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How to Know If You Have a Loose Vagina Plus A Simple-Effective Way to Cure It in 20 Minutes”

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My name is Ben Bassey. Founder – Nigeria’s biggest website on Vagina health. Now read the next lines very carefully.
If you are 28 and above, and you’re sexually active or you’ve had more than one natural child delivery then there is a 78.9% chance that you have a loose vagina.

It doesn’t just stop there…there is actually another 90.5% chance that your man doesn’t like it and wishes you could be a little bit tighter right now.

But He Is Probably Never Going To Tell You…

…because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

However, I will tell you what he is going through right now so you can catch a glimpse of how hard it is for him. Imagine having sex with a man that has a tiny penis the size of your index finger – both in length and in width.

How much pleasure do you think would come from such experience?

Very little, right?


Simple – because his penis wouldn’t stimulate your vaginal wall the way you want. And no matter what, you would NEVER get satisfied from a man like that

If you have a loose vagina, that is the exact same feeling your man is getting RIGHT NOW.

 In my case with my wife it was so bad I actually SERIOUSLY considered cheating on my wife TWICE. Click Here To Read The story on my blog  -----> How I Completely lost Sexual Interest In  My Wife Because Of Her Loose Vagina  - Till something happened that brought back the sexual spark. 

…You see, when the vagina of a woman is tight the man can feel the vagina wall rubbing against his penis and the woman too feels the contour of the penis rubbing against her vagina wall. That experience alone DRIVES a man CRAZY.

But when a woman isn’t able to give a man this feeling, he usually cheats with a younger woman who can (If he is promiscuous) – This is why some older men usually cheat on their wives with younger women.

Or, if he is not the type to cheat, then he secretly wishes you could be as a tight as possible or the idea of sex now becomes a BORE with you and he stops looking forward to it.

This Is A Big Problem…Loosing That Spark as a woman is the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

…and to top that, no disrespect but I have to add this; a loose vagina in some extreme cases are usually ugly looking. And the worse it gets the more you lose every single sexual appeal your man had for you. And this EVENTUALLY makes him crave for something better.

…this is the point he starts considering cheating on you.

But It Has Not Been An Easy Experience For You Too.

I know. 

During sex your vagina makes farting sounds, leaving you terribly embarrassed. And right now it has even become so loose that you either do not enjoy sex anymore or you want to feel a better sensation than your man’s penis is giving you at the moment.

And to add to that; this had made you feel INADEQUATE in the bedroom so much that you’ve become conscious of your body anytime you have sex. Maybe you are not happy with how your vagina looks like right now, maybe you see changes in its condition and how it feel to you and your partner.

If you can connect to this, then chances are that you have a loose vagina. It is not your fault. And even better, right here and now, I am going to show you how to cure a loose vagina so you can regain that old spark you had when you were younger and a virgin.

Natural Solutions to a Loose Vagina…

…The biggest and most dangerous information out there is that “alum” tightens a loose vagina. Some women actually use this crude method. They dissolve the alum in water and then apply it inside their vagina.  Some even go as far as trying to use it to fake virginity.

The question  now  is – Does Alum really tighten the vagina.

Well the answer is Yes, it TEMPORARLY does for about 30 minutes

BUT The Problem With This Approach Is That…

….It is not healthy.

You see, Alum is very acidic. It ends up altering the ph level in your vagina and then it even ends up giving you a dry ”hard-to-get wet” vagina in the long run. Plus to top that, it can end up giving you yeast infection too and irritations both on you and your partner’s private parts. You really don’t want that.

Due to its sensitive nature, If you must apply anything to your vagina it has to be safe and healthy.  

However, A Better Natural Way Is…

…The Use of Kegel exercises. 

Look at it this way. The vagina is elastic and if it expands it returns back to its original size after sometime (After childbirth or sex, for instance). What makes this possible are the Pelvic Floor Muscles. Just look at it like a spring, once your vagina stretches the muscles pulls it back to shape.

…But like every spring, the pelvic floor muscles gets weak at a point.

And then it stops effectively returning the vagina to its normal tight shape.

If you are 28 and above right now and you’ve had at least two kids then it has started happening to you already. This is because your pelvic muscles get weaker when you grow older or start having kids. And it is going to get worse in the coming years.

If you’ve reached menopause too, your pelvic floor muscles are going to start becoming weak. The more kids you get, the weaker those muscles are going to be. And, also, during sex tears do happen that would leave you loose and this part might have happened to you already without your knowing.

The simple truth is that with time your body changes and things seem to be different from before. But You don’t want that, you want to keep experiencing the old sensations.

To make those muscles strong, you need to exercise them regularly by doing Kegel exercises (I explained how to correctly do kegel exercises on my blog

….But the problem with Kegel Exercises is this:

It takes time before you start seeing results (about 3 – 4 months). You would need lots of consistency and effort and you are probably not going to be able to want to go through all that stress.

One Option Faster Than Kegel Is…

 Surgery. How this works is the surgeons removes some of the mucosa in your vagina, tightens the muscle layer, reduces the size of the vaginal opening and then they stitch up.

Sounds like a permanent solution but its air enough to mention it could lead to complications and can be very  very expensive to pull off (it could cost you over a million Naira).

Much More Cheaper Quick Solution Is

….The use of vagina tightening gels and creams. The advantage this has over the other solutions are:

  • It doesn’t take time like kegel does before it starts working. Some of the really effective ones take about 20 minutes to an hour to give the vagina a tight feeling. Plus it works as quick as Alum does but without the complications that comes with using alum.

  • and it is not as expensive as the surgery option.

However, the problem with vaginal tightening creams is that although it instantly tightens the vagina the moment you apply them, you need to apply them anytime you want it to take effect and re-use it again the next time.

The trick to get massive long lasting results with vagina tightening cream lies In finding an original one that works, using it for a while and combining it with kegel exercises to compliment the effects of the vagina tightening cream. This way you’ll get super-massive results.

This was exactly what my wife did when she gave birth to our second child. She had same problem. So I began scouting for vagina tightening creams that were guaranteed to make her tight again. I really didn’t see much out there.

Till a gynecologist at the teaching hospital in Calabar told me about this ones; a 2 in 1 solution that works as both a vaginal tightening and an anti-bacterial agent ----- > Link To The Vaginal Tightening Cream My Wife’s GynecologistRecommended for us  

Here is why I’m doing this.

I know how much this single problem ruins marriages. In fact, during the course of running my blog I have had  lots of discussion with men who complain about their wives having a loose vagina and lots of women who their husbands had cheated on them just because of this one problem, so I know how bad and serious it can be.

Listen to this, most men won’t be understanding enough. They may not even tell you about this to your face, but will go behind your back to look for younger tighter women that can satisfy them.

And that’s why I think this 2-1solution would save lots of relationships and marriages out there. Click here for how to order and have it sent to you right away. You only pay on delivery 

However, this cream has lots of fakes ones around so I had to order for them straight from the company that makes them abroad. Right now, we have just 24 tubes remaining. So do bear with us if you call and we have gone out of stock. 

At the moment, over 2000 women just like you are reading this page and in as much as i would love to sell to everyone of those 2000 women who would want this gel, it wouldn’t be possible. However, to get your hands on it yourself right away Click Here------------- ---à SHOW ME DETAILS RIGHT AWAY

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How to Know If You Have a Loose Vagina Plus A Simple-Effective Way to Cure It in 20 Minutes”


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