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Shift 2.7

Chapter 2
2.7 Bloodline: Club

“Is that right?” Ahote grinned as he kept his gaze on the long dark road ahead. The scent of vodka and cranberry juice filled the cab of the truck. As Ahote turned the air conditioner on he could faintly smell Aoki’s perfume. She smelled like vanilla and honey. “How am I doing so far?” he asked as he glanced over at her. Her jet-black hair fell in big ringlets on her shoulders and lip-gloss made her lips glisten in the dim light from the radio.

“Pretty good.” Aoki replied nonchalantly.

“Only pretty good?” Ahote asked playfully pretending to be shocked. “I guess I have to step my game up.” He said with a smile as he glanced over and winked at her.

Ahote pulled into the Parking Lot of the massive rundown old club. It was in the middle of nowhere and there was nothing else around for miles. The club resembled a saloon from out of a western. The sound of music filled the already full parking lot as lively patrons entered the double doors. “Whoa it’s packed!” Dyami exclaimed from the backseat. “I heard a lot of kids from school come here.” He added.

“Great I get see those racist assholes on summer break, too.” Ahote said sarcastically as he parked the truck.

“That’s not all of them.” Aoki said as she checked her makeup in the mirror.

“Yeah the ones that are too polite to say insulting things to our faces just whisper behind our backs.” Ahote replied. He began to think about what his grandfather had told him at dinner. He let out a deep sigh then he turned off the truck but he didn’t move he just sat there. “If I tell you guys something you have to promise not to tell anyone.” Ahote said as looked down at his keys in his hand.

“Dude what’s up you look like someone stole your dog?” Dyami joked.

“Tomorrow we are supposed to be getting some new members to the reservation.” He replied.

“Okay so?” Dyami Asked confused.

“They will be our first Caucasian members.” Ahote said.

“What!” Dyami Exclaimed. “They can shift?” he asked confused.

“Apparently so.” Ahote answered.

“Wow I mean I heard rumors but I thought all that stuff was a myth just like rumors you hear about Shifters being descendants of witches.” Kim said. “I use to be so afraid as a kid that I would one day wake up with magical powers and become evil.” She said.

“That witch thing isn’t exactly a rumor some shifters are descendants of witches just like some non shifters are.” Aoki said. “My grandmother use to tell me that back when the shifters were exiled a few shifters who were also witches made deals with White Men for revenge.” She said.

“What do you mean?” Dyami asked nervously.

“Well the story is that white men gave up their friends and even family over to the shifters in exchange for shifting abilities and that’s how some Caucasian people can shift.” Aoki said.

“That’s wild.” Dyami said. “And the board agreed to this?” he asked shock.

“The board was against letting them join but my grandfather vetoed the decision and let them in.” he said. “I thought I was fine with it until just now but now that I am reminded about the way we are treated everyday when we leave the reservation I am having second thoughts about this.” He added.

“I admit that this sounds insane but I’m already tipsy and I just want to have fun so can we talk about this tomorrow?” Dyami asked.


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Shift 2.7


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