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Dental Care – How You Can Save A Cool Packet

Dental Care – How You Can Save A Cool Packet FoodSniffr For Healthy Eating & LivingFoodSniffr For Healthy Eating & Living -

Dental Care Can Cost $$$, Here’s How You Can Get Good Teeth Without The Huge Expense

Dental care costs can easily pile up, do you know how much you will be spending this year? Tooth and mouth problems like wisdom teeth, rotten or chipped teeth or aesthetic dentistry can not only be agonizing but can also prove quite expensive to treat by a dentist. According to a 2014 report from the ADA, the average American dental patient spends over $650 per year, out of pocket, on dental care. That number is significantly higher for adults 65 and older – closer to $800 per year. Nationally, it all adds up to over $111 billion per year. Our annual dental spending is bigger than the GDP of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador.

The same ADA report notes that there has been a significant slow down in dental spending in recent years, and that the industry has still not rebounded from the “Great Recession” in 2008. It seems that when middle class Americans tighten their belts for tough times, the dentist is one of the first expenses to get axed from our budgets. We get creative about saving money on many fronts. We check our tire gauges and change our oil filters to maximize fuel efficiency in our cars. We turn the air conditioning off and open our windows at night to save on electricity in our homes. And some of us just stop going to the dentist altogether.

Alternative Medicine & Preventive Dentistry

When it comes to healthcare and dental care, many of us have started researching home remedies and alternative medicine. For a mild case of acid reflux, we spend $4 on ginger root tea rather than spending $30 on a little bottle of purple pills. For sore throats, there’s $4 licorice root. For muscle aches, $5 arnica.

Dental Cleaning & Rotten Teeth

But what do we do about our teeth during lean times? Carious teeth, ugly teeth, and dental cleaning do not recognize a downturn. But there’s great news for you. Few people know that there are simple and cost effective herbal remedies that can be used to treat even serious dental issues at home using plants that are widely available. So, let me introduce you to Doug Simons. Doug is an herbalist and healer who has spent most of the last 30 years living off the land very primitively in the Gila Wilderness.

Simple, Natural Remedies For Rotten Teeth, Caries & More

Doug has spent plenty of time learning about traditional medicine from native and primitive people, like the Tarahumara people of northwestern Mexico. He has learned quite a bit about herbal tooth care, and he shares several simple, natural, and highly effective techniques in his video Alternatives to Dentists. This video covers a lot of useful tricks, including:

  • Dental hygiene without brushes, paste, or floss
  • Healing cavities with herbs
  • Treating abscesses with herbs and poultices
  • Treating cracked and chipped teeth
  • Reversing receding gums and gum disease

Affordable Dental Care At Home

Through these tools, you will be empowered to tackle the following most common tooth care problems; after all good teeth should not cost us a fortune.

Taking care of your teeth

• The natural system of self-care and how to enhance it
• How to maintain high quality teeth and correct low quality teeth
• How to repair: cavities, cracks, and breaks

Additional information

• Wisdom teeth
• Gum health
• Root canals
• Understanding modern dentistry

Be warned, Doug is a different sort of guy. He has been out in the woods a long time, bless him. While he is sort of a “tree hugger,” he is also a wealth of valuable information about traditional healing techniques, and I don’t think anyone can fault him for learning and preserving these priceless skills.

Alternatives to Dentists is available as either a physical DVD that is delivered by mail, or a digital video, or both. The physical DVD includes both the video and a short companion booklet. The price is $27, plus shipping.

I think it goes without saying that these herbal tooth care tactics will work best as part of a holistic strategy, including a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet and a healthy, active lifestyle. These are the fundamental values that we preach every day, and that we try to spread across the internet for the benefit of anyone who is interested to learn. Marjory worked personally with Doug to produce this video, traveling to meet him on his home turf and recording his knowledge about traditional tooth care. A portion of any sales made through this promotion will go to support The [Grow] Network.

Click here to discover these all-but-forgotten low-cost dental and tooth care methods:

PS – I hope you’ll take advantage of this great offer, and learn all about these affordable methods for natural tooth care.

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Dental Care – How You Can Save A Cool Packet


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