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The causes of sagging skin after weight loss and methods of treatment 2016

The causes of sagging skin after weight loss

The causes of sagging skin

Everyone is trying to lose excess weight and get the ideal weight, but the problems faced by a person after weight loss is sagging skin in the abdomen and buttocks, which may give the appearance of inappropriate and cause problems in wearing many clothes which a person loses confidence in himself after he had changed his outlook to his body and shape.
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The causes of sagging skin after weight loss:

Sagging skin after weight loss reason:

Spread in recent times many operations working on the removal of sagging due to significant weight loss in a short time the skin, which works to improve the external appearance of a person who suffers from this problem.

If you have lost a considerable amount of weight, you may have a saggy skin problem of redundant, and the reason is the flexibility of your skin before and during the weight loss process, as the young skin is more flexible and have the ability to return to its original shape, skin older be less flexible and may not shrink to the new shape again.

In addition, the presence of sagging skin is heavily influenced by the amount of weight you lose and how quickly the time to lose the weight, where when you lose weight rapidly, the skin may not shrink as quickly as you want.

The most vulnerable to the appearance of sagging skin in places:
Sagging skin is usually in the abdominal area from the bottom, and sagging skin after weight loss can occur in other areas such as the arms and around the bra, and in the thigh and buttocks area.

Common factors that affect the sagging skin:

1. The rate of weight loss:

There are a few factors that may affect the saggy skin appearance after weight loss, since the weight loss slowly can help prevent sagging skin because it gives the skin more time to restore its flexibility, rapid loss works on the loose in different places of the skin the appearance of the body .

2. Age:
Age is another factor as the older patients (usually 50 years and over) at a higher risk for the appearance of sagging skin after weight loss because their skin is less flexible and less able to recover from sizing.

How to control the appearance of sagging skin after weight loss:

First you must maintain a steady rate of weight loss in a week, so that no more than the loss of half a kilo a week, because the weight loss at a rate more than that of the most common reasons that lead to the appearance of sagging skin.

In addition to the slow pace and consistency of weight loss, you can also build muscle tissue to form under the sagging skin, and this is one of the proposed preventive methods rather than an operation to remove the sagging skin.

Of the most important ways in which you can follow to avoid the appearance of sagging skin while losing weight is exercise and sports abdominal pressure Msaah to tighten the abdominal muscles and weight lifting to prevent sagging arms during weight loss.

If the failure to get rid of the loose skin, you should consult your doctor do a surgery to remove the sagging skin, which helps to give consistency to the body and skin after weight loss.

Note :

Concern about the possible existence of loose skin after weight loss is not a reason to put off losing weight, where to get the ideal and healthy weight keeps the work of all the organs within the body system while maintaining the levels of hormones in the normal levels, and if you have flabby skin after weight loss, you need to talk with your doctor about the surgery and the techniques that can work to improve the appearance of your body.

Other risks appear because of the quick weight loss:

Everyone is trying to lose weight for ideal weight, but most of the problems that are unknown to many people to lose weight quickly, as lead to some nasty side effects that make you feel that your body has become unhealthy.

It is possible to lose weight quickly, but you will encounter problems will not notice them until after 6 months, in addition to the sagging skin in all palpation there are risks occur when dieting severely for losing weight fast, and here these risks:

1. gout painful:

This presentation shows if dieting does not contain a Krbojedat never, as the gout very painful, and if you have been exposed to in the past, then you should talk to your doctor about what you can do to reduce the risk of infection, it is important to drink plenty of water when planning a diet or a diet to lose weight quickly, but this method alone will not help you to avoid gout.

2. gallstones:

  During followers drastic diet and lose weight rapidly in a short time, it in turn causes the form gallstones, which may not be before you follow this severe diet, these stones are characterized as causing very severe pain and discomfort.

3. Loss of energy:

It is necessary to go out and continue to do the exercise physical loss of energy, where the vast majority of diets that cause weight loss very quickly be very low in carbohydrate content, but your muscles are performing better when carbohydrates are available in the body.

If the plan weight followed by a quick and lacked bread, cereals, fruits and starchy vegetables loss then you are at risk of losing power, the other downside when the carbohydrate content is low, you may become constipated, stress, hemorrhoids, because the fiber and fat and very few calories.

4. Lack of vitamins and minerals:

Inadequate vitamins and minerals that you get to make you feel tired, and there is absolutely no way to get enough nutrients, but through food with a healthy and complete diet, and no decrease of the amount of vitamins and minerals if the diet more stringent.

If you do not get enough of the vitamins and minerals you're going to be susceptible to infection with symptoms of a lack of these nutrients, and signs and symptoms include low energy, fatigue and a tendency for colds in the short term, slow healing after injury, and loss of bone density and damage on the nervous system in the long term.

5. muscle mass loss:

The loss of muscle even while continuing to practice the system well because of the lack of protein, and the lack of essential amino acids, where the protein contains calories along with carbohydrates and fats, which the body needs at rates during follow a diet to lose weight.

There is a rule turns out that you need to about 0.68 grams of pure protein per kg of body weight, and should be a high-quality protein in addition to the amount of amino acids that are indispensable.

Note: Do not confuse the protein food with a protein content when making calculations protein you need, where beef and eggs are good sources of protein, but only beef steak weighing about 170 grams contains 54 grams of protein, and two small eggs Berea total 100 grams contains only 13 grams of protein.

6. rapid drop in blood sugar levels:

If you have diabetes and dealing with tablets or insulin injections to control it, you should talk with your doctor or diabetes educator before starting a rapid weight loss plan, unless you may adjust your treatment to suit the change in the carbohydrates in the new diet that followed during the diet for losing weight.

7. risk of falling or a decrease in blood pressure:

One of the benefits of weight loss are low blood pressure levels, and this improvement is sometimes happen quickly, and if your blood pressure is "good" you would not be in the need to take drugs for high blood pressure to control it and then you have to talk with your doctor before starting any system diet or very tough to lose weight.

You may need to control blood pressure and that the doctor examines your medications and, unfortunately, is not fixed to each rise in blood pressure is due to weight gain or it may improve with weight loss, it is not uncommon to see the wonderful improvements in blood pressure during the weight loss phase but after a brief period of stability of the weight, the blood pressure levels begin to rise again, so you'll continue to see a doctor when you decide to diet hard to lose weight to make the necessary to ensure the preservation of the health of your body medical checks.

8. weight regain lost:

If a diet plan low-carb plan you some weight will recover quickly when you stop to follow this cruel system, The simple explanation is that your body naturally restores glycogen in muscle and liver along with glycogen that goes into the water, where the glycogen is the source fuel and have a positive difference in the muscle and performance of the brain, but in the long run, you will regain the weight and fat if you have returned to old habits did the process of developing a new plan to eat your system to maintain the new weight.

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The causes of sagging skin after weight loss and methods of treatment 2016


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