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Maximum Ridesharing Profits: A Comprehensive Review

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of Harry Campbell, and if you haven’t yet, you will. Harry has established himself as the go-to source in the rideshare industry, and runs a blog called, ironically enough, The Rideshare Guy. Over the past few years, he’s built his blog from a simple WordPress installation into a comprehensive, powerful resource for rideshare drivers and riders alike.

After creating a multitude of posts about every aspect of ridesharing, he also created a comprehensive driver training course called Maximum Ridesharing Profits. Maximum Ridesharing Profits is billed by Harry as “the online video course I created to give you the advanced tactics and techniques that will help you take your ridesharing business to the next level.”

Street Cred

HarryHarry Campell is the creator of the course, and applies everything he knows from driving and researching the rideshare industry into the course. Since he founded, arguably, the largest rideshare blog on the internet, this guy is seriously bringing the heat. He’s no joke, and you’ll see that throughout the entire course. Blogs like Wired, CNET, Business Insider, Forbes, and NPR rely on Harry for rideshare information, and you can too. Harry is a great guy, and we’ve the privilege to work with him on not only this review, but a few other projects, including our Uber Fare Estimator.


BrianBrian Cole is the Co-Instructor throughout the course, and is another key player in the rideshare industry. His tips are backed by experience of giving over 2,000 rides in just 6 months of driving. He’s passionate about what he does, and relates very well to new and existing drivers. This passion is also displayed on his massively-popular YouTube channel.


Course Layout

The course layout is cool in the fact that there are two different sections of Maximum Ridesharing Profits available to drivers. First, there is the “Standard Edition”, which includes a lot of rideshare basics and equips drivers with the knowledge to get on the road, quickly. Then there’s the “Gold Edition” which dives into more advanced topics such as maximizing income and more detail-oriented topics.

1. Standard Course

This first course appears to be geared towards educating new drivers and getting them on the road. Drivers can expect to learn the basics of ridesharing and how it works. Each one of the videos in this section is incredibly comprehensive, and very in-depth. Almost every video here is between 15 to 30 minutes, so you can expect to walk away knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you get behind the wheel.

View Modules

Module 1 – Introduction to Ridesharing

Module 2 – Ridesharing Basics

Module 3 – Which Ridesharing Service Should You Drive For?

Module 4 – Providing the 5 Star Experience

Module 5 – Beginner Strategies To Make Money With Ridesharing

Module 6 – Bonus: Tools For Rideshare Drivers


2. Gold Course

After going through the entire Standard Edition course and getting a firm understanding of the industry and how driving works, drivers can then expect to dive into pretty advanced strategies. Form what I’ve heard from other drivers, this is where things get really fun, and this information is a must for any existing drivers. You’re out on the road to make money, so it makes sense to maximize your efforts and income. This course gives you those tools and knowledge, and you’ll definitely have a leg up on the competition.

View Modules

Module 1 – Where to Find More Pickups

Module 2 – Surge Pricing Strategies

Module 3 – Advanced Strategies

Module 4 – Answering the Tough Questions

Module 5 – Tax Advice to Maximize Profits

Module 6 – Course Update: More Bonus Content

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Review

Now that we’ve told you a little bit about what to expect from the course, let’s dive a little deeper into our review of our experience with the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course. We poked around quite a bit, and found a lot of good, and a few things that could be improved.

  • Incredibly comprehensive
  • Easy to understand and apply
  • Simple layout and design
  • Helpful support and responsive contact
  • Great updates and bonus content
  • 14 day money-back guarantee
  • Affiliate program
  • A tad bit expensive
  • Limited amounts of videos
  • First course doesn’t apply to everyone
  • Would be nice to have some notes and transcriptions
  • Not attached to TheRideShareGuy blog


In my personal opinion, the price of the course is incredibly fair. For only $97, you get access to all the content in both courses, which is a great value. Harry and Brian could have very well sold the two courses separately, but instead offer access to anybody who purchases the course. Many of the things you will learn will help you increase earnings, which will easily cover the cost of the course.

Without giving too much away, I watched the video on tax strategies and saved a ton of money on taxes alone. There’s a lot of mistakes that you are probably making without realizing, and that alone is worth the $97.

But the $97 not only gives you access to the course, but also allows you to make money with the course. Harry and Brian are now paying course members to promote the course, and pay out $30 for each successful conversion. $30 per signup is a pretty good deal for the referring member, but also helps create buzz around the course and spread the word.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Affiliate Program

When you promote the course, you’ll notice Harry has done an excellent job of tracking clicks and conversions. There’s a really simple and easy to use dashboard, on which you will find payout details and tons of analytics-related stuff, including referral dates, links, pdocuts, time, destinations, and more. This is a legit referral program backed by serious stats.

In my opinion, the affiliate program unlocks yet another way for drivers to make money. If you’ve already claimed your Lyft driver promotion or Uber sign-up bonus, look into spreading the word about the course. Who couldn’t use some extra money? After all, the course practically sells itself!


When I logged into the course for the first time, I’ll admit, I was taken aback that there didn’t really seem to be much there. I thought, “This is it?” And you might too at first, but then likely you’ll notice how long each video is. These aren’t two or three minute videos, they are complete and comprehensive videos that go into insane detail about each topic listed. These two guys know their stuff, and do a great job of diving head first into each topic, covering every single thing you could possibly think of.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Review Screenshot
The content screen you see when logging into Maximum Ridesharing Profits


Overall, this course is laid out very well and in a way that is very easy to understand. Everything is dead-simple, and incredibly straighforward. There’s really not a whole lot to the course itself in terms of design and notes, but there really doesn’t need to be. As for everything else, what you see is what you get, which helps users focus on the content and learn.

There’s not really much else to say here, except it’s easy to use and understand. While they could have put a little more into the design, there’s really no immediate need other than sprucing the course up so it is a bit more aesthetically pleasing.


Within the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course, you’ll notice not just videos, but also a blog, about us, Course Library, bonuses, support, and affiliate program pages. There’s quite a bit here in addition to information, and I would assume this is only going to grow as time goes on.

My favorite section, besides the content of course, is the Support page that Harry offers. In addition to the comments section below every video, he also has a contact form that allows you to reach out to a member of his team if you have a question on, well, anything really. He’s also incredibly responsive in the comments, which is a breath of fresh air, allowing you to get all your questions answered if you need help.

Real-World Application

After going through each module one by one, I noticed how much information was actually there. Not only that, but the information actually applies to all drivers, no matter what their level of experience is. While the Standard Edition course is more geared for beginners, it can serve as a great refresher course for even experienced drivers. Alas, the Gold Edition course is suited well for both novices and experts alike, and everyone will walk away with more knowledge than they had before.

And the best thing about all this content is that it actually applies to rideshare drivers directly. Almost everything that Harry and Brian talk about is curated from their own real-world experiences, so it’s not like you are reading a textbook about what you should do. No, these are tried and tested methods taken straight from the front lines, ensuring  you can apply them directly to your driving.

My Two Cents

Being a driver myself, I personally love the course. I learned a lot after watching the videos, and have rethought many of my earnings strategies (especially when it comes to taxes). I think this is a great resource for new and existing drivers alike, and will help the rideshare community as a while become better and more efficient.

Purchase The Course!


Hopefully I’ve done a great job outlining everything in this Maximum Ridesharing Profits review. If you have any questions about the course, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Last update: 17th February, 2016

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Maximum Ridesharing Profits: A Comprehensive Review


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