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Navdurga And Powers

Navdurga And Powers,  9 manifestations of durga, Navdurga yantra, Divine powers of Nine goddesses, Astrologer for solutions of problems.

Navdurga Powers
The goddess of powers, the goddesses of giving success in this materialistic and spiritual world. If any one get the blessings of goddess Durga then nothing can stop him or her to get success in life. Success will go ahead.

First of All let's understand the Maa Durga-
Maa Durga is the the goddess of shakti or power and is the part of Lord shiva. As per the hindu mythology shiva is incomplete in the absence of Mahashakti or durgaji the goddess of power.
As per the scriptures there are basically 3 manifestation of durga i.e. 

Navdurga- The above said 3 forms of durga then take the birth as 9 different powers called as navdurga. In the Navratri all the nine forms of durga are worshipped all over the world by Hindus.  

The 9 manifestations of durga are as follows-
1. Shailputri
2. Brahmacharini
3. Chandraghanta
4. Kushmanda
5. Skandmata
6. Kathyayini
7. Kaalratri
8. Mahagauri
9. siddhidaatri

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Important Facts Related To Navdurga:

A) Shailputri-
This is the first manifestation of Durga. Shail raj himalaya was the father of this power because of this the name shailputri given. She always ride on bull and keep Trishul on her right hand and lotus flower in her left hand. She is also known as mata sati and in body her place is Mooladhar Chakra. On meditation yogi can see the power of goddess shailputri in the Mooladhar chakra.

B) Brahamacharini-
Here brahamacharini means austerity. She always engaged in doing saadhna. In her right hand you will find a japa mala and in her left hand you will find a kamandal. In body Swadhisthaan chakra is the place of brahmacharini. On the 2nd day of Navratri people worship the goddess of austerity.

C) Chandraghanta-
On the third day of navratri we worship the goddess chandraghanta. This is the most powerful  manifestation of maa durga. She shines like gold and always ready to destroy the negative energy. 
In body she reside in Manipur chakra.When yogi enter in manipur chakra then by her blessing feels the divine sights of divine things and also have divine fragrance. 
The evils always fears from the sound of her divine bell.

D) Kushmanda-
The 4th manifestation of maa durga is Kushmanda. she shines like sun and have tremendous power to bless her devotees with every thing to live a successful life. she is also known as ashtbhuja means she has 8 arms which have kamandalu, dhanush, baan, lotus flower, kalash, chakra, gada and all the siddhis. 
She is able to uplift a person in this physical as well as in spiritual world too. 

E) Skandmata- 
Her place is vishudha chakra and is worshiped on 5th day of navratri. She provide every thing to her devotees. 

F) Kathyayini- 
Agyaa chakra is the place of maa kathyayini and is very powerful goddess. She rides on Lion. she is able to give Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha to the devotees. 

G) Kaalratri- 
the 7th power of maa durga is kaalratri, Her color is black like a dark night. She has 3 eyes and she rides on donkey. 
Yogi worship her in Sahastradhaar chakra. She root out the evils of her devotees completely and open the way of success. 

H) MahaGauri-
She has very fair color and rides on bull. She is only of 8 years as per scriptures. Devotee can get divine powers by worshiping mahagauri.

I) Siddhidaatri-
As the name shows that she gives Siddhis to her devotees. She is capable to provide all the divine powers to her devotees like anima, Mahima, laghima, garima, prapti, ishitwa, vashitwa, prakamya etc. So these are the 9 manifestation of durga and all are capable to provide divine powers to her devotees. 

Navratri is the best time to worship to get success in the physical and spiritual world. Navratri is the best time to work to fulfill our desires. This is the time to get super powers. So do worship goddess shakti, ma Durga, the Adi Shakti.

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Navdurga And Powers,  9 manifestations of durga, Navdurga yantra, Divine powers of Nine goddesses, Astrologer for solutions of problems.

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Navdurga And Powers


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