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Trying to Write

There are two ways to get things done. You can wait for inspiration to strike or you can just hold your nose and plunge into the project.

I tend to wait.

This doesn’t always accomplish very much.

So, today, I decided to just plunge in. The point of the exercise is to write 3 very small articles for my next newsletter. Sometimes I am so full of ideas I just can’t write them down fast enough. Other times, like lately, I’m veering off in other directions of interest and the urge to write just isn’t there. This, however, just is not going to work because I have made a commitment to myself that I will write these articles each month.

They don’t need to be long, just about a normal blog length. Say something in a very short period of time and be sincere about it.

I’m waiting.

Right, still nothing coming. Well, I suppose I could call this a blog entry on the process of creativity and out of it gather 3 weeney newsletter articles. I have about 250 people who have signed up to receive my email. I must not fail them now.

Okay, so let’s get to basics. I’m a psychic. Or, at least a so-so one. I do, however kick ass in the channeling department. I’ve never really thought of that as being psychic, though other people have assured me that it is. I just sort of accepted it as a fabulous thing that happened to me. But, again, that’s got nothing to do with my newsletter.

Anyway, what I think, the people who are reading my newsletter expect is guidance. Why else does anybody come to read my stuff? I’m certainly not a riveting writer. I’m not a fabulous psychic. I do care, though. And, I can channel. I do know what it’s like to talk to Folk in Spirit. This morning I was getting on my scales. This is not normally a fun thing to do, but I do it every day. It’s a necessary evil for me. I am not a normally skinny person. So, I don’t think like one. I think like a fat person and anybody who is a fat person knows that it’s important to get on the scales every day whether you want to or not. Why? Because if you don’t the next time you do climb on you will discover, to your dismay, that you’ve suddenly packed on 15 pounds and you really, honestly don’t remember how that could have happened. I know. It’s happened to me. Anyway, everyday on the scales. And, for some reason this morning I started cursing even before my feet landed on the scale. Maybe I stepped on some kitty litter. I don’t even remember. Anyway, I said, “G** D*** it. C***** Almighty.” And, somebody said, “What?”

You don’t know how fast that can take the wind out of your sails. Anyway, I apologized. I don’t really think they minded so much as wanted to bring to my attention my candy mouth. I mean, technically, I really should learn to keep that under control. Why? Well, I just think it would be a more mature and psychologically sound practice.

So, maybe I could write a short ditty on saying bad words? And, how their negative energies start affecting things around you. And, people around you. When I was a kid I can remember wanting to curse like my father. I’d be more like him. I’d be more grown up. Later I settled upon smoking and drinking to prove my advanced years. So, that’s a thought. Well, folks, I gotta go to work. So, in the absence of anything more productive I will post this and pick up the threads tonight when I get home from being a formerly cranky secretary. I’m not anymore because the Prozac is working wonders. Tah…

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Trying to Write


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