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How using Apple Cider Vinegar Help in Treating Dandruff

Dandruff is a very stubborn scalp condition. Many people yearn for a clean and soft scalp. They want to be able to choose a desirable hairstyle without having Dandruff messing it up. Unfortunately, dandruff makes caring for your head a very tedious and difficult job. You want to wash and comb your hair without worrying about hair breakage of dandruff dropping on your shoulders. Millions of people out here have tried numerous treatment methods with little effect. However, a new, powerful and sure way of treating dandruff is here in the name of Apple Cider Vinegar. There has never been a guaranteed natural way of dealing with dandruff than this. In this article, you will learn a few things on how using apple cider vinegar help in treating dandruff.


What is dandruff?

Dandruff is basically a scalp condition that leaves flaky yellow or white scales. The scales are basically dead scalp elements that shed due to a variety of reasons. The skin naturally sheds to reveal a softer and fresher look after a period of time. With dandruff formation, it becomes very undesirable to even look at In some people, this can be itchy and even form wounds due to frequent scratching. When you want to treat this condition, it is very important to understand what is causing it.

Treating dandruff depends on the cause

What do you think is making you have frequent dandruff formation? Well, this varies depending on the individual. First of all, individuals with dry skin generally tend to experience dandruff. That’s why it is advisable to oil your scalp well to avoid scalp drying. Individuals with other skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema tend to experience it more often than other people. When you dandruff is a result of hormonal changes in the body or illness, treating it will mean treating the disease. However, if not, then opting for perfect natural solution in apple cider vinegar will be important. You don’t want to cover your skin with chemicals that may do more harm than good. Perhaps you don’t want their smells either! That’s why this new apple cider vinegar treatment will work perfect for you.

The cause of severe dandruff

Trust me; you don’t want to ever experience the severe type of dandruff. Yeah, I mean the one that turns your sexy hair into an ash-field. With a severe condition a little shake of the hair drops grams and grams of scales on your shirt. Your partner will be scared if he/she sees you comb it at the sink! This type occurs courtesy of yeast-like fungus that is always on one’s scalp. This may more on your scalp than normal individuals leading to the excess dandruff formation. A little allergy, stress or hormonal change and this fungus will be triggered causing excess dandruff. This may be quite embarrassing to your friends if not handled fast and safely with natural product like apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar Help in Treating Dandruff-the-cause-of-severe-dandruff

How it treats dandruff; apple cider vinegar

Perhaps you already know some uses of this wonderful blend. It has been useful for centuries now to treat other medical condition and even in food preservation. However, it is only recent that people have tried it out on dandruff with incredible results. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory make it a perfect application to not only rid dandruff, but also other bacterial skin diseases. Simple referred to as ACV, many people have come to like its efficiency. You only need to apply for a few days and you will actually have incredible results. Regardless of the cause, ACV will work to get rid of bacteria faster than any other natural solution. To be more effective, you are strictly advised to opt for the undiluted version of ACV and keep off using non-organic products. Here are some proven ways to use apple cider vinegar for dandruff relief.

How to use ACV on mild dandruff

Mild dandruff is one that hasn’t developed much, but can still be noticed anytime you comb up your hair. There are a number of ways you can use apple cider vinegar on this. Here, you should rinse your scalp weekly to avoid development into severe levels. Simply take equal parts of ACV and cool water, massage gently on your scalp to help eliminate bacteria hiding in the oily skin. You can let rest for a few minutes before rinsing the solution off for better effect.

Moderate dandruff

Apple Cider Vinegar Help in Treating Dandruff-moderate-dandruff

If you have been experience dandruff a few time a week or even less, then there is a chance you are in this level. Most people who raise concerns have the dandruff in this stage. To perfectly treat it with apple cider vinegar, take one cup of ACV and apply daily with your shampoo. It is better to prevent than treat and this way you will be doing just that. Plus it helps clean your hair for glossy looks always.

Using Apple cider vinegar on severe dandruff

Well, you don’t ever wish to face this type of dandruff that why you are advised to prevent. Prevention can be done by staying healthy at all times and treating diseases urgently. But still, massaging the scalp with this strong anti-bacteria product will help slow down the symptoms. In this cases, apply it directly and gently onto the scalp to help treat that stubborn bacteria that flares up dandruff. A week or two of usage and the dandruff will have subsided to unbelievable levels. The good thing with ACV is that you can always use it with other natural remedies.

Key natural remedies that can work well with ACV

You can choose to use it alone or with other natural elements. There are lots of natural products that combine well to offer even better results. For instance, A few drops of tea tree oil mixed with ACV and massaged onto the scalp would work well to rid off scales. Furthermore, ACV can be used with honey for its soothing characteristics. However, when you use it with shampoo, ensure it is the natural one with no harsh effects. You will really appreciate its results within just a couple of days.

Finally, remember you don’t need ineffective non-organic dandruff solutions that always come with severe side effects when you have a perfect product in ACV. Apple cider vinegar has soothing and treatment features that will help eliminate dandruff within days. You can also use it with a wide range of natural remedies without the risk of harm. Simple ensure that you get the undiluted version, try it out and see how amazing your scalp will look within days.

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How using Apple Cider Vinegar Help in Treating Dandruff


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