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11 Easy Steps to Make Beautiful Paper Mache Crafts

Creating unique, awe- inspiring and stunning with the help of waste Paper is always a piece of interest in the sought after artisans. One of the experiments is Paper Mache Crafts. Do you know, what is paper mache? Well, it an interesting craft made with the use of waste paper and glue. This is an art form which is light on your pocket. You are intentionally not required to pay too much for this art. Being an inexpensive and versatile art form, paper mache crafts are seeking immense eyes.

More and more people are willing to maneuver this art and craft. So here I am describing easy to mug up steps for making beautiful yet amazingly useful paper mache crafts. Before you move ahead let me clear one thing. Paper mache crafts come in variations and can be made from complex to simple one. For which some paper mache materials are needed like,

  • Form a base made from balloon, rolled newspaper, aluminum foil, or coat hanger,
  • Good adhering quality of glue,
  • Type of sealant to lock moisture like spray acrylic or brush-on varnish
  • Paper or any other porous material
  • Colors to decorate the craft

If you are using acrylic paints then no need to apply sealant.

For pasting, flour and water are required. The ratio to be maintained on the quantity is 2:3 on flour and water accordingly, depending on the size of the item. If you are willing to start with the easiest piece of work then get ahead with the steps given below:

Steps to Make Paper Mache Crafts

1. For the sake of the safety and cleanliness of your workstation, cover it with newspaper or a waste cloth before you start.

2. Prepare the base or form using an inflated paper mache balloon, rolled newspaper, cardboard box, etc.

3. Put your base on a stand to maintain firmness in the item. It supports holding the item when you are working on it, setting your hands free.

4. Mix flour, water and a pinch of salt into a bowl. Try removing lumps, if any. Keep adding water with flour until you get the desired consistency. The consistency should be as smooth as a creamy soup or a store bought glue. This is called paper mache glue. The consistency of the mixture will probably need to be adjusted throughout the project’s duration as it gets drier with time. You can also take it as the paper mache glue recipe.

5. Dip the vertically cut strips of newspapers or other porous materials you used the paste or glue made earlier. Completely saturate the strips into it. While holding a strip over the mixing bowl, run the paper through your fingers to get rid of the excess paste.


6. Then apply the saturated newspaper strip to the form or base you created earlier. Try smoothing it out with your hands, until no wrinkles left.

7. Continue previous two steps until your base or form is fully covered. Make sure there is overlapping. As they need to be sticking to each other and not just the form.


8. Let your form layer dry completely in a warm or open air. This takes up to 24 hours, depending on the size of the item. Try repeating the steps until you have 2-3 layers finished. If the base used seems weak, add a fourth layer but not more than that. The layers will harden as they dry.


9. Make a cut at the back and remove the form or base materials used like if you have used inflated balloon then pop it up. Then cover it with another layer and let it dry.


10. Use sealant on the item with PVA glue, Shellac or brush-on varnish. If using acrylic paints to decorate it then avoid applying sealant.

11. Paint and decorate the item as good as you can.


Everyone has their own creativity, uniqueness, and paper craft ideas how to do paper mache. Hence, there is more than one right way. Experimenting is what makes this category of crafting fun. Here are tips that can help you make paper mache crafts easy.

Paper Mache Tips:

  • Use plastic containers with covers to store gum in the refrigerator during breaks when the project takes the time to dry.
  • Let paste come to room temperature and before using stir well.
  • Try pasting newspaper strips in all directions rather than in all just in one direction. It helps strengthen the final product.
  • In a humid area, use glue instead of flour and water paste or paper mache glue. Using less water in the paste can also maintain the consistency.
  • You can add cinnamon which helps to improve the scent.

Following these paper mache crafts steps and tips one can start making paper mache basic first. Then adding his/her creativity can give paper mache shapes to any sort of item, whether easy, delicate or critical even. The list of beautiful and inspiring paper mache crafts ideas is too long. Hope you will be eager to know them. The continuity goes with my next blog.


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Stay Tuned!

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11 Easy Steps to Make Beautiful Paper Mache Crafts


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