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Build Anaerobic Endurance FAST With the Jacob’s Ladder!

Developed by Steve Nichols, (a former Western New York fitness champion), the Jacobs Ladder provides a total body workout in which the user is required to climb a revolving-endless ladder.  The ladder is an excellent simulation for many real-life tasks, and is a suitable cardio-replacement for nearly all athletes.  Training with the Jacobs Ladder provides you with an incredible bang-for-your-buck workout, because of its unique anaerobic-aerobic capabilities.  The Jacobs Ladder has large benefits when used for anaerobic workouts, as it will increase your heart rate faster than almost any other cardio “machine”, resulting in increased V02Max Levels.

It can serve as a High Intensity Interval Training machine because the speed of the user usually determines the speed of the rung. HIIT workouts can actually be achieved by utilizing 1-3 minute intervals at 85 to 90% maximum heart rate. It is similar to stair climbing or sprinting but with the advantage of less stress on your joints.

Features of Jacobs Ladder

Familiarization with the machine is quite simple; as the most difficult task is generally keep your coordination and controlling your bodies movement in a steady rhythm while learning to climb.  This is also a very important feature, as the Jacob’s Ladder builds overall coordination in this mechanism.  After mastering this, other features of the Jacob’s Ladder itself are:

  • A user defined feature that ensures your safety, so if your foot slips the ladder will slow down until you regain your balance, and you can ride the ladder to the ground
  • You are provided additional safety with a waist strap, which also controls how quickly you can move.
  • It is easy to change your speed as you simple move your legs more or less powerfully to your desired speed.

Benefits of Jacobs Ladder

Overall, the Jacobs Ladder has numerous benefits which makes it viable for nearly everyone, including:

  • It provides you with the freedom to choose your own pace, as you can increase or reduce your pace without any special button. The pace reduces as you slow down, and also increases when you increase your pace.
  • The Jacobs Ladder is able to engage your muscles with minimal stress on the joints, as there is not strenuous impact at all.
  • The position of the machine puts you at a 40-degree angle, providing a climbing position for you which is intense enough to build many functions of the body.
  • It can be utilized both anaerobically and aerobically, allowing for longer-durations as well as High Intensity Interval Training.
  • It is an extremely compound movement, working nearly every part of both your upper and lower body!
  • It burns an enormous amount of calories. Both during and after performing the exercise, the Jacob’s Ladder greatly increases your metabolism and burns fat from your body.
  • As a result of the low impact it has on your joints, the Jacobs Ladder is safe for a majority of people at all fitness levels.

Personally, I usually keep my Jacob’s Ladder usage to shorter-sprints, maximizing the anaerobic benefits of the exercise.  My favorite workout with the Jacob’s Ladder is 3-5 sets of 150 feet, for time!  In between each set I will usually walk on the treadmill or ride the stationary bike for 3-5 minutes as well.  This way, I can fit a wide range of conditioning aspects in to 20-25 minutes of work.  Also, this can be performed either before or after you train.  Different than most conditioning styles, this training protocol can be used as a warm-up as well, as the Jacob’s Ladder is low-stress on your joints, yet is stimulating for your Central Nervous System, and effectively primes your entire body for training!

Having been featured in the popular television show ‘The Biggest Loser’, the Jacobs Ladder is an excellent way to enhance your aerobic endurance and anaerobic fitness, being able to challenge your body in new and unique ways!


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Build Anaerobic Endurance FAST With the Jacob’s Ladder!


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