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Why racism will never end

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I have noticed something about People who think That racism can be stopped. They are plenty of reasons why racism exists and it exists in many forms. Although some people will argue that some of the things that I will mention as reasons and solutions are not true, I will state them. Liberals and other social justice individuals strongly believe that racism is a criminal offence but throughout my life I have studied the social nature of racism.

The way racism act in modern day is that it appears in the form of a certain racial group pretending to be victims and stating that there is a “systematic boogie man” who is working tirelessly to ensure that his race be destroyed or unfairly treated. The problem with these people is that they have absolutely no substantive evidence or statistics that might prove otherwise. So the only thing that allows them to be racist is acting like a victim. I will blame most of this to the entitlement mentality that the millennial generation has. Because they are failing to be successful regardless of race they turn to believe that someone in the very top doesn’t want them to be successful. They fail to put the blame on themselves for not working hard. If certain people of your race can achieve the same goal you are working towards, then why can’t you do the same.

The main reason why racism will never end and can only be reduced to become a minority thing is because some races on average outperform others in certain disciplines or activities. For instance as far as competitive athletics is concerned black people out perform others. This will be confirmed in the upcoming Olympics when Jamaicans take the lead. However countries which are mostly populated by black people don’t seem to perform very well as far as governance and economics is concerned.

With all these problems then comes the liberals who actually perpetuate racism by acting like certain races cannot do anything for themselves so they need to be treated like babies! I used to have a disabled grandmother and the thing he hated the most was someone feeling extreme pity for her and trying to pretend that she is helpless. Liberals act as if they are trying to support minorities whilst perpetuating the stereotypes that minorities can’t do anything meaningful on their own.

However the good news is that I have a couple of solutions that might work to stop racism. We can enact laws banning people of the same race from getting married. This I believe will create future generations of extremely mixed race people. This will mean that a single person will be carrying the genes of 30 different faces. This will create a single race of human beings and prevent racist people from seeing differences.

Also I strongly believe that differences in language will create further tension so creating a single language will be very helpful in bridging the differences in people. I also believe that nationalism is another form of racism that presents itself as a love for your own people and countrymen so if tis abolished it will do a great service. However the problem with my solution is that it is theoretical just like communism  and socialism. In a realistic world it cannot be applied.

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Why racism will never end


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