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Motivational Quotes By Abraham Lincoln.

Motivational Quotes By Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the 16 th president of united states of america. A man with all the people loves a lot. He has his struggled life and became the president of US. His inspirational speeches and biography motivates all of us. When comparing the struggles of his and each of us, our struggles are not a problem. Today, inspirational quotes, going to publish the collection of quotes by abraham Lincoln.

we all need to know more and more about his and reading his biography will gives us a better way of life. sure.

Read About Abraham Lincoln in this wikipedia page.

quotes by Abrahalm Lincoln

Be sure you put you
feet in the right place.
Then stand Firm.

I destroy my enemies
when i make them friends.

when i do good, i feel good.
when i do bad, i feel bad.
That is my religion.

Those who denies
freedom to others
deserve it not
for themselves

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool,
than spek out and remove all doubt.

I believe the bible is the
best gift god has ever given
to man. All the good of the savior
of the world is communicated to us
through the book.

The best way to predict
the future is
to create it.

Nearly all men can
stand adversity.
But if you want to test
A man’s character
give him power.

stand with anybody
that stand right.
stand with him
while he is the right
and part with him
when he goes wrong.

The best thing about the future…

…is that it comes one day
at a time.

When you reach
the end of
your rope,
Tie a knot
and hang on.

Most folks are
as happy as they
makes up their
mind to be.

quotes by abraham lincoln

I always found that
the mercy bears
richer fruits than
strict justice.

you can fool all the people
some of the time, and some
of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool
all the people all the time.

In the end it’s not
the years in your life
that count. It’s the life
in your years.

I do not think much of a
man who is wiser today
than he was yesterday.

quotes by abraham lincoln

A House divided
against itself
can’t stand.

slavery is founded on the
selfishness of man’s nature;
opposition to it on his
love of justice.

I do order
and declare that all
person held as


within said designated states,
ans parts of states,


henceforward shall be


Always bear in mind
that your own
resolution to succeed
is more important
than any other.

Give me 6 hours to chope down a tree and i
will spend first four sharpening the axe.

quotes by abraham lincoln

If you look for the bad in
people expecting to find it,
you surely will.

No matter how
much cat fight, there always seem s to be
plenty of kittens.

You cannot escape the
responsibility of tomorrow
by evading it today.

all that i am, or
hope to be, I owe to
my angel mother.

sir, my concern is
not whether god
is on our side;
my greatest concern is
To be on God’s side,
for god is always right.

character is like a tree
and reputation its shadow.
The shadow is what we think it is
and the tree is the real thing.

you cannot help men
permanently by doing for
them what they could
do for themselves.

KINDNESS is the only service
that will stand the storm of life
and not wash out.

whenever i hear
anyone arguing
for slavery, i feel
a strong impulse
to see it tried on
him personally.

To ease
another’s heartache
is to forget
one’s own.

intelligence, patriotism,
christianity, and a firm
reliance on him, who has never
yet forsaken this favored
land, are still competent to
adjust in the best way, all your
present difficulty.

The phylosophy
of the school
room in one
will be the
phylosophy of
in the next.

quotes by abraham lincoln

Let no feeling of
discouragement prey upon you,
and in the end,
you are sure to succeed.

I never had a policy; i have just tried to
do my best each and every day.

The people will save
their government,
if the government
itself will allow them.

I am a success today because i had a
friend who believed in me and i
didn’t have the heart to let him down.

That some achieve
great success
is proof to
all that others
can achieve
it as well.

folks are usually about as
happy as they make their
mind up to be.

well, we have already got the tickets.

Nothing will divert me
from my purpose.

No man is good
enough to govern
another man without
that others consent.

we should be too big
to take offense and
too noble to give it.

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quotes by abraham lincoln
quotes by abraham lincoln
quotes by abraham lincoln
quotes by abraham lincoln

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Motivational Quotes By Abraham Lincoln.


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