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10 People Management Tips for All Managers

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people management

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The dream of a great job with a great salary is the ideal for a youngster. After all great salary brings in the perks of a great life. But isn’t the great salary a hindrance to your dreams? The great perks limiting your so called luxurious life. If you think I am churning out crap in the introduction, I believe you just don’t have the guts to earn in millions and become a millionaire. Did that get your ears up?

Well why do you want to slog in a nine to five job under the nose of a somebody, when you can work at your will and be your own boss. Don’t mistake this article for an easy route to success through gambling or illegal activity. I am talking about a great start-up opportunity that is looming the current economic scenario.

Youngsters are innovating, thriving in the internet boom age. There is opportunity for all to make it big and with India desiring young entrepreneurs to lead the way, let nothing shy you away from taking this responsibility, at least not the idea of becoming a leader or a boss.

Business is definitely a risk taking opportunity and the rate of failure for entrepreneurs are immense. However, that should not stop you from becoming one because the rate of failures for businesses with great concepts are few than failures that are caused by the lack of people management.

People management

Sounds scary and nerve wracking but managing a few employees under you is not a big deal.  It’s not even a cup of tea considering the diverse personalities, experience, work ethics, ambitions, responsibilities and personal problems that each of them bring along. And tying them together and walking along to win the cat race is a complete difficult task at hand.

However, we will make your difficult task at hand extremely easy to breathe. Learn people management while being the boss with these easy guidelines and enjoy a smooth transition from an employee to an employer.

  1. Team Work


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No battle has been won alone and no success achieved is a single man’s handiwork. At the end of the day even a man has to share the credit of his success with the woman who has been a driving force in his life. Thus team work is extremely important, for you cannot have individual aloof islands working to earn their livelihood.

You need to know your team as a whole as well as individuals. You need to be aware of each and everyone’s capabilities and talent in order to balance the productivity of your team. Putting the jigsaw puzzle right always looks pretty, so consider each member of your team as a part of the whole and that would lead to better output results and loyalty from your employees. People with complimentary set skills need to be teamed together to ensure faster output and coherence.

An important binding factor for any team is their working together to achieve a set goal. Thus as a leader and a visionary you should be able to convince them towards leaving their petty mindedness and selfish interest in the pursuit of your passion and dream that is beneficial not only for you but for all. It is very easy to proclaim fairness, salary hike and passion for your pet dream but in reality the Staff expects much more than what you say and thus you must be ready to listen and co-operate. Remember the golden rule, you may be the leader of the team but you are still a part of it so mete out the same fairness to yourself that you offer to your employees.

  1. Fights, Ego Clashes and Politics

Managing a staff is a tough job and fretting about it or avoiding these problems wouldn’t help. Leadership is a great responsibility and you are accountable for your staff’s behavior so learn to solve these problems intricately and apolitically to ensure a peaceful workplace. Set limits and chalk out clear areas of behavioral indecency to make sure things remain within a tolerable level. Do not try to evade problems by sitting on it, put your step forward and take a stand to get a peaceful resolution among your co-workers. It is better to bring forth a constructive idea to solve an issue, keeping all the persons involved happy as you will have to work with them in the future, so ensure they hold no grudges against you for taking a managerial decision.

Take a legitimate strong stand on policies of cheating, fraud, sexual harassment, bullying, misappropriation of funds and discrimination. Termination of someone’s job is a big decision but you should not hesitate to go for it in case of a breach of line in your zero-tolerance policy.

  1. Rewards and Punishments

Money matters and who doesn’t want extra gifts and bonus for the hard work they put in. However, reward can also be a due form of recognition among the peers and the seniors and appreciation of work from people around. Often rewards when awarded publicly boost the confidence and enhance the motivation in the employee. Rewards need not only be for the good work or achievement of targets. People can be applauded even for the ideas that they contribute to the business. Participation should also be appreciated as it creates a culture of moving forward and being proactive. Give your employees the opportunity to chase rewards as it will promote a spirit of enthusiasm and zeal to work harder.

Being lenient never helps and not the least when you are trying to gain a foothold in the industry, so if you are showering rewards, make your employees even ready for occasional chastisement if they fail to finish their commitments. You have to be a prude but the chastisement needs to be a private affair.

  1. Set an Example Yourself

Everyone loves to talk and bitch about their boss as soon as he turns his back; after all bosses do what they do not preach. Thus be sensitive in what you do and speak because all eyes are following you. Your attitude and discipline in your workplace will determine the behavior and work pattern for the rest of the staff in the organization. For what happens at the top of the organization permeates to the bottom. Your values and ideas may not strike a chord immediately however it is always seen in an organization that people evolve as they grow together and so your staff will ultimately imbibe the values and your passion towards the pet project.  Thus experience will make them grow and real values come from practice.

You need to keep your ego at bay and always be open to solutions from others. You may not know everything and there is no shame in learning as individuals grow with meaningful conversations and contribution from others.

  1. Keep the Professional and Personal Separate

The most common pitfall of an entrepreneur is his failure to establish a distinction between the personal and the professional. This is in regards to not only his life but also of his employees. It is commonly seen that the open communication system in an organization leads to a scene where everyone pours their heart’s agony out without any shame. The bare it all out technique and knowing your staff is good however getting involved in personal issues leads to a conflict of sorts when it comes to work commitments being not met and taking a harsh step despite being aware of the personal trauma of the employee. Thus it is better to establish the relation between the personal and the professional from the beginning and clearly spelling out the line of demarcation when it comes to meeting project deadlines.

You should not be so involved professionally that you do not find some quality time to spend with your family. After all you do not want to strain your relationships at the cost of your career. Take care of your health as it is important for you to stay fit to keep your business fit and profit making in the long run.

  1. Don’t have a Hangover

Every organization has that perfect employee who is the right hand man and a life saver in every situation. They are rare and therefore more valuable. However, good things do not last for long and an individual will always want to strive for a better opportunity, thus don’t make that perfect employee an indispensable commodity for your organization. He might have been an asset for the company but he can leave you to spread wings. So accept this and don’t be bogged down by a hangover of him. People leaving you for greener pastures is as much a reality as is the idea that you will have to fire one for his incompetence and tardy work. So be open about both and learn to cope with things alone without a hangover of a favorite or a bad employee.

  1. Let Independence, Freedom, Creativity Thrive

There is no right or winning strategy for people management. Strategies are built over the years with experience and practice. Situations come and go, you have to test yourself against them and come out with the right strategy to deal with your people. That does not mean that decision making power is concentrated only till you. Allow freedom and independence to your staff to make decisions, considering their experience, intuition and stability in your organization, as fresh decision making power can take away the predictability out of the business. This is possible when your employees share your values and understand the business principles and agree on the widely implemented policies of the organization.

  1. Make Your Staff Responsible

It is so easy to pin down blame on one person for the failure of an idea or a project. You will not find employees who will own up to their mistake and take the onus of bearing the consequences of their decision on the business. The distinguishing factor between entrepreneurs and you will be the ability to imbibe responsibility in your staff towards the work they do and not being afraid of committing a mistake.  And this will begin with you, so learn to accept your mistakes and overcome them in the future.

An office runs smoothly when everyone present is aware of their duties and the responsibilities assigned to them. You should make your staff accountable for the responsibilities that they have to carry out and make them accountable for any decision that they make for the progress and benefit of the company. They should be able to reason out the decision that they make and be able to defend themselves if the situation so arise.

  1. Trust your Employees

If you cannot trust the people you have hired to get your job done, your business is bound to be doomed. Lack of trust in the staff leads to constant vigilance and micromanaging which ultimately results in people being irked by the boss’ behavior.  Loss of trust can result in misrepresentation of facts and bad communication woes. It is important that at the end of the day you sit together and listen patiently, and win the trust of your employees by sharing information that you possess and being available to help them whenever in need. This enhances a mutual understanding, and builds people’s trust in you as their leader.

  1. Change is the Epitome of Achieving Great Heights

Everyone wants to hire the best talent available and hold them onto for as long as possible. However, the golden mantra is to hire a good staff and let them go. As you desire to attain new goals so do your employees, thus support them in leaving and job hunting. Don’t hesitate the change whether it is in the form of employees, ideas, rules or anything else as your attempt to greatness starts with your ability to accept change.

People Management is now super easy and you need not rote these tips, because you need to fail, learn, practice to achieve a perfect strategy to manage people.

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10 People Management Tips for All Managers


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