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How to Become An HR Generalist

HR Generalist

HR Generalist

One of the most important designations amongst the HR profiles is the designation of an HR Generalist. The function of this designation is managing the day to day activities of the HR operations. You can also say that they manage the PnP (Policies and procedures) and also the programs of the organization. Well if you enjoy the planning and the developing the system this is just the right job for you, or else you will really not be interest

ed in working as an HR generalist. Besides even after not knowing the details of the employees you should be interested in the personal development of the employees of the organization.

People employed under this designation are very highly valued and do keep receiving various career opportunities to move upwards within the HR functions as an HR generalist is performing a very skilled and a very useful job on  a daily basis. The HR generalists are being asked to also resume strategic responsibility along with being accountable for improving the performance of the organization. It is said that the HR generalist role is determined as something that matches ones interest and skills for people how move into a generalist role to offers suggestion and improve the effectiveness of an employ’s role.

Being the 1st point in contact for all the employees issues be it any department the supply chain, the servers, the marketing or the production an HR generalist is responsible in safe guarding and streamlining all human capital to help business departments attain or accomplish their premeditated and operational objectives. They have various responsibilities to manage right from designing organizational strategies such as modifying or restructuring organizational structure and designing processes of business and different business departments, to day to day administrative tasks such as reverting to queries raised by the employees of any regards or collecting data to correct payroll errors.

Besides reporting to just a senior HR manager an HR generalist also reports to the heads of all business departments or business units. An HR generalist is supposed to handle almost all queries assigned to them however in case complicated technical queries that they are unable to solve they do take help or hand the query across to the HR specialist such as staffing, organizational effectiveness or compensations.

Required skills and qualification of an HR generalist

To become anything in life you need to have basic human skills as your speciality that you can sharpen or shape with the help of certain qualifications. Lets fist get know if you have the required skills of an HR generalist:

  1. Firstly you need to have a bachelor’s degree or you might also require holding qualifications related to an HR course. A degree and that to specializing in and as an HR is a good start to go with.
  2. To demonstrate or display your skills better you need to have previous experience as an HR generalist or you should have an experience similar to the required designation in order to understand and fit into the role.
  3. The HR generalist needs to have the ability of understanding and analyzing the situation and the information available in such as way that it is understood by the chairman to the cleaning authority of the office or the organization.
  4. You need to be extremely well organized in your daily activities as you will have a lot of filling and management of database to be done daily.
  5. Methodical in your approach is very important as it will approach and solve problem effectively.
  6. Amazing and excellent communication skills are required both spoken as well as written as you will be communicating with employees on different levels.
  7. You need to be good at business laws and understanding legislation of business pertaining to the employees and their employment right and their applications in the employee’s daily activities along with the company’s policies and staff welfare.
  8. Software knowledge such as Microsoft office especially Microsoft excel and other software skills pertaining to the industry are extremely important.

Job Description of an HR generalist

  1. The first and the most important job of an HR generalist is checking the logistics of staffing and also recruiting employees for the organization.
  2. If you recruit new employees you have to make sure you have enough space to accommodate your staff effectively. So space planning is also a job role of the HR generalist.
  3. Planning employee orientation, development and training of employees in order to develop their professional and personal skills is one also one of the most important responsibilities of this job role.
  4. Some important areas of job for an HR generalist are counseling of employees, their wellness and safety, and of course employee welfare.
  5. They have to be involved in the enlargement and implementing of policy documents and create hand books that are used for employee reference.
  6. They need to alien, develop and document the HR policies and procedures inline with the corporate vision of the company.
  7. Employee performance management needs to be worked on very closely with the top managers of every department of the organization.
  8. Compensations and benefits need to be developed for the employees based on the company’s regulations and the HR responsibilities.
  9. Generation of company communications needs to be done by the HR department and mostly the HR generalist.
  10. The HR generalist is the key member of any decision making process of the company, employee communicators and they are also the originators of any writing communications sent out to the employees.

Now that you have a gist about the HR generalist and now that you know what skills you require performing the job of the designated profile you now need to know how to become one. Some notes given below can guide you to your destination in becoming an HR Generalist.

To handle a huge range of the most important resource of any organization you need to have the understanding of your job role and the skill of efficiently meeting up to your job role.

Choose the Right Qualifications

Usually qualification of the HR generalist job role differs from company to company. Some companies need a masters Degree where as some are ok with a bachelors one. However the point is if you want to do something you need to be simply perfect at it. So let’s start from your high school studies.

General education

To become a HR generalist it is extremely perfect if you have a humanity based education, if the training is available in your high school or if your high school offers you a specialization subject nothing like it. Focus on subjects like psychology as you need to understand human psychology in order to recruit and manage human resource efficiently. You need to have good command over your language that is English, make sure your written and spoken English is good since the very beginning. Good command over your language will help you coordinate with every level of employee in the organization. Taking up business as one of your specialization subject will give you a good and a better understanding of the internal functions and work culture of a company or an organization.

Degree and masters

The Bachelors degree is a mandate for becoming an HR and yes most employers prefer the master’s degree. However your bachelor’s degree needs to be a complete 4 year course with a specialization in human resources management, human resource management and in other related fields of business. An HR generalist needs to be multi talented and needs to know or have knowledge of all the fields such as principals of accounting, laws of employment, micro and macro economics HR management and also organizational behavior, business ethics, employee training’s interpersonal communications, compensations and benefits. And an HR degree or a degree with an HR specialization includes all the required subjects and qualifications. Hence a degree or a master’s degree with the HR specialization is required and looked for in candidates. So now remember a four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with related subjects is what you need

Your next step will be as you complete your master’s degree and during your masters degree you will come across an internship program where you will be given an opportunity of working with an organization and earning a sty pinned. Here you have an opportunity of knowing the working of an organization along with dealing with the employees of an organization. A very good opportunity that needs to be cashed and maximized because this is where you get a gist of the job role you will be performing.

Tips to become an HR Generalist

Some tips as you finish your HR degree now you must take up a job in professional human resource organization. This move will give you strengthen your networks and also give you opportunities in developing your career. Well this might be one of your students chapters in your college campus or you can also arrange for an individual membership for yourself. If you join a membership you can also enquire for special students rate for yourself. Secondly you can take a software training on human resources information systems or HIRS like the other fields even HR is becoming extremely technical. When you apply for a particular HR designation these tips can help you stand out in the lot of candidates.

Get your work experience

When you enter as a fresher or an intern in a company you need to have the willingness and the ability of accepting all the knowledge. Willingness is very important because as a fresher you can learn a lot for you have a lot in your plate to learn. To start with you need to understand how an organization functions. You also need to understand that HR of an organization is extremely versatile as each individual is different from the other. You will learn how to handle the most sensitive and the most important resource of an organization. You also need to know the day to day activities of an HR generalist starting from payroll and benefits right up to hiring an overseas employee and also training him. Make the most of your learning phase.

Complete your certifications

Some extremely prospective employers need HR certifications in order to recruit an HR manager or and HR executive. Your certification can prove to these employers that you have achieved a particular level of expertise and experience in human resource principals. You can check with the Society for Human Resource Management as they do offer 3 types of certifications these certifications are

1. Professionals in Human Resources or PHR

2. Senior Professionals in Human Resources or SPHR

3. Global Professionals in Human Resources

To attain and register for this certification you need to have a minimum amount of professional HR experience it also varies with the type of certification you have registered for along with the level of education pursued. These certifications add value to your profession and keeps you updated and inline with the latest laws, regulations and studies of HR.

Advance your career opportunity

After you are done with getting yourself through a good company, you defiantly would not want to stick around with the HR generalist designation, you want to grow in order to grow and grab the knocking opportunities you need to do something extra, something more to grow. Advance your career with a master’s degree in HR management. This degree focuses on a complete course of leadership and ethics of an organization along with industrial relations, managerial communications and most importantly organizational behaviors. Institutions also offer advanced instructions in financial management along with accounting practices.  Completing your masters in Business Administration or an MBA with a HR specialization offers you something close to the above course structure along with allocations of company or organizational finances and structure of a company. Before you complete your masters you will have to submit a relevant project.

This career has immense growth and attain this growth you must have relevant knowledge and life becomes easier and successful here.

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How to Become An HR Generalist


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