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summer summer changes fun whoa

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so schools out yeah!
we went to bonnaroo a few weekends ago. it was amazing. for me it was much less music centric than it was vibe-centric... but the music was also awesome. we spent a lot of time at the troo music lounge... a smaller stage for lesser known artists. we saw warpaint, the middle east, and everst there which were all great shows. the watson twins dropped in for everest to sing backup which was sweet. also tori amos was in the crowd like standing right behind us. it was all very energetic. also, we saw some great shows at the bigger stages. mumford & sons was a favorite of ambers and also of mine. we caught they might be giants which was super fun. for me the flaing lips was just soooooo out there and transcendental. they had lasers in the sky and there was confetti and the music!!! they played some of their material, of which yoshiumi was magical, by the way... and then after a short break they came back and played dark side of the moon from start to finish and it was just mind blowing. a girl next to me described it as "soooo mesmorizing". well it was. and we also hit up the late night shows. i can hardly remember where we ended up or which tent ew were at and when, but i do know that we saw thievery corporation for a bit. amber ran up to get on stage and ended up getting sidetracked with a newly found friend. i rambled over to the nwe lunar stage where they were playing some dance music, and after a short stint there, i went to catch the end of deadmau5. amber texted me to meet her at the ferris wheel, where i had met her the night before so that she could take a contemplative ride alone only for her to have been bombarded with people wanting to ride with her and offer her anticdotes over any of her situations. anyways when i met her at the ferris this time, she had lost her rolling friend, sadly, and after a while of searching, we decided that she must have gotten confused and headed back to her camp. we went to the silent disco and danced until the wee hours of the morning, at which time we returned to the lunar stage, which was still blasting dance music and we danced unrestrained until the sun came up and sat up on the ledge of the sky and they finally stopped the music around 7am.

we made it back on nickles and dimes in the gas tank because i thought that my wallet containing my card had been stolen, but when we actually did return home i found it hiding well, safe and sound. a misadventure, yes, but not quite as stressful as the worry of the overheating car in the bonnaroo traffic. all of it worth it.

we have been much more social throughout the spring and especially this summer. weve both been much less self protective. we had a great time this weekend at comfest. because of some kind of drama last year, they had the music ending much ealier, which made no sense and seemed unrealted, but whatever kind pr move they pulled let them at least have the festival so i can't complain too much. its only that in addition to ending so early, many of the good acts were in the 94 degree heat of the day instead of later, into the evening. so once again, not so much with the music, but lots with the good vibes. i felt like we knew everyone at the festival this weekend. we ran into sooo many people, and hung out kind of all over the place. we saw tristan's show on friday night and it was awesome. he had lasers and video art and he was spinning with a full band. defeintely the best show of the weekend. then saturday there was some typical musc at the offramp stage so we chilled around and drank some beer and ran into lots of people. amber ran off with charity to talk and they had some sort of tiff, but seemed to get resolved the next day. on the way home, though it thunderstormed on us, and we ran home in the hard pouring rain and then chaged closthes and went up to tristans show at thedrgonafly neo-v gallery a few blocks from our place. we ended up getting in a tiff of our own, probably an extention of her and charity's, and when we got there, already drunk from all of the comfest beer, and some wine at home, tristan was djing and we got some top shelf drinks, me gin and tonic, her some vodka concoction, and chiled on this white couch for a few minutes. when the music was on a break, we ran out behind the nieghboring beer mart in the back alley wth our drinks to smoke and sat on this slab of concrete with the brick alley to our side. soon people had the same idea and a few groups came and went, the final group containing some old friends from like 5 years ago. joe had known amber from working at the coffee shop, he was a video artist and after moving to chicago and studying at the institute there, he is now a filmmaker. his friend sam laid out on the concrete slab amazed at the stars and a laid back guy named miles jumped merrily between conversations and smoked joe and sam up. also 3 years ago sam had once come to our house with joe when we lived downstairs and we had all gotten too smoked and tried to watch jan svankmeijer's alice and had these vintage xmas lights blinking and we all got a little tricked out by the whole thing and had to stop it and run into the kitchen. anyhow on sunday at comfest we ran into even more people we knew and there was no buzzing about in the air as much, as everyone had receded mostly to sitting on blankets in the grass and floating about in that way, so we blanket surfed between groups of people we knew. we picked up a few rice krispy treats from jacob and had a good conversation with him, talked to some school friends and some old coffee shop friends, and so forth.

we we got home we ate some rice krispy on empty stomachs and got kind of lost in the hallways and ended up with an ordered pizza in the front room on the floor while it stormed out the window magnificently. amber fell asleep after adding some triple fermented beer to the mix, which i declined knowing my own personal limits, and i stayed by her having thoghts and visions, falling in and out of sleep and eventually retiring to the airconditioned bedroom.

today, we decided a big breakfast for recovery was needed so after some sleeping in, we took a trip to the grocer and ran into sadaruchie, who told us about his crazy time at comfest and the after party he went to, and also about how he really wants us to come to his friday night party this week and he has a stage set up in the yard with lighting and video projection and such. laso he invited us to a meditation / swimming / vegan dinner tonight at a friends house at the quarry, so naturally this sounded great... and it was! it was a gated community and we had to use a code to get in, and then we arrived to people in kayaks and sailboats and rafts and swimming. we sat on the dock for a while with our feet in the water talking, and before long, it was dinner time, all vegan food. we did a sunset meditation, facing the water, and then sadaruchie and frank, whose place it was, got out the guitars, and there were people with flutes and such and it was very positive. someone told me that it looked like i was really focused on breathing in the colors of the sunset. i was.

also, after breakfast, but before the trip to the quarry, i rode m,y bike up to evolved and streched up a size, and i got some nice yellow glass plugs. they are more subtle, maybe not as noticable from a distance as my stainless steel 0g's but no matter because i love the way they look up close, and i got anpther pair for the next size up, too so in 2 weeks i'll move up to those. the timing seems right for these trasistions.

okay well, other than working hard for rent money this week, we have quite a few things that we have been invited to attend, so it is going to be soooo busy and lovely. peace

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summer summer changes fun whoa


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