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Breakup Day 2016 Messages For Whatsapp & Facebook

Breakup Day 2016 Messages, Saying, Thoughts, Quotes And Wishes With Images, Pictures For Whatsapp And Facebook: welcome friends here we have huge collection of Breakup Day 2016 Messages, wishes, saying, quotes and sms for Whatsapp and facebook. Relationships are very simple. There are only two things that can happen. You either get married or your breakup. Breakup are not easy to handle so we will going to help you by sharing and sending Breakup Day 2016 Messages, quotes, saying and wishes with pictures and images for Whatsapp and facebook. These messages will help you come out of this situation. Breakup Day 2016 Messages is one way to express your sadness.

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These are anti valentine’s week. Dumping someone is not easy but if you have a clear conscience, being honest and up front is better than pretending to be in love. Don’t feel guilty when your reasons are right. Finding it hard to end your relationship? These Breakup Day 2016 Messages, quotes with images will help your reflect on your feelings. Breakup is never easy and it is bound to hurt. But you can make heart break less painful by going about it in the right way. So friends hope you all are enjoying our post Breakup Day 2016 Messages  if really so please send and share our post to your ex lover on this anti valentine’s week.

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Breakup Day 2016 Messages, Quotes, Sms, Saying And Thoughts With Images And Pictures For Whatsapp And Facebook For Your Ex Lover:

 I Never Meant To Break Your Heart But You Never Bothered To Understand Mine. Goodbye.


 I Am Breaking Up With You… Maybe I’ll Regret This, Maybe I Won’t. But It Doesn’t Matter, Because I Know You Won’t.


As Painful As It Is, Tolerating Heartbreak Is Still Better Than Tolerating Your Lies. Goodbye.


You Insulted My Commitment With Betrayal And Marred My Love With Lies. You Were Indifferent To My Pleas And Apathetic To My Heart’s Cries. Since You Don’t Have A Spine, Let Me Say This To You – There Is No Way Out Now, Breaking Up Is All That Is Left To Do.


My Love May Be Unconditional But There Was An Unspoken Condition When I Gave You My Heart – It’s Yours Only As Long As You Love It. Goodbye.


Every Moment We Have Spent Together Will Be A Memory That I Will Hold Close To My Heart. But Now Is The Time To Move On And Make A New Start. We Are Breaking Up But I Don’t Regret Being Girlfriend And Boyfriend. We Have Always Understood Each Other And I Hope Our Friendship Never Ends.


Breaking Up With You Is Not My Choice But I Don’t Have Any Other Option – Just Like How Loving Me Was A Choice But You Did It As If You Had No Other Option.


Our Breakup Will Hurt Me As Much As It Hurts You, But It Is Something That We Must Do. Our Fights And Arguments Have Ripped Our Love To Shreds, There’s No Point In Trying To Revive Something That Is Already Dead.


I Never Imagined That The Guy Of My Dreams Would Give Me Nightmares Too. The Way You Have Changed, Is Why I Am Breaking Up With You.


Breaking Up With You Is The Only Thing In My Life That Sounds Terribly Wrong But Feels Soulfully Right. Goodbye.

I Never Asked For A Lot. All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Liked By You For Who I Was, And Not For Who You Wanted Me To Be.


The Problem With Our Relationship Was That You Were Busy Trying To Mould It According To The Whims And Fancies Of Everyone Around Us While I Was Busy Enjoying It For What It Was. Goodbye.


You Are Not Worth My Love If You Need Reasons To Find Me Worthy Of Yours. Goodbye.


Walking Away From Our Relationship Is Not Something I Wanted To Do. This Day Would Never Have Come If You Loved Me Like The Way I Have Always Loved You.


Our Breakup May Be Bitter But It Won’t Leave Lasting Scars. Our Relationship Has Been An Awesome Ride All Along. It Is Just Unfortunate That After Every Party, A Hangover Is Inevitable.


Relationships Are Like Awesome Road Trips. Sit Back And Enjoy The Beautiful Views Instead Of Complaining About The Bumps And The Potholes.


Expecting To Break Up Without Hurting Someone, Is Like Expecting Yourself To Fall In Love Without Liking Someone.


Sometimes, Justifying A Breakup Is As Impossible As Justifying Love.


This Day Wouldn’t Have Come, If You Had Stopped Finding Faults And Looked At My Strengths Instead. This Day Wouldn’t Have Come, If You Had Stopped Bickering About The Things I Hadn’t Done And Appreciated The Things I Did. This Day Wouldn’t Have Come, If You Had Stopped Listening To What Others Told You And Listened To What My Heart Had To Say.


Don’t Expect Me To Tell You Why I Am Breaking Up With You. Just Like How You Never Told Me Why You Never Got Around To Accepting Me For Who I Am. Goodbye


I Don’t Regret Asking You Out. The Only Thing That I Do Regret, Is Believing That You Would Like Me As Much As I Liked You.


I Always Thought That Our Relationship Was Immune To All The Storms Life Could Throw At Us. But I Didn’t Think About The Biggest One – YOU. Goodbye.


A Break Up Is Like A Broken Mirror. It Is Better To Leave It Broken Than Hurt Yourself To Fix It.


It’s Hard To Tell Your Mind To Stop Loving Someone When Your Heart Still Does.


Relationships Are Very Simple. There Are Only Two Things That Can Happen. You Either Get Married Or Your Break Up.

The Pain Of Having A Broken Heart Is Not So Much As To Kill You, Yet Not So Little As To Let You Live.


Wants To Remind You That Even Though You Can Not Go Back And Make A Brand New Start, You Can Always Start Now And Make A Brand New Ending.


When You Left Me For Their, I Wondered What Was Wrong With Me. Now I Realize, Nothing Was. You Were The Flaw, Just Like Their. And I Can Smile, I’m Better Off.


Is Tired Of Trying, Sick Of Crying, Yea I’m Smiling, But Inside I’m Dying


I Know Magic! WATCH ME DISAPPEAR From Your Little World.


Is Letting Go Of The Past And Moving Into The Future One Step At A Time. Its Time To Move Onto New And Different Things. So Why I Feel So Bad About It?


Most People Say They Would Go Back To Do Things Right. But Not Me… I Don’t Regret Meeting You Or Falling In Love With You, Even If You Did Hurt Me In The End.

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Breakup Day 2016 Messages For Whatsapp & Facebook


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