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Spots to Touch a Woman to Make her Yearn for You

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Spots to Touch a Woman to Make her Yearn for You

It is no longer news that the Body of a Woman has special spots that can make her do crazy things when touched. So many men have failed to recognized this spots, which is the essence of this post.

There are so many spots to touch a woman to make her yearn for you. As a man, you need to discover these spots. Most women do not always tell their partners the spots that actually make them go crazy when touched. It is left for the man to explore the woman’s body and know the actual spots that work best.

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Women as we all know are very soft, and they want their men to touch them at some particular spots that will just make them go crazy at that particular time.

there are so many spots in a woman’s body you can touch as a man and things will just be set in motion without doing much work.

So many men nowadays fail to recognize these places or spots to touch their women. it goes beyond forcing the woman to dance to your tune. All you have to do, is just to play your part and the rest will be a very nice story you will always want to hear.

Some spots in a woman’s body have some nerve endings that makes the woman respond immediately to your touch. if you want to have a smooth relationship, and you want your woman to always be over you, you need to know these spots.

in this post about “Spots to touch a woman to make her yearn for you,” I will be revealing some interesting spots every woman wants to be touched. You just read further and get the gist of it.

So many men think that the breast, vagina and ass are the only places or spots a woman can be touched and feel the sensation. I want you to know that there is more to exploring the body of a woman.

Spots to Touch a Woman to make her yearn for you


This is also one of the special spots to touch a woman that will make her want you more. Caressing her feet or kissing her feet sends impulses to her that she cannot even explain how it works. Massage her feet gently with smooth touching looking into her eyes. You cannot imagine the fire of love you would see in her eyes.


touch 6

This is also among the spots to touch a woman that will make her want you more. Touching a woman’s earlobes like I have discovered, does a lot of good when it comes to the caressing a woman. Touching her earlobes or kissing them sends very fast impulse to her brain, which immediately relays another message to her to be ready for action.

You do not need to miss this special spot, because it works like magic.


A well defined clavicle or collarbone is a special part in a woman’s body. Kiss and touch this area when she is dressed, gently removing her buttons and see if the rest will not be story.

 Behind her Neck
Wow I have tried this and it worked awesome for me. Touching this spot in a woman’s body, makes her feel comfortably and be at peace with you. before you would know it. she cannot just stop to be all over you.  kissing her behind her neck works like magic. This goes a long way to the extent that anytime she thinks about the experience, she just want to be with you.

Inner Thighs

Touching a woman’s inner thighs go a long way to set her for action for you. when doing this, you need not touch her vagina. Just caress her inner things and to make it even romantic, kiss her inner thighs. In fact, you will be glad you did.

Behind Her Knees

So many men have not taken time to study that, this area in a woman’s body actually have some nerves that are easily stimulated when touched. Caressing the back of the knee under the woman’s skirt while her both of you are not at home, will send her many messages. During this period her body is set to get busy once you get home.

Always pay attention to this spot whenever you are with your woman.

Everywhere Else

touch 8

Every woman has a particular spot in her body that makes her go crazy easily. the body is full of nerve endings. Do not fail to explore your woman’s body to know the special places that makes her yearn better for you. For example, some women do not feel much sensation when touched very close to their elbows while others do.

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Spots to Touch a Woman to Make her Yearn for You


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