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Karan Johar – Victim of Nationalism or Politics ?

Karan Johar with his Ae Dil Hai Mushkil controversy has ignited many debates across the country recently. In fact I have myself discussed this issue over a cuppa with various results. In today’s India, the crux of the matter seems to be that either we vocalise our support towards India and be anti the other country or we aredeshdrohis”. Unless we are anti-another country we don’t love our own country it seems.

To put it into perspective I am talking about the raging debate on whether or not artistic talent should be exchanged with our neighbouring country Pakistan. And on whether a film deserves to be “banned” because it has one Pakistani person compared to say the many more Indian people who have worked on it. On which side does the balance sit heavy?

Our country today is torn apart by political parties trying to stay relevant. Whenever something sensational happens these parties are the first ones to step up and create a storm out of it. While terrorism in any form should be condemned it is equally important to understand situations. When Karan Johar had cast Fawad Khan in his film everyone in the country was going gaga over the actor. In fact all the critics were praising his acting and he had suddenly become hot commodity.  Then Uri happened. And, suddenly all Pakistanis became untouchables. The fight has spilled over from the battlefield to the entertainment industry. If such feelings were there before how come Pakistani singers got singing assignments in this country for so long? Actors have come into the picture much later. It’s just that they are more prominent hence make for good targets. After all, I don’t see any business men having businesses set up in Pakistan being targeted. How come they are not as responsible to show patriotism as the film fraternity?

For these so-called nationalists whom I like to call pseudo-nationalists I have a message.

Karan Johar and Fawad Khan in a still

Karan Johar and Fawad Khan in a still

Do you know that Bollywood contributes a significant portion towards our GDP because a lot of tax is levied on tickets and other stuff? Do you know this year has not had many big hits and distributors and economists had a lot of hope from a big budget movie like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? Do you know that for your so called nationalistic sentiments you are jeopardizing the economic conditions of 300 Indian people in Johar’s crew? Why let their sweat and blood go to waste? Should I presume that your hatred for Pakistan has blinded your “love” for the country you proclaim to “love” so much? Or is it ok that you resort to vandalism and threats to get your way? To prove a point you become violent and threaten others. How are you any different from terrorists you seem to condemn? Yes you don’t take lives, but you are no better than those barbarians with narrow mindsets.

The basic problem with people in India is that there is no situational sense in us. We equate every situation as being the same. Because now we have diplomatic problems with Pakistan we should have problems with all the Pakistani people.

For one moment. Just one moment think about this. You have gone to America for job. Relations between America and India are very good at that time. Suddenly there are some diplomatic problems between the two countries and the American people start hankering for the removal of all Indians from their country. How would you feel? It’s not that America doesn’t have talent. We are employed by their companies and we get a valid visa for working there. It’s the same thing. It’s not that the Indian entertainment industry doesn’t have talent. It’s just that an actor from another country had been employed when the relations between the two countries were better. Now the relations are not as good and we say remove them. It may not be possible to somethings very close to the release date of a movie. Ever thought about that?

In fact it has been discovered the terrorists have Chinese flags as well. Should we boycott Salman Khan’s Tubelight also because it has a Chinese actress in it?

My humble request to the people of India is that don’t get carried away by political parties and the words they spew. What they do is just to stay relevant to their vote banks. And if you are as patriotic as you think yourself to be why make soft targets? Why not go and fight for the country? Join the army or civil services or for that sense even politics. I think that would help the country more than sitting back at home and shouting that I will not watch a movie which has a Pakistani actor in it. It does not help the country in any way. Rather it has a negative effect on our fledgling economy.

While it’s great to love your own country at the same time keep a logical mind, an open mind indeed. While the situations now are extremely volatile and turbulent, at the same time it is important to put things into correct perspective. What’s done is done, and can’t be changed. So why cry about split milk? Are we really that immature? Why not think about proper solutions to end terrorism? After all, banning movie(s) or boycotting makers such as Karan Johar will not end terrorism and that is what our fight is against, isn’t it?

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Karan Johar – Victim of Nationalism or Politics ?


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