boar Hunter Knife will speedy sold out. Knives of Alaska XtremeSuregrip deal with Boar Hunter Knife made with the full particulars in your widget in use. For sale now at lower priced charge, different discounts, and terrific transport. I am quite pleased with the capabilities and propose.

The XtremeSuregrip Boar Hunter Knife are extraordinary bags. American made vegetable-tanned, oiled leather sheath included with this item. Additionally, it is far a pretty well product for the charge. It is great for colony on sound finances. We have determined professionals and cons on this type of product. Ordinary, it is an excellent product, and we nicely suggest it!

However, if you need to understand extra details on this product, you will study the reviews of those who have already used it.


Color: Black.

Brand: Knives of Alaska

Model: 00849FG

Metal: The metal is D2 with a 59 – 61 Rockwell hardness.

Bevel: The Bevel is at 18 – 20 degrees

Knife Length: 10.25″,

Blade Length: 5.5″

Weight: 5.7oz


  • Solid quality knife with a great reputation.
  • D2 Metallic takes a sharp edge.
  • XtremeSuregrip Boar Hunter Knife is light in weight and easy to carry on your belt.
  • You can bring it with your minimum budget.


  • The handle is smaller than the blade side.
  • A little long for everyday use.
Check Price On Amazon

3. Silver Stag Hunter Combo Fixed Knife - Perfect Unique Gift Couple


The Silver Stag Hunter Combo Fixed Knife is exceptionally a single craft product in the universe. The manufacturing company designed it very beautifully. The SILVER STAG brand launched in 1998. During the last 18 years, they have extraordinarily centered on improving their quality and choice. The corporation has come to an excellent manner for this reason that “storage Days.”

Moreover, the team at SILVER STAG has worked hard to minutely and continually build extra price into the product line.​

We have got never strayed from our original hands-on approach to production. Even these days, SILVER STAG Knives are typically ground, polished, assembled, formed, and sharpened unfastened. Both knives are well made.​

SILVER STAG is mainly used for searching, fishing, and camping. The handle is made of antler and is balanced well to make any cutting easy. The hobby was a commercial Hand. While no completed knives will ever look exactly alike.​

All SILVER STAG Knives share certain features that lead them to remarkable discipline equipment. The finished knives are stunningly attractive, surprisingly useful, and extraordinarily durable. Also, all of the substances used, from the high carbon steel to the antler inside the handles, it comes from the United States​


Combo Knife Set with a Hunter and Gut Blade Knife

Item Model Number: SSCO63

Blade: 1095 Tool Steel blades

Handle: Shed Deer or Elk Crown Burr Antler Handle with Brass Guard.

Sheath: Hand-Laced Western Style Leather Piggy Back Sheath.

Warranty: Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty Free Resharpening.


  • The hunting knife is extremely versatile.
  • The SILVER STAG looks great that it will furnish your hunting case.
  • It not only looks beautiful but also has a sharp edge.
  • Longer cutting radius on the blade.


  • Excellent knives but not as heavy or solid as I thought they would be.
  • Missing the gut hook.
  • It has no suregrip handle in design.
Check Price On Amazon

4. Knives of Alaska Suregrip Triple Knife Combo – A powerful combo set


The Brown Bear, Light Hunter and Cub Bear all are in one package. Knives of Alaska received many requests by professional hunters for a way to carry The Brown Bear, Light Hunter and Cub Bear in one sheath. So, it was scientifically designed for the bold hunters.

The Alaska Brown Bear Skinner/Cleaver changed into the first knife developed using professional Alaskan clothing store and bush pilot, Charles Allen. The light Hunter is particularly for those hunters who want a useful blade to reduce medium-length bones and heavy obligation skinning duties. Deer, sheep, and mountain goat hunters, who hunt on extended will discover it an extraordinary tool. They demand a useful knife for dressing jobs without difficulty and correctly.

Every light Hunter is hand made from particularly hard, completely annealed, double-drawn. It made with cryogenically-handled D-2 tool steel is full 1/4" thick. We additionally delivered a large capacity gut-hook for the thick hair of sheep, mountain goats, elk and so on.

This lightweight Cub Bear Caping Knife is designed for beautiful detail paintings. The Cub bear's  overall duration is 6-half with a cutting edge of 2-three/four". Double draw heat temper, Cryogenic "Deep Freeze" treatment. This blade is good for high-quality caping.


Color: Black

Brand: Knives of Alaska

Model: 030FG

Released On: 2011-09-06

Blade: The blade is 4.93" in length made of D2 Tool Steel, finished with a ceramic penned "Hunters Non-Glare," with a drop point blade style.

Handle: The handle is Full Tang, Black Suregrip.

Sheath: The sheath is vegetable tanned, oiled, split grained cowhide.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty, Made in the USA


  • This drop-point knife has built for heavy duty cutting requirements.
  • Suregrip handle for a safe and comfortable grip in any situation.
  • The stag handle is well designed and extremely comfortable.
  • It is a favorite among Alaskan Outfitters as a big job and hard use knife.


  • Usually, the set is just too heavy to worn on a belt, however, can without difficulty be carried in saddle luggage or a backpack.
  • These are heavy as well as pricey knives.
  • A limited lifetime warranty.
Check Price On Amazon

5. Jaeger Cub Combo Set, Black – Best thing you could have ever!


The Jaeger cub combo set brought for you a couple of bold combo knives (Jaeger Boning knife and Best cub bear capping knife).Boning Knife length is almost 8.25-Inch. The Cub Bear Caping Knife overall length is about 6-1/2-Inch with a cutting edge of 2-3/4-Inch. Both tools made of from D2 tool steel Includes a leather sheath.

This a great gift idea for the big game hunter on your list. This item is the best use for skinning and boning. Both Knives of Alaska come with a suregrip handle to ensure the good grip, even when wet. They have the exceptional sharpness and a keen edge. That is why I strongly recommended it for the ultimate hunter for boning.

 Jaeger cub combo set is a great knife set for their 45-degree angle off the belt for ease to hold. This package designed very beautifully for boning and caping to perform well in the dressing field.

Are you searching the high rate for Knives of Alaska 00256FG Jaeger Cub combination Set, Black? You want to get high-quality offers & satisfactory purchase on this product? Alternatively, you need to locate a few critiques from people who have used this product before you buy it?

​You are in the right place. I will come up with a few recommendations before you decide to buy Jaeger Cub Blend Set, Black. So that, you don’t be disillusioned after shopping. Moreover, purchase the product easily.

You may also discover price comparisons from sellers, so that you certainly get the satisfactory rate presently for the Jaeger Cub Combo Set, Black.


Blade: The blade is 4.93" in length made of D2 Tool Steel, finished with a ceramic penned "Hunters Non-Glare," with a drop point blade style.

Handle: The handle is Full Tang, Black Suregrip.

Sheath: The sheath is vegetable tanned, oiled, split grained cowhide. Double draw heat temper, Cryogenic "Deep Freeze" treatment.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty, Made in the USA.


  • Double sided diamond sharpening steel that easily fits into a pocket.
  • Master of hunters is fond of buying it because of its light in stores, transport, gift thoughts, town offers and so on.
  • The slim D2 Tool Steel drop point blade make skinning and boning your trophy. The blade is double drawn and cryogenically treated.


  • It did not come with the sharpener as listed for this combo.
  • It is the same price as if each knife was purchase separately with a leathersheath.
  • This item is not available for international shipping.
Check Price On Amazon

What is the best use of each item we recommended?

Xtreme sure grip handle Boar Hunter – Best for light hunt fighter. If you are a bold hunter, then let it be.

JaegerCub Combo Set is the best hunting knives at KOA store. Both the knives have ensured you sure grip handle. The set is the best companion of your camping.

Silver Stag Hunter Combo Fixed knives scientifically designed for hunters.The stag handles give these knives a great look to going along by a great functionality. Though the knives have the sharp edge, I will give it five stars.

Suregrip Triple knife combo set is speedy sold out item. Because it brings you triple knives in one sheath.

And, The Last One

Super Pro-Pack Combo Set, Black/Tan is an ideal gift item. This super pack provides you a complete package with a bone cutlery and a light hammer.

At the conclusion, if you want to test the blade quality, at first checked how easily the knives would shave the hair off your hand. Are you intended to get the best knife? Don’t be confused. Determined your focus that what you want from Knives of Alaska for your hunting trip.

So, select your favorite one. Then bring it as soon as possible. If you want to share your thought, the comment section is open for you.

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Best Knives of Alaska – Top 5 Alaska’s Hunting Knife Reviews


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