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steps to make a Warrior Cat Names

Do you love Warrior Cats? Well, just follow these steps to make a Warrior name of your own!

Look at a few different warrior books, and find two parts of a warrior name that haven't been used yet. If you like them, combine them! Examples:
    • Amberleaf. She-cat. Warrior. ThunderClan. Dappled tortie with white paws and dark amber eyes. Bright and sweet, a good hunter and kind. Wants kits of her own. Adores her leader.
    • Bluefang . She-cat. Warrior. RiverClan. Blueish she-cat with amber eyes. A stern and uptight warrior, is hard to find kindness in her.
    • Aspenfur. Tom. Warrior. ThunderClan. Gray tom with green eyes, was trained under Sandstorm. A quick and fast warrior, the fastest since Runningwind.
    • Shadetail. Deputy. Tom. Windclan. A black cat with odd silver patches and spots on his back and tail, has pale green eyes. Was once a maltreated kit during the regime of Brokenstar, was left to die in the woods during leaf-bare when he couldn't keep up with a raiding party, but found his way to WindClan when they were driven out by ShadowClan. Has never trusted the cruel, hostile Clan of RiverClan. Is a natural leader though, but does his best to be modest. Is good friends with Dustpelt and Longtail, who are like him.
    • Rosepelt. She-cat. Warrior. ThunderClan. Fiercely loyal. Big yellow eyes. Gray long-haired tabby. Hates all of RiverClan for murdering cats. Mentored by Brackenfur. Has a mate and 4 kits.
    • Runningshadow. WindClan. Tom. Black tom with dark amber eyes. Is a silent and deadly warrior, rarely speaks unless necessary. Has obvious distrust of Nightcloud and Breezepelt, and is even openly contemptuous of Crowfeather. Is very keen and observant of even the smallest detail.

Remember that your cat's warrior name must consist of the beginning of its apprentice name. Ex: Swiftpaw: Warrior name must contain the word 'Swift', maybe Swiftclaw

Know that the first part of a warrior name almost always starts out with something in nature. Colors, types of trees or flowers or nature, animals, types of weather, etc. The name must never include "Star," "Spirit," or "Moon." Moonflower was a mistake on Erin Hunter's part, and she has admitted to it. "Star" is the end of the leader, and it wouldn't be good if there was a "Starstar," now would it? "Moon" cannot be used as it is religious, and a large part of the Clan's lives. Moonstone, Moonhigh, Fullmoon, there are many uses. "Spirit" is also religious and therefore forbidden. It is also forbidden to use the clan names for other Warriors; Thunder, Wind, Shadow and River. Erin Hunter has stated these themselves.(Examples: Blue, White, Red, Black, Gray, Lily, Flower, Pine, Oak, Willow, Rose, Flame, Stone, Fox, Mouse, Dove, Hawk, Lark, Green, Jay, Cherry, Daisy, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Cloud, Sun, Holly, Feather, Smoke, Tangle, Squirrel, Fire, Fawn, Ice, Bracken, Thistle, Cinder, Briar, Ragged, Scorch, Mint, Night, Sky, Timber, Apple, Acorn, Berry, Birch, Brown, Cold, Hazel, Cedar, Thrush, Finch, Snow, Spotted, Petal, Robin, Golden, Swift, Dawn, Dusk, Dust, Ember, Adder, Viper, Owl, Yellow, Dark, Poppy, Tall, Coal, Small, Brindle, Speckle, Patch, Ivy, Vine, Dapple, Lightning, Snake, Raven, Silver, Crooked, Ash, Falcon, Morning, Sparrow, Bright, Thorn, Broken, Dead, Torn, Spider, Mud, Misty, Bark, Little, Big, Brook, Loud, Quiet, Moss, Fern, Sorrel, Frost, Meadow, Russet, Gorse, Heavy, Light, Shade, Vole, Breeze, Rain, Clover, Leaf, Sage, Wave, Amber, Honey, Storm, Sun, Pine, Alder, Grass)

Consider that the last part of the warrior's name should further describe the first part. For instance, if his/her first name Leopard, maybe, Leopardfur or Leopardclaw. If it was Hawk, maybe Hawkflight, or Hawktail (Ex: claw, fur, pelt, storm, head, tail, foot, step, ear, flight, wing, song, fang, gaze, heart, leaf, stream, pool, blaze, call, feather, shine, talon, stripe, splash, eyes, path, flow, haze, blossom, thorn, breeze

Take your cat's appearance into account when naming him/her. You wouldn't want to name a sweet golden she-cat Darkpelt or Shadeclaw. You're better off naming her Goldenfur or Dawnpelt.

Consider your cat's personal details. If your cat is black or a dark color, don't give it a name like Cloudfur. Stormcloud or Ravenfeather would probably be better. Give your cat a name that describes him/her in the best way possible

Realize that your name doesn't have to be a combination of those names.Does your cat have something characteristic about him/herself? For instance Runningnose from Erin Hunter's books, was Shadowclan's Medicine Cat, named for his 'running nose' because he always seemed to have a cold

Remember that when naming, that they won't know the full character right away. You should not name it based on the personality, eye color, or even the full coloring of that cat when it is named. Most cats don't have an obvious personality right away. The eye color for cats is always hidden for a while as their eyes are closed, and even when their eyes are open, they are blue and then fade into the final color. Also many cats, like tabby cats, don't show their markings right away. Don't name a nice golden she-cat sweet; you might not know they are nice until after naming them. Even the Warriors books have made this mistake

Do not use certain words in your warrior's name. For instance, Dragon, Drake, Super, Power, Vampire, God/Goddess names. Anything mystical or make-believe should not be in a Warrior's name, as it doesn't exist in the Warrior cat world and therefore doesn't make sense.

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steps to make a Warrior Cat Names


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