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Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video Download

Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video Download

Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video Download

Prisoners wake up tune Oh Boy from Mandana's forthcoming motion picture. they move to tunes, Mandana is energized and brings Prince, keith to focus to move, Rishab hits the dance floor with her, Rochelle hits the dance floor with Keith, Keith embraces her, Mandana says thanks to Bigg manager.

Keith embraces Rochelle and leaves, Rochelle says when i will leave house, individuals will ask me what i did in bigg manager, i would say i kissed my sweetheart, i got kiss from him, i twisted with him, i drank tea with him and did undertakings in center as well, Mandana says for time pass right? Rochalle snickers.

Bigg Boss presents an undertaking, Imam Ki AdalatI(imam's court), this errand is the last risk for the housemates to demonstrate their value to wind up the first finalist. Imam Siddique is the judge and one by one the contenders need to face reality as Imam cross inquiries them and alternate hopefuls hurl charges over them. Keith is selected for whatever is left of the season and henceforth he won't be a part of this undertaking.

Mandana starts things out in witness box, Mandana is the first to experience the trial. Interestingly Mandana apologizes for her forceful conduct and laments for not standing firm for Rochelle when she required her assistance.

imam says to prisoners that dont take this undertaking coolly, i have given obligation, in the event that you individuals feel that i am vile then let me know rightnow, Mandana says i wanna inquire as to why you didnt sit tight for bell? imam says this show is not in regards to you, i comprehend what i need to do, in the event that you are doing this for TRP then dont do it, sit unobtrusively and dont show me, Mandana says fine. we have also mentioned Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-96 Day 15th January 2016 Online Video Download.

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watch bigg bopss 9 all episode full HD online video download

Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video download

Priya says to Imam that mandana imagined that bell will play then assignment will begin, Imam says OK read guidelines now, Priya says she was befuddled, Mandana says it was uncalled for that you called attention to TRP point, Imam says i am not unreasonable and on the off chance that you believe that i am out of line then you can, Prince was correct that you dont listen to others so i won't hear you out now, i requested that prisoners let me know whether they surmise that i am out of line, on the off chance that they feel that i dont merit this obligation, Mandana says i was saying that you are out of line in regards to undertaking, Imam says discussion is over.

Rochelle says Imam needs to substantiate himself right, its his additional opportunity in demonstrate, this is my opportunity to converse with fans, dont consider Imam's choice, he needs keep up this picture and Imam needs to demonstrate that we are blockheads here.

Ruler is in witness box, Imam says there is charge on you that you exploit individuals and after that say that it was assignment, Prince says in the event that i needed to take advantage then when we were affirmed for being goons then i would have left Suyyash and Kishwar yet i didnt, Priya says when Salman inquired as to whether you will leave now for Kishwar, you said you would as your folks would be more pleased with you leaving show for sister, Prince says as much was going ahead at the top of the priority list, i thought i could leave show for Kishwar however then i am narrow minded for my guardians, i need them to see me winning, imam says you addressed exceptionally well.

Rochelle says to Mandana that Prince accompanied technique and he continued sticking on it, i did everything from heart in undertaking however i am not certain about Prince, kishwar's connection, i will converse with Kishwar after appear.

Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video Download

Priya comes in witness box, Imam says you were against groupism however you are playing in gathering, Priya says i play exclusively, i never played with Rishab, we did examine amusement yet we never got to be group, Prince says you offered Rishab in sand some assistance with tasking so you cannot say that you were not playing him, Rochelle was crying but rather you didnt stop, it was not mankind, Priya says you ought to be last individual to discuss humankind, when you, Mandana and Kishwar assaulted me, Rishab ensured my sand so i gave back his support, in the event that i had been crying like Rochelle then you wouldnt have left my hand, now i will begin crying before you hold my hand firmly, you think when individual begins crying then you will consider mankind just. Rishab requests that her offer positioning to detainees now, she does as:



Sovereign fourth




Imam says from s*xism to bigotry, you have utilized each card conceivable as a part of this appear, Priya says on the off chance that i am requested that backtrack to Australia and i dont answer it then i feel it isn't right, Priya says on the off chance that somebody lets me know that i can rival him admirable motivation i am a ladies then i won't acknowledge that, on the off chance that you order this in a few "ism" then fine i am "ismic", she gets passionate, imam says you confronted addresses well.

Priya inquires as to whether its your system to get named each week and check whether individuals are sparing you or not, you additionally let me know that BB8's victor was selected for 10times and you broke that, you were glad about that, Mandana says it wasnt technique, Priya says you kept disposition from begin so individuals despise you in house then choose you then individuals will vote in favor of you, Mandana says i knew from begin that individuals will utilize one another so i wasnt in any gathering, then Gizele required help, it wasnt fellowship, Priya says then why you pointed the finger at her for assaulting you? on the off chance that you dont call her kinship then why you anticipate from her? Mandana says i helped her, Priya says i am companions with Rishab and i let them know when i turn out badly, you have made companions in house and utilized them as well, it was your methodology to get selected each week, Mandana says you are unreliable and need to assault me just, when you came in house, you said i am no. 1, Priya says i called Rishab no. 1.

Watch Live online Bigg Boss 9 Full Episodes Day-97 16 January 2016 double trouble

Rishab comes in witness box, he says i am known as Rishab and Devil, i consider myself to be victor in light of the fact that my thumb principle was diversion, i made bonehead of myself to give excitement, i am amusement player, you must be great individual to win amusement, Imam says time out, Imam says by what means would you be able to say that you have qualities to win appear? Rishab says i am straightforward, i utilize my brain and heart both. Mandana says i have played undertakings with you, you gone over chafed and moronic that we lose tak as a result of you, rishab says i played numerous errand in which you exited so before indicating fingers at me, see yourself, thank you, Mandana says why you see individuals low infront of you uniquely Mandana? all should be in finale, in what capacity would you be able to say somebody doesnt merit, Rishab says it would you say you was who made gathering to make me stand on sixth position, its not me but rather you are arrogant, you dont discuss it atleast, Imam says smart responses and enthralling as well, Rishab says would i be able to say something? Imam says no.

Sovereign says to keith and Rochelle that Imam actually tallies seconds and doesnt permit individual to clear uncertainty, he is similar to time out time out, all snicker, Prince says imam addressed Priya in regards to s*xism card and she began crying, it exploded backward on imam and i could see his startled face, he is similar to no i am not saying anything, Keith chuckles.

[Day 97] Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Watch live On Colors tv Tasks on January 16th, 2016

Rochelle is in witness box, Imam says you made companion,, heart,, i am sad,,

trump card scheme,,

Ruler,, Keith was available yet not consented to it. Imam requests that Keith who concurred isn't that right? Keith says i dont recollect much, Imam says you dont recall things, Keith says Prince and i was available there, Prince says Mandana arrived as well, Rochelle says i dont recall, Imam says on the off chance that you make schemes then you cannot win appear, Rochelle says that is inconsiderate, you are letting me know obtusely that i cannot win, i attempted to patch connection with Rishab and Priya, you cannot say that i cannot win, Imam says i never said that you cannot win, i dont think little of anybody and on the off chance that it felt like that then i am sad.

Imam asks Priya how was the assignment? Priya says it was pleasant, last punch was decent about wilds. Keith and Rochelle utilizes passionate side to play, Keith utilizes technique. Not Mandana, Prince, Rochelle and Keith acknowledge that they make methodologies, i and Rishab say transparently that we make techniques, atleast have guts to talk up, Mandana says i said in front of an audience that i am not here to make companions.

Bigg supervisor says to detainees that Imam came as visitor, he turned into your companion and gave you errands and today got some information about yourself, now we need Imam to pick two challengers from five prisoners who he sees as finalist, Keith is excluded in it. Imam says i discovered trustworthiness and truth in two individuals and they are PRIYA and RISHAB, Rishab says is shocked, Bigg supervisor says we need detainees to choose commonly who they need to make finalist from Priya and Rishab, Imam won't be a piece of it, imam says to Priya that you merit it, Priya, Imam and Rishab clears out. Mandana says to prisoners that Priya merits it, she makes techniques furthermore she gives 100% in errand, she battled, made companions, is solid and keen, Keith says she has X variable, Prince says for me its Priya however Rishab is decent individual, Rochelle is tensed.

Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video Download

Bigg manager asks prisoners who they need to make first finalist, Keith says we thought alot in regards to who is all the more meriting, she has substantiated herself and she is meriting, its PRIYA, too bad Rishab, imam praise Priya, Bigg supervisor says Priya is picked as first finalist so now if Priya is not disposed of this weekend then PRIYA WILL BE FIRST FINALIST of this season.

Bigg manager offers assignment to prisoners, errand name is "energy rebond". There is one auto stopped in patio nursery. There will be two groups in assignment.

Group A-Rishab, Priya, Mandana

Group B-Keith, Rochelle and Prince

one colleague will be blindfolded and need to cross hindrances then second colleague will do it then third colleague will go in pool subsequent to taking off mike and offer key to Imam then go in auto and play horn, the group which will do it quick will get to be victor.

errand begins, Mandana guides Rishab who is blindfolded, he passes obstructions then she manages Priya then she goes in pool and brings out key, she offers it to imam and goes in auto, she plays horn, assignment closes for group A. Group B begins assignment, Prince is blindfolded, Keith guides him through snags then he directs Rochelle then goes in pool to get key , Priya says he has removed his mike, this is against guidelines, Keith doesnt tune in, offers key to Imam and plays horn of auto, Imam says to Keith that you broke the standard so your group is excluded, Priya asked you as well, Keith says sorry, Prince says ask Bigg manager, Imam says i am director, Rochelle says we finished errand before them, Imam says i dont realize that, you broke tenet. Rishab, Priya and Mandana are champ of errand. he offers trophy to them, they hoot and sit in auto, Prince jokes that Bigg manager open house entryway, they wanna go out, Rishab requests that other group come and sit in auto as well.

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Watch Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode-97 Day 16th January 2016 Online Video Download


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