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Comparison Is Your Enemy..

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The era has evolved into a workspace of varying talents and invincible creativity, where every other human possess an uniqueness which makes him / her identifiable in the crowd. Problem here is the sense of Comparison between individuals. The urge of proving one’s vivacity and superiority quenches the thought of self-assessment and self-improvement. But don’t you think this calls out for a race? Comparing yourself with others is actually making you more vulnerable to the negativity? Yes, surely your effort is worth lauding, and it’s great that you strive to run along the generation of inquisitive and intriguing minds. But is it the real need? Is the point of “I am better” or “I can be better” really required?

The answer is a big NO.

This comparison will send you regretful chills and plummet your spirit. No one is perfect or predictable as we are affected by numerous external factors. Emotions such as rage, vengeance, affection, jealousy are right at top of the queue. Cumulative participation of emotional packages in a human life leads to the deflection in their performances over various platforms. If you lay down your working capability or mechanical statistics over another person’s performance, there can be two possibilities – 

One, you are not opening up enough as much as you should. The secondary statistics is leaving your realms of potentials undiscovered, and that can keep you dissatisfied.

Two, YOU are just not on the right path at all.

Comparison is your enemy

Comparison is your enemy

Following somebody either out of fascination or competition keeps you glued to a rage, or that will always keep you confined with apparent, false desires. The part of the brain which has been stimulating the nerves of parametric perfection might provide contentment, but the soul tends to stay disturbed.

There are mathematically infinite number of options if you tend to compare yourself to somebody. Comparison does nothing but breaches your comfort in yourself, kills the believe that you are self-sufficient and also ruins the selfless joy from your life. A regretful soul is then left behind which could have created wonders if implied and improvised in some worthy workspace.

This venomous trend of comparison hasn’t just been injected out of nowhere. The feudal system has adopted it years ago and the practice of this customary trend can be found existing as a massive loophole in almost every arena of livelihood. Like any other ill-system or ill-practice, comparison of oneself should be strictly abolished and it has to be one’s own initiative, because this is where you are one’s own demon and one’s own angel. The choice is yours.

Your existence, your talents, your mutual contributions, your successes, are all so fairly unique to you and can never be properly compared to anybody else in this entire universe. Comparison kills your originality and creates wormholes that cannot be compensated by any number of successes you attain. There will always be someone or something new to focus upon and you will end up living somebody else’s life. That is not fair to you. It gives you no value, no contentment, no fulfillment, but yes a lot of distractions.

Indeed, the demerits are magnanimous, grotesque as well as wide and far reaching. So what should be done?

Embrace your identity and never stop working.

Learn something every day, every new day and believe that this will help you someday. Whether you are a musician or a writer or a coder or just anybody, believe in your gifts and work every day to enhance yourself.

What happens when you work out? You feel better. You sweat and that gives you contentment. You know taking 10 rounds of a football arena won’t give you abs, but that satisfies someone. So those work-outs with respect to your choice of career and the bouquet of talent should be satisfying you and the outcome might not be desired but yes, the hope should never die.

 Let the buds of your talent bloom and the flower of your personality send out the fragrance of vivacious flamboyance. The fruits of success will surely come one day! And without comparison or unhealthy competition, the fruits will be the sweetest. Gratitude to oneself makes you believe in all the good things you already have in this world and this kind of success, where comparison is replaced by inspiration; brings recurrent goodness in the best ways.

Comparing yourself to others leads to a battle (with yourself) you will never win and that is when you start losing yourself. Keep an attitude of self-satisfaction while you strive to be the best version of yourself and prompt positive changes in your life.

So Remember, whenever you are low at life and things are rough, place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called Purpose and that is unique to you! You are alive for a reason and not comparisons.

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Comparison Is Your Enemy..


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