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The worst breakfasts you could be eating


For a long time it was thought that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it can cause various health problems like weight gain and diabetes. However, investigations show that a lot of people seem to do better without eating breakfast. It does not imply to everyone, but overall studies showed that a lot of people were more active and fit without breakfast. Also, it is better to skip breakfast entirely than eating something unhealthy. Your breakfast should include fiber, protein, and healthy fats.
Here are some of the worst breakfasts you could be eating:

1. Breakfast cereals:

Many people eat breakfast cereals in the morning thinking they are very healthy and nutritious. It is probably many breakfast cereals claim to be whole grain cereal or have vitamin A and iron in them. Which is not very true. The cereals are highly processed food items with only little whole grains in them. Some of them do not even have whole grains it them instead have refined grains with a lot of Sugar. The nutrients that are added to the cereal are artificially added by the process of fortification which has no benefits for the health. A research showed that children who consumed fortified foods got sick as often as the children who didn’t eat fortified food. The sugar in cereals is a lot higher then you can imagine, it is usually labelled 2nd or on the 3rd number on the ingredient list, the higher the ingredient on the list, the more in quantity it is in there. A 2011 report prepared by The Envoirmental working group investigated very popular 11 breakfast cereals and found that one cup of breakfast cereals contained more sugar than 3 chocolate chip cookies do. Even the healthy cereals like granola bars that have oats in them are loaded with sugar.

2. Pan cakes and wooffles:

Pan cakes and wooffles are often the weekend breakfast choices. Both of them are same with similar ingredients just the shape is different between the 2. The pancakes and wooffles contain flour, sugar, milk and eggs. They have little more protein than other breakfast choices, but still are not healthy. White flour or wheat flour is highly refined and is thought to be a cause of type 2 diabetes by causing insulin resistance and obesity. It also contains sugar inside and topped with pancake syrup or maple syrup, which adds additional sugar to it. The American Heart association reports that most of the people consume 2 to 3 times more sugar than the daily recommended value, which can cause obesity, type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes.

3. Toast and margarine:

Many people eat toast topped with margarine thinking that it is a healthy breakfast option as it is free of saturated fats and sugar, but it is not a good idea. Toast usually is prepared from refined flour with little fiber and almost no nutrients. It is high carbohydrates and so elevates blood sugar levels. The raised blood sugar level cause rebound hunger in the next meal making you eat more and increasing your chance of overeating and gaining weight. Margarine, is also very bad for health. It has trans fats in it, one of the worst kind of fat you could eat. Studies have shown no bad affects of saturated fat on heart health, but have proven trans fats to be the actual culprit. Now it was not that healthy of a breakfast, was it?

4.  Muffins:

Muffins are enjoyed as breakfast in many areas of America. Despite having a reputation of healthy, it has some very serious ingredients inside it to consider. It contains refined flour, eggs, sugar and vegetable oil. With only eggs being the healthy ingredient in there.
The portion size of muffin is about 333% larger than the recommended USDA portion standard. The dramatic increase in portion size over the last 3 decades has played a large role in obesity. Sometimes muffins are topped with additional sugar, chocolate chip cookies and nuts adding more empty calories and carbs to it.

5. Fruit juice:

Many of us like to enjoy our breakfast with fruit juice. The more natural it is better for health it would be, right? Actually, no!
Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Most fruit juices have only a little juice in them and are loaded with additional sugar. Nursing yourself with juice only causes a sudden blood sugar spike, which in turn produces more insulin making you weak, shaking and less active. Even the 100% natural fruit juice is full of sugar, it too causes a sudden blood sugar rise as there is no fat or fiber to slow down the absorption of sugar in there. It can lead to different chronic ailments over the course of time.

Overall, the more natural breakfast you eat, the better. You can drink a glass of milk, egg, greek yogurt, any fruit or nuts etc.

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The worst breakfasts you could be eating


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