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Spy Apps – A Blessing or a Curse

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Spy Apps – A Blessing or a Curse
Everyone remembers how in Divergent the all powerful geneticist in their quest to eradicate flaws like selfishness, cowardice, dishonesty, foolishness and aggression removed the genes from the Human DNA that was responsible for triggering such behavior. They succeeded in their pursuit but what they failed to recognize was that if they cured people of their cowardice, like they did for the Dauntless, they would without a doubt become fearless, ready to jump into battle without considering the consequences. Now, when we try to see two sides of the mirror, one would consider bravery as a blessing while others may say that no recognition for one’s own safety is a curse. The same could be said for spy apps. A person that uses it for the benefit for others may consider it a blessing. But, regarding a person that used it for invasion of privacy, stalking, etc, it can be said that it is a curse.

Let’s just list some Pros and Cons and let the words speak for themselves:


·         Real Time Info
Spy apps come equipped with the feature to tap into calls and messages. They are able to listen in on calls real-time, as well as save it for future use. Not only do they monitor the calls, but also not the time when the call was made, the call duration and from where the call was made, all of this done in real-time.

·         GPS Tracker
The advanced GPS Tracking facilities certainly prove to be the most important feature in spy apps. Spy apps use satellite tracking to locate a device anywhere on the planet with just a single tap. Thus, you can sleep soundly knowing where your loved ones are every step of the way.

·         Prevent Incidents from Happening
People online can often lead kids astray. There are many online predators who are just there to prey on your kids’ mind. They can get your kids addicted to drugs, porn and other things that can harm them both mentally and physically. Thus, Spy Apps make sure that your kids can stay well away from such influences and that they can grow to become well-groomed adults. Other than these people, there are cyber-bullies as well. Cyber-bullies are a category of misfits among themselves, they try to make little kids do stuff that they would normally do. They basically blackmail them into doing anything they want which could often mean breaking federal or state law. On account of cyber bullying, there have been thousands of notable cases of cyber bullying in which the victim has tried to get help from the police but all in vain and ended up committing suicide.


·         Kills Privacy
While, some people may argue that complete surveillance of your children or your spouse or maybe an employee may be necessary to safeguard their interests, others may complain that it a complete invasion of privacy, where the other person has no margin for their own personal life and if a person other than your family or friends chooses to use a spy app against you, they can practically mess up your entire life.

·         A Platform For Stalkers
As mentioned earlier, people like parents, spouses, and employers use spy apps in their everyday life, but people like stalkers and online predators also have access to spy apps. Through them, they can gain access to all the contents of your personal life, which includes photos, calendar entries, contacts, and social media passwords and they could use all of the above to try and blackmail anyone to the point that the only way out would be kill oneself.

The Bottom Line
Spy apps may be playing a good role in the development of a good future for our kids; they are being used to commit crimes nonetheless. If we consider spy apps as a knife for a moment, a knife can be used to cut fruit, or a knife can be used to commit a murder. In both cases, it is not the fault of the object but the intention of the person. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the advantage or disadvantage of spy apps rest solely with the intention of the user.

Author Bio:
Angelica Dowson, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards android spy software. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2

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Spy Apps – A Blessing or a Curse


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