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How to unlock your Facebook blocked account

Facebook is one of the most popular social network of all time. That already has millions - millions of active users every day in various parts of the world. Facebook Account used not only to share information but also as a tool to strengthen the relationship to you / i and the public. In addition there is a satisfactory usability facebook so that each person can not feel bored to see facebook every day.

Active users on facebook probably already know the flaws and annoying things that exist in the social network, so do not want to repeat the same events. And to this day, something that makes people feel annoyed is when the account is Locked facebook only for trivial matters. Actually it is a testament to the affection facebook users to keep their account remains safe and secure.
How to unlock your Facebook blocked account

There are many things that make the account is locked suddenly. Suppose login from a different browser. For example, when you enter a long facebook use Opera Mini, then did logout. And log in again using UC Browser. Then it can be considered a type of account theft. Because the IP address / Proxy of both browsers different countries that pose the account is locked for a while.

And how to cope if a Facebook Account has been locked.? Actually easy and requires a bit of patience to do so. The following procedures can be attempted or made the experience when your account is locked temporarily. Please see below.!
  1. First Go to facebook using the device browser to be used frequently. If there is writing Your account is locked temporarily, just please click Continue.
  2. Then there will be a captcha (security code) please write as shown. And click continue.
  3. After that will be taken to a page option to unlock a locked account. Sometimes there are 2 to 4 option is selected. Such as date of birth, the Security Question, Guess pictures of friends, and sign in using the browser used previously.

(WAY 1)
  1. If there is an option to allow entry using the browser used, please refer to the browser and log in using the browser. When entering facebook will be immediately asked to change the password and the issue is resolved.

(HOW 2)
  1. If no such option is one way, but there is an option choice of date of birth. Please select the option.
  2. When choosing these options will be directly questioned about the complete birth date is the day, month, and year. Please fill in accordance with the date of birth is in the locked facebook account.
  3. After inputting the correct date of birth, will be taken directly to the page change password and after that issue is resolved.
  4. Most likely this option is only found by facebook account governing the privacy of date of birth in private. In other words the public, so no one knows except the owner.

(HOW 3)
  1. If the option is on the way 2 does not exist, then use the option Security question. This option is very difficult for the forgetful and can not be tried 1 to 2 times to try to correct. For that will I share a secure way can recall many times the security question
  2. First of all please go to facebook and click forgot password. Then look for an account that is locked Facebookmu.
  3. Once there yard recovery password, please click on the link "Do not have access to here again?" And will be taken to the page to enter a new Email, please fill in the email is up.
  4. After that will be taken to a page security questions. Please try many times the security question you remember the yard is because there is no limit to try.
  5. If successful, it will be taken to a page to change the password. Please skip this page and go straight back into the locked facebook account, and include answers to questions such as who has managed to facebook earlier. Then will be taken to a page to change the password and the issue is resolved.

(HOW 4)
  1. If the option means 3 is not available, then there is no other way to select an option Guess friend's photo. This makes it fairly difficult for those who have friends who are not known, but take it easy because there is no way that is a bit easy to guess correctly.
  2. Before choosing this option, you should log in using your facebook account to another and toward a locked account profile. Please go menu Friends and memorized some friends who appeared on approximately 20 list. Memorize contained enough facial images only. Memorize the fact that it should be remembered well.
  3. If the possibility has been recalled, please logout of the account and go back into the account is locked and just select the option to figure out photos of friends and doing well. Special appearance image list initially close friend who often like, comment, and inbox. And then 20 images of friends who often active, and the latter is a random photos of all your friends.
  4. In order to pass this option, have to guess the correct photos with a minimum of 5 photos. After that will be taken to a page change password and the issue is resolved.

It takes patience to be able to get back the account is locked, especially if only on the way to the 4th course, it was just luck if you have a friend 5ribu's. Keep in mind, too, that each perform step 2 to 4 not to answer perfunctory because there are restrictions soften. So if the wrong answer several times will get a notice "Limit exceeded hour or hourly limit exceeded" next option selection. If you've got the message, you can not select that option and had to wait 12 hours ahead.

All the above step has to be an experience I do. And until now facebook account I never again locked. Each year always have differences on facebook, and possible ways above could no longer useful. But do not worry, I will continue to monitor through the comments, if some of the above methods can still be used or not. The suggestion of I, do not ever use the services of other air-desire to open a facebook account that is locked by means email, password, and the information Another important. 

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How to unlock your Facebook blocked account


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