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High Rollers Teasers August 2016 Episodes

High Rollers Teasers August 2016 Episodes – Upcoming ‘SABC3’s telenovela ‘High Rollers’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for August 2016.
Monday 1 August 2016
Episode 18
Moby (Jaques De Silva) mistakes Dhanny for Jakes’ assistant, which causes friction. Busi intervenes and David offers Dhanny the chance to form an unholy alliance.
Talullah’s health issues are starting to affect her relationships, with Kenny feeling her wrath. Discord is growing between Paul and Analine and he takes steps to rectify things.
Tuesday 2 August 2016
Episode 19
Jakes is tired of babysitting Moby and tries to palm him off on Dhanny, with disastrous consequences. Ben takes Talullah to the doctor, but Kenny won’t let him off the hook for claiming she was crying wolf.
Things appear to be on the mend between Paul and Analine, but a call from Denton throws a spanner in the works.
Wednesday 3 August 2016
Episode 20
Dhanny frantically searches for David, while Thandi tries to get her job back from Jakes. Things between Ben and Talullah boil over. Paul’s behaviour has Analine suspicious, so he takes romantic steps to ease her mind.
Thursday 4 August 2016
Episode 021
Jakes and Busi fight over Moby, who’s on his way home after his Uncle cut him off. Jakes has other ideas though, and hustles to keep his whale at Kings.
Stonewalling Talullah pushes Ben to the brink, and when he turns to Kenny for advice, he gets a tongue-lashing instead. Analine tries to find out what’s behind Paul’s distracted behaviour.
Friday 5 August 2016
Episode 22
Dhanny finds an unlikely ally in her battle against Jakes and plants a seed of doubt in Thandi’s mind. Ben is fed up with Kenny’s hard-partying ways, leading to a flatmate bust-up.
Paul visits Denton in prison and is irked when the gang boss asks him to vouch for him at his upcoming parole hearing.

Monday 8 August 2016
Episode 23
Jakes sells his expensive car and fancy watch to put down roots. David is laying a trap for Busi and Jakes – but Dhanny can’t figure out why. Ben asks Talullah to stay away from Kenny’s alcohol-fuelled parties, leading to a row between the flatmates.
Paul visits Denton and leaves unsure of the gang boss’ motives. Grappling with a spiritual problem, he stuns Analine with an announcement.
Tuesday 9 August 2016
Episode 024
Busi asks Mhambi to look into Jake’s sudden windfall. Moby reveals his distrust of Jakes, who must pull something out of the bag to maintain his position of power. Analine receives some distressing news about Ben and Talullah. Paul’s secrets start to strain his relationship with Analine.
Wednesday 10 August 2016
Episode 25
Thandi steals Dhanny’s whale list and hands it over to Jakes, who makes a massive play. Talullah opens up to Kenny about her past. Ben finds an apartment – but Talullah has reservations. Denton uses Paul’s vulnerability to his benefit, leaving the latter with a difficult decision to make.
Thursday 11 August 2016
Episode 026
Thandi makes another bold move and must find a way to talk herself out of trouble. Analine reaches out to Ben, but he isn’t interested – until a chance to secure some of his trust money, presents itself. Paul confesses everything to Analine in the hope of gaining some redemption.
Friday 12 August 2016
Episode 27
Dhanny plants a seed in the hope of turning the staff against Busi. Jakes confronts Thandi over Moby. Talullah wants to reconcile with the King family – will she be able to convince Ben to make things right? Paul is upset over his altercation with Analine – and Denton takes advantage of his guilt.

Monday 15 August 2016
Episode 028
Thandi tries to get some information out of Mhambi, but all she does is arouse suspicion. Her day doesn’t get any better when she receives a violent threat. Talullah shows her maternal side, drawing Ben ever closer.
Analine spends the night at David’s house and the two bond over the anniversary of Marcus’ death – but how long will the newfound harmony last?
Tuesday 16 August 2016
Episode 29
Dhanny walks into a dangerous situation, leading her to question her involvement in David’s scheme. Busi wonders whether Jakes’ feelings for Busi may go beyond the professional.
Talullah is pushing for a big wedding and Ben tries to make amends with David. David and Analine’s divorce is finalized, and Analine tries to reconnect with Paul.
Wednesday 17 August 2016
Episode 030
Busi hauls Jakes over the coals for losing whales. Thandi tries to comfort him, but things don’t go to plan. Moby’s bodyguard threatens Thandi and a physical confrontation ensues. Ben and Talullah have a disagreement about the birth arrangements. Paul and Analine make plans – but they clearly have different agendas.
Thursday 18 August 2016
Episode 031
Jakes’ altercation with Moby’s bodyguard has given him hero status with the staff, but Busi is less than impressed. Analine mediates between David and Ben, while Talullah starts to panic. Denton reaches out to Paul one last time…
Friday 19 August 2016
Episode 32
David tells Busi that she backed the wrong horse. Thandi shows her romantic intentions, while Busi also gets an amorous offer. Analine tries to make peace between Ben and David. Paul makes a decision about Denton’s parole hearing and embraces his faith.

Monday 22 August 2016
Episode 033
Busi and Jakes are playing a high-stakes game – who will blink first? Analine is uneasy about Ben and Talullah’s growing rapport and lashes out. Analine has good news for Paul, but he has news of his own – and she’s not going to like it.
Tuesday 23 August 2016
Episode 34
Kenny runs interference for Talullah with Ben, despite his misgivings. David asks Paul to bring back Vikash, but Paul suspects his motives aren’t pure. Linkie is back, but she’s hiding something – and David has set his mind to figuring it out…
Wednesday 24 August 2016
Episode 35
Talullah is doing everything she can to keep the news from Ben. She has a run-in with David which arouses his suspicions and he puts Dhanny on the case. Paul tries to stand his ground with Busi, but she’s not taking any prisoners. Analine and David plan to read Linkie the riot act, but she’s nowhere to be found…
Thursday 25 August 2016
Episode 36
Analine acts as Talullah’s self-appointed pregnancy advisor and offers Ben some advice. Talullah and Kenny hatch a plan. Busi takes Ben to task after he threatens a punter, asking where his loyalties lie. David refuses to let Linkie go online, so she turns to Thandi for help – but Thandi has her own concerns.
Friday 26 August 2016
Episode 037
Talullah is almost caught out, so she convinces Ben to move up the wedding date. David is suspicious and is determined to unearth Talullah’s secret. Mhambi points out to Busi that she hasn’t dealt with her feelings for Paul, leading to an awkward encounter between the pair.
Linkie has abandoned her studies to go drinking in the bar. Thandi tries to report Linkie’s behaviour to David, but he’s distracted by other things…

Monday 29 August 2016
Episode 38
David gives Ben an antenuptial contract to test Talullah’s agenda. Paul tries to mediate between Esme and Talullah. Paul asks Busi for relationship advice, with disastrous consequences. Thandi steps in to get Linkie back on track.
Tuesday 30 August 2016
Episode 039
Talullah prepares for the wedding, but she’s struggling to keep up the charade. Mhambi tries to counsel Busi over Paul – but things bubble over. Linkie still doesn’t trust Thandi’s motives, but her work ethic nevertheless impresses Analine and David.
Wednesday 31 August 2016
Episode 40
Talullah resorts to ever more drastic measures to keep her secret and Ben makes an important decision about who his best man will be. Busi opens up to Mhambi about her feelings for Paul.
Linkie’s compliment about Talullah’s wedding plans lands her a prime role in the ceremony – and she’s not getting any sympathy from taskmaster Thandi.

Be sure to tune into High Rollers @19:30 every Monday to Friday on SABC3.

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High Rollers Teasers August 2016 Episodes


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