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Why Our World Would End If Political Cartoons Disappeared

Political Cartoon from the magazine The Economist
It’s like the live version of Super Mario Bros where everyone is fighting to win the top prize.

Except, politics have no first place; politics have a political caste system. There are the leaders, the ones who work for the leaders, the followers and supporters, and everyone else.

In school (primary and secondary), students are taught politics through artists creations of Political Cartoons. Some political cartoons show debates, political agendas, or country relationships. Political cartoons can dive into topics some reporters refuse to touch.
Political Cartoon from The Economist
Creating political cartoons is an art in itself. Artists have to understand all sides of an issue before they start. This is obtained by having proper information and education on the topic.

Though many political cartoons take a side, all sides of an issue are (usually) addressed. Political cartoons can even be humorous.

I dived into political art once I started high school. Japanese culture was something I found interesting because of anime. I learned what old Japan was like and what society deemed important.

Though my early work was created with manga-like styles, I still got the information I wanted to get out.
Earliest attempt at a Political Cartoon 
Like any artist, practice makes perfect. My drawings and story making skills needed work, but my first political cartoon stated valuable information and got the point across.

Going through high school, I learned, through political cartoons, the effects of war. The only violence I knew of was 9/11 and the war in Iraq. I did learn about the past, but I only witnessed 9/11 and the Middle Eastern war.

It wasn’t until after I graduated from high school, that I started to notice how violent the world was. War was happening all the time. There was no break and suddenly all the political cartoons made sense.

Humans fight all the time! Political cartoons show this. Yet, even with all the violence, political cartoons show the hope of humanity.
Political Cartoon from The Economist
When you look at a political cartoon, analyze everything. There will be larger drawings meant to draw your attention. And then there will be smaller drawings, almost fuzzy in appearance or partially invisible.

Those smaller drawings are of people or places that may seem insignificant. But those so-called insignificant people or places may be the one thing that changes the world. The change could be as simple as reducing waste so super-sized landfills don’t get even larger. Or changing Immigration laws to allow more people into a country.

Regardless, the small people can make the biggest improvements and encourage a generation of people, who are born into the fighting, to stand up for what they believe in!

I work to raise awareness to three main things.
1.     Recycling
2.     Scleroderma
3.     Endangered Animals

I also speak about worldwide issues, but my primary focus is raising awareness for recycling habits, scleroderma, and the threat to the beautiful wildlife that shares this planet.

Our society has lived through some of the toughest times in history. We’ve come back swinging every time and won. We cannot let what others think control us. We are all independent thinkers that can change the world for the better.

Start by educating yourself. The more you know, the better off you’ll be. Then, you can share your experiences with others as I am doing right now.

If you would like to learn more about my story and store, Stormy Eye Design, please visit my Etsy page. Share this blog post and my work, then, start your own revolution by spreading the word to others.

All my followers—my Wild One’s—take a stand for what you believe in! Everyone deserves a chance to be heard!

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Why Our World Would End If Political Cartoons Disappeared


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