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Heaving From A Hangover? These 6 Remedies Will Help


– By Brittany Seki, Senior Editor –


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Had a little one too many last night? We’re coming to the age now where the affects of alcohol are felt more strongly than those previous “morning afters” in college. I know, you’re thinking “I used to down 6 or 7 shots before hitting the keg stand and sleep made it all better the next day! What happened?” The reality is, as we get older our bodies take longer to heal, including ridding ourselves of the toxins from the night before. To make a bad Hangover less likely, don’t Drink on an empty stomach, stick to drinking clear liquors, don’t mix alcohol and try staying hydrated throughout the night. Although the only cure for a hangover is drinking in moderation (or staying sober), there are simple remedies that can help lessen the unpleasant aftereffects. Sunday Caesars isn’t the best answer, but these 6 tips will help quiet the physical pains of any drunken debauchery.

What to Drink:

lemon waterLemon Water + Sea Salt or Coconut Water

Drinking dehydrates you, that is common knowledge. But did you know it’s a diuretic? This is why you’re constantly running to the little boys or girls room after “breaking the seal,” as if each bottle of beer instantly flows right through you! This is why it’s important to drink water along with your doubles or pints to stay hydrated. However, it’s an easy step to forget when you’re having a good night, so drink, drink drink that H2O the next morning! Along with dehydration, your body becomes depleted of electrolytes. Electrolytes are ions, such as sodium, that help to regulate the day-to-day function of cells and organs. Adding a pinch of sea salt to your water will aid in replenishing the electrolytes your body is craving. Lastly, squeezing in some lemon will help cleanse your liver and rid the body of toxins.

Many people drink Gatorade as a hangover remedy, however it’s high in sugar. If lemon water isn’t a go-to for you, try coconut water as a substitute, which naturally contains electrolytes and is unquestionably refreshing.

gingerteaHerbal Tea

I don’t know about you, but when I roll out of bed after a “good night out” I like to curl up with an Herbal Tea. It’s just so comforting when my head is pounding and my stomach is yelling at me. I have two favorites: loose leaf green tea and homemade ginger tea. There are loads of benefits from drinking herbal tea. They are packed with antioxidants and have immune boosting properties. For my ginger tea, I like to boil some water and add freshly cut ginger, a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon. Not only is it soothing and tastes divine, but the ginger also helps to settle an upset stomach. Peppermint tea is often consumed to quiet upset tummies as well. As for green tea, it offers the caffeine I need to wake up just enough to function. I’d steer clear from coffee – too much caffeine can worsen a hangover headache, since it is a natural diuretic.

Fruit Juice

Despite drinking 5 peach bellinis or any other super sweet cocktail, alcohol reduces the amount of sugar in your bloodstream. To increase your blood sugar levels, drink a refreshing glass of cranberry or apple juice. Fruit juices will also replace electrolytes and provide you with much needed vitamins.

What to Eat:


Replenishing your body’s nutrients is extremely important when battling a hangover, so even if you can’t stand the idea of eating then tough it out. But that doesn’t mean gorging on junk food, which can make you feel even worse. You need to opt for foods that will help add nutrition to your body. Consuming fruits, green and root vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats offers energy, vitamins and minerals that will aid you on the path to recovery. So what better way to get back to feeling normal than with a nice big brunch. Eggs are easy to digest (for your poor beat up stomach) and offer proteins such as the amnio acid cysteine that becomes depleted when you drink. I like to make a huge batch of scrambled eggs and throw in any greens I have in the fridge, with a side of fruit salad. It’s fast, easy and never fails to give me energy.


Potassium levels in the body decrease after a night of taking shot after shot. This mineral is essential for helping to move nutrients between cells as well as removing cellular waste. So to aid in recovering from those 2am Banana Jacks, make sure to peel the real fruit in the morning. Bananas offer a healthy dose of potassium and electrolytes, not to mention a slew of other vitamins and minerals, plus fiber for digestive health. For an added potassium kick, try eating a natural nut butter and banana sandwich with whole wheat bread. You just can’t go wrong with this snack!

Take Drugs

The best way to remedy a hangover headache is to take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or Aspirin. Limit your intake however, since these pills are hard on the stomach. If you’re blessed with a free schedule the next day, then napping is always recommended. You’ll feel 100% by the next day.

What are your hangover remedies? Let us know on Twitter @QuincyAvenue.

A little about the writer: At heart, Brittany is a motorcycle riding, craft beer loving, Basilisk lizard rescuing, fun-to-be-around bartender. Through writing, she is able to satisfy her desire to try new things – to discover, learn and share one-of-a-kind experiences with all of you.

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Heaving From A Hangover? These 6 Remedies Will Help


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