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What's T? Well, transgender when referencing the acronym LGBTQ, but the real tea is folks are questioning if the T is inclusive to the group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and queers. Read more to find out why law makers and queer people alike believe it may be time to let the T go.
"With marriage equality a reality and gay folks enjoying increased rights, social progressives are looking for the next cause du jour," openly gay lawyer and author Joseph R. Murray II writes in an op-ed piece for USAToday.

Murray's opinion comes from a proposed bill in South Dakota that bans trans students from using any school bathrooms and locker rooms that don't correspond with their "chromosomes and anatomy as identified at birth."

The bill has passed and is currently sitting on Gov. Dennis Daugaard's desk.

"Trans activist are trying to rally the LGBT community and hinting at federal lawsuits if Daugaard signs the South Dakota bill," Murray writes, "The aim is to build on the major victories gays and lesbians won last year with the Supreme Court."

Murray is not here for the trans folk.
"Is the plight of the trans person the same as the gay or lesbian person? Are gay and transgender folks one and the same, or is there a good cause to argue that the 'L' & 'G' should drip the 'T' from their movement?"

"Make no mistake," he continues, "the gay community needs to file divorce with the trans community They are no longer working toward the same goals and South Dakota is Exhibit A. The issues facing the transgender community today are wholly different and separate from those facing the gay community." Murray continues, "Gay people are not seeking surgery or hormone treatments. They love the same gender; they don't want to be a different gender."

And then there are Trans celebrities, who Murray suggests are doing no favors for the gay community.
“Can it be said that the drama surrounding Chaz Bono and Caitlyn Jenner will help sustain gay equality?” he asks. “Or would they embolden opponents of gay rights and undercut our progress?”
“It is one thing to seek acceptance of two men saying ‘I do,’” Murray concludes. “It is another to ask Americans to accept boys sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with their daughters at school.”

“Trans Folks should no longer be grouped with the larger cause of gay rights … If the gay community allows the Trans Community to co-opt its success and redefine the movement as one seeking to upend the human experience, it does so at its own peril.”

Lastly, Murray pointed out that the he is not saying the trans community is wrong or misguided; he just feels the trans and the gays should not be grouped with the larger cause of gay rights. 

Murray is messy as hell isn't he?

I've discussed trans women in media with a voice (i.e. Ms. Cox) not giving two shits about cis and lesbian women issues, so I get why Messy Murray is throwing all kinds of dust at the trans community (we won't factor in that he is a white gay male sashaying all over Earth with plenty of white privilege and shading the hell out of a disenfranchised group, for what reason other than entitlement we can presume).

Not to single out celebs but I know plenty of self absorbed trans folks who are not interested in LGB issues whatsoever. A fresh recollection in my mind is FTM transgender person I know from elementary school who is the most repulsive misogynist man I've ever met.
Of course, not all trans men and women exhibit these qualities but unfortunately those have been my encounters.

Sound off folks. Is it time to drop the T?

Source: LGBTQNation

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