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‘Game of Thrones’: Jon Snow is still breathing!!!

Game of thrones
So surprisingly, Jon Snow is still alive. 
He is 'simply put a very important piece to the Westeros' game plan. 

But in Sunday's episode "Home", his corpse still exists with Davros and others. 
So maybe he did die but he is alive.

Eddison and the Wildlings who are loyal to Jon, break out through the castle gates to stop Alliser Thorne and the other night watchmen from killing Jon Snow's supporters. The supporters were actually prepared to fight but Eddison and his team who were led by a Giant got there just in time.

Davros gives Melisandre a visit and asks her to bring Jon back from the dead. 
So if she has done brilliant things with magic, surely she could possess enough to resurrect the Dead. 
However, the visions that appeared before her appeared to be lies and Davros is very much in disbelief. 
  “I’m not asking the Lord of Light to help,” Davros says, “I’m asking a woman I’ve seen perform miracles.”

So the rights began by washing off the wounds away from Jon's body Melisandre performs her voodoo cutting some parts of his hair and hurling into fire while chanting her spells.
She did this repeatedly and it doesn't seem to have any effect. 
One look at Davros and they knew it's a fail. They gave up and left feeling very dejected. 

Okay not too fast, Jon's wolf who has been asleep by his master suddenly wakes up and the cam transits into Jon's face lying on the table. 
His eyes pops open and he grasps. 

We certainly do not know Jon Snow's condition yet but in time, it will be visible enough. 

Game of Thrones

Below are some of the other interesting things that happened in Sunday's episode. 

* Bran returns! 
Still caught up in the cave with the 3-Eyed Raven and having all sorts of visions. 
Among the visions, he saw his Father when he was young with his younger brother. His sister Lyanna and a young Hodor called Willis. 
Bran still ponders on what could have actually happened to him. 
The 3-eyed Raven reminds Bran not to linger within his visions. 

* In King’s Landing, King Tommen has ordered that his mother stay in the Red Keep and not wander about or even go to her daughter’s funeral. 
Jamie and the High Sparrow trade words in a holy place within Myrcella. 
Jamie is determined to kill High Sparrow but is now awaken by the reality of his protection. 
High sparrow is heavily guarded by an army of followers. Jamie soon had to figure a way to rid the men. 

Game of Thrones

* In Mereen, things fall to bits ever since the departure of Dany. 
Tyrion makes a plan to free both Dragons in the dungeon thinking they will certainly remain loyal if let loose. 
It's a risk but it's worth it isn't it?
The dragons gave him a cold look as he appears but he assured them he was there to help. 

* In Braavos, 
Waif is found beating Arya with a stick. 
Her name is demanded but she wouldn't say. 
Jaqen H’ghar tries to tempt her too but to no avail. 

* Theon tells Sansa he can’t go with her to Castle Black because he’s too ashamed by all the harm he has brought to her family. 
Despite her willingness to forgive him, he insists he must go back home to the iron islands. 
When he gets there he is on a vendetta to seek his brother who killed his father. 
And grapevine has it that his sister needs to become the next ruler

* In Winterfell,
Ramsay Bolton continues in his maniac spree to kill his father (Roose). 
It's noted that Roose' wife just had a Baby for him and Ramsay already has both her and the baby on the next eviction. 
Game of Thrones

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‘Game of Thrones’: Jon Snow is still breathing!!!


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