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Burn Calories, Clear Your Skin, and Refresh Your Body With the Infrared Sauna and Steam Room!

Despite the fact that both the Infrared Sauna and the Steam Room have similar health benefits, these two devices serve specific needs for people, with largely different purposes.  Both of these benefit you by increasing your circulation and making you sweat, cleaning your skin and your body.  However, the mechanisms are completely different and work better based on individual health and needs.  Regardless, adding one or both of these devices in to your schedule can provide you relaxation and health benefits!

Choosing Which is Right for You

The most deciding factor for people in choosing whether to opt for an infrared Sauna or a Steam room is generally current health condition.  Both of these can be taxing on your heart, with the steam room making it far more difficult to breathe.  The steam room can have powerful and immediate positive benefits for those with respiratory issues, but also could be “too much” for those with severe breathing problems.  For most people, it is beneficial to try both and feel which you are more comfortable with!

Aside from improving your breathing, the steam room and infrared sauna have several other communal benefits:

  • Powerful relaxation effects; as it is a perfect way to relax and drain stress out of your body. The heat and therapeutic setting can have immediate impacts on your physical and mental stress levels!
  • Boosting of the immune system, since both of these cause an increase in body temperature and sweating. This is your body’s natural way of cleaning itself, and both the steam room and sauna maximize this effort!
  • They are also useful in weight loss and cellulite reduction as a result of their detoxification effects.
  • Saunas and steam rooms improve physical conditioning and athletic performance as they promote higher levels of oxygen in your blood, enabling longer durations of exercise and more energy for the athlete.

Benefits of Steam Room

There are several benefits you can derive from using the steam rooms, including:

Great Moisture Effect

With an effective humidity level of 100%, steam rooms can provide a high level of moisture that is soothing and can help:

  • Hydrate your skin, leaving you looking and feeling more youthful. The steam acts as a natural moisturizer, without any chemicals!
  • Provide a better quality of sleep, as your cortisol levels will drop from steam room use. Between the heat and the steam, your body will naturally lower its stress levels, increasing your REM sleep time (the most restorative phase of sleep).
  • Loosen the secretions from the linings of your throat, lungs, and sinuses, cleaning your nasal passages and easing the flow of oxygen to your brain!
  • Conditioning the body to resist extreme heat and fatigue, without stressing yourself with intense physical exercise in a unique way.

There are numerous benefits of the steam room, that is for sure.   However, due to the presence of moisture, it could be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.  Steam rooms need to be disinfected regularly, and by a trained individual.  For some people, the steam room may be far-too overpowering at first, and will only be able to withstand 5-10 minutes in the steam.  Overtime, this will work to increase the body’s overall conditioning, even though it can be a limiting factor at first.  Barring issue with either of these factors, the steam room can greatly enhance nearly everyone’s health!

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Apart from sharing common benefits with the steam room, an infrared sauna also has its own set of unique benefits including:

  • Infared saunas help your body sweat heavily at lower temperatures than other saunas since the body is heated from the inside-out. Other dry saunas which use rocks for heating, heats you simply with temperature.  This misses several of the benefits of what the infrared sauna does.
  • Toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and bad-bacteria are all released through sweating in an infrared sauna, since the sauna itself heats portions of your body which are usually un-cleansable.
  • The method of heating of the infrared sauna actually burns a significant amount of calories, even being cited as up to 500 in 30 minutes! This is probably a missed estimation, but goes to show there is legitimate weight-loss benefits of using an infrared sauna.
  • The increase in blood circulation can help lower and stabilize your blood pressure.

Who is This Good For?

Sauna therapy has been proven effective in helping to treat numerous dysfunctions and diseases.  With knowing that a medical doctor should always be consulted before attempting to treat a specific issue with a sauna or anything else, infrared saunas and steam rooms can be beneficial in the treating of:

  • Hypertension
  • Post-myocardial infarction
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cognitive heart failure

There is a large number of health benefits which can be derived from both of these devices, and should be used in conjunction accordingly.  If proper precautions are taken, and you are within the health ranges of utilizing them, there is little-to-no reason you should not make time for the sauna and steam room regulary!

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Burn Calories, Clear Your Skin, and Refresh Your Body With the Infrared Sauna and Steam Room!


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