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TOP 10 Helpful Things That Cancer Expect In 2016


Nobody can tell the future but with the help of astrology we can get some tips and ideas on what we can expect for the coming year. If you are a Cancer-born and would like to know what you can expect in 2016, here are some major guidelines to go by.

Cancer, one of the 12 zodiac signs, tend to be loyal, home-loving and creative. Cancer-born are very caring and warm people. Ruling the skies between 22nd June and 22nd July (Wikipedia), people born under this sign are often moody and have complex personality. They take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family and are not fond of leaving their shell or once they do they can’t wait to retreat into it. To read more about Cancerian characteristics click here.

With the help of astrology we can predict things that Cancer can expect in 2016 and reveal future’s secrets. Let’s see what 2016 will bring to this star sign.

1. Time To Be More Extroverted

Cancers are not the typical social butterfly. They are happiest when they have a small, close group of friends or family and they often retreat to their shell. F0r 2016 the horoscope recommends Cancer-born to become more extroverted. This year you will find it much easier to establish close connections and  you will experience an opening up to new horizons. This change will have a positive effect on all your relationships, be it friends or love-life.

2. Busy Times Ahead

If you found 2015 hectic and busy, prepare yourself because 2016 will be even more turbulent. You will find yourself spending minimal time at home and constantly being on the move. It might mean that you will have a lot of work or all sorts of home-related and family-related obligations.

3. Pay Attention To Your Health

Exactly because of this busy period that is ahead of you, Cancerians should assume a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to your body and make sure to eat well. Yoga or other types of mind-body therapies would be a great idea for you. Also if you have been thinking about starting meditation, don’t hesitate longer. Just 15-30 minutes a day will do you wonders.

4. Focus on Your Spiritual Side

Cancers are sensitive to other people’s feelings besides their own emotions. They have a unique ability and high empathic skill that can be also turned more inwards. Your spiritual inclinations and great sensitivity will be heightened in 2016.

5. Focus on What You Want

Cancers are ruled by the Moon which is also the ruler of moods. Cancers are often complex, fragile and at times they don’t know what they really want. It will be an important year for Cancerians regarding love life. A good advise from the horoscope is to become aware of your real desires and needs in regard to your loved one! This way you can raise the quality of your relationship and decide if it is something that you truly desire.

6. Progress in Career

By using the experience gathered in the past years and by being honest with yourself whether you really like your job or not, you can make a great progress in your career this year. 2016 will be a great time to pay a lot of attention to career, status and position. Cancer-born can change, renew or reorganize their professional lives.


7. Go Within

A great way to get to know yourself more is to listen more inwards. Your true feelings will come through if you make a commitment to you as a person and an inner knowledge of what you want. This way Cancerians can improve the quality of their lives in the highest form.

8. Focus On Your Dreams

Cancers are strong-willed people with incredible perseverance and ability to stand up for what they believe in. Once they decide to fight for something you can be sure that they will go all the way. Feed your imagination and focus on your dreams. What is it that you really want? Travel, do something creative or study something new? Find out how to make them possible this year. Be who you are and play into your dreams.

9. New Intellectual Pursuits

According to the horoscope for 2016, Cancerians will be exposed to new intellectual or creative pursuits. They take great pleasure in expressing themselves creatively be it writing, poetry, painting or DIY for example handmade presents for their loved ones. This is the perfect time to express yourself, especially verbally or in writing.

10. Changes in Your Home Life

A home is essential to Cancers. This is where they retreat to after a hectic day, it keeps them grounded and makes them feel safe. They are bonded to it and usually they don’t like spending too much time away from it. Your horoscope shows some changes in your home life for 2016. It might be that you will have someone moving in or you will do some minor renovation, or could be an actual move as well. Either ways, this change will impact your home life for the better.

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TOP 10 Helpful Things That Cancer Expect In 2016


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