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The Narratives About the Various Social Media Platforms Vs. My Experience

This is not so much about geek culture, as it is about what I have seen doing my Geekboyking thing on Social Media and how it doesn't line up with the narratives I read about the different social media platforms.  I post on four different social media platforms, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Google Plus.  Now according to the articles I keep reading, Facebook is the king of social media and the absolute best way to reach your audience.  Tumblr is supposed be up and coming, while Twitter is on the decline and Google Plus is a dead wasteland.  My personal experience in social media runs counter to the accepted knowledge of which platforms are better for reaching people.  I should say up front that as I do this for shits and giggles and not for profit, I don't spend money on ads to promote my pages on any platform.

I'll start with Facebook.  This is the platform I've been on the longest.  Of course all social media have the phenomenon of your followers fluctuating hourly, but on Facebook I am at just over 500 followers.  My posts get an average reach of 3, meaning I get about 15 views a day.  That seems extremely low considering over 500 people have bothered to like my page.  Over on Tumblr, which is my most recent social media foray, I have 31 followers.It's a little harder to track reach on Tumblr, but I put a Google Analytics code on my outward facing blog page.  It appears from the short time I have monitored that I get about 5 views a day.  That's a third of the views as Facebook with less than 10% of the followers.  On Twitter I am getting close to 600 followers, with a daily reach of over 200. I am reaching a lot more people there.  Then we come to Google Plus, which I have been on for about as long as Twitter.  I have over 900 followers there, and my daily reach is over a thousand.  I regularly reach more people on Google Plus than follow me.

How can this be?  I post the same content on all 4 platforms (I use a scheduler so I only have to post it once and goes out everywhere).  The same content that falls with a plunk on Facebook gets 20, 30, as high as 60 likes on Google Plus.  The results aren't quite as good on Twitter, but due to the nature of that platform content ages out much more quickly.  I will grant you that I don't get a great response on Tumblr, but I think that is due to the unique nature of the audience over there.  I spend very little (read none) time shipping Steve Rogers and Bucky or obsessing over Jason Todd (aka the worst Robin).  It's a different crowd over there is all I'm saying.

Anyway, the content goes over well on Google Plus and reaches a lot more people, which makes me wonder how it isn't a better platform for reaching an audience.  Sure, more people may use Facebook, but does that really matter if they are not seeing your posts anyway?  Wouldn't it be better to reach more of a smaller audience than less of a bigger one.  Also, at least from what I have seen, the people who see my posts on Google Plus are the ones most likely to appreciate it.  On Facebook I would sometimes get random comments from people saying things like "Why is this stupid comic book shit in my feed?"

I guess the reason that it bothers me that Google Plus is being pronounced dead is that it might discourage people from trying it.  Of course I would like to see more people using it,as that is where I've had the most success reaching people.  Anyway, this is more than I meant to say on the subject, sorry for getting off topic re: all things geek.  I just thought it was interesting, and can't help wondering if the "experts" are wrong or if what I am experiencing is an anomaly.  

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The Narratives About the Various Social Media Platforms Vs. My Experience


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