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Movie Review: Sausage Party

It has been said that in order to produce a high-quality movie, it takes a practical miracle. Surely, if a filmmaker can master the first obstacle, then the next demons await. These insatiable beasts are known as marketing and promotions. In actuality, there are many miracles being produced inside Hollywood and beyond. Truly the stakes and risk factors surrounding filmmaking are incredible, but after the spawn of a seemingly great idea, money talks.

As a regular moviegoer, I have seen my share of quirky flicks from Encino Man, Dumb and Dumber and White Chicks. Some screwball comedies fair well at the box office, while others flop. Still I have often wondered how in the hell these movies were ever green-lighted? What was the selling factor to garner that ultimate yes?

I was instantly intrigued by the animated feature, Sausage Party, shortly after viewing the trailer online, and asked the same question. On the surface, Sausage Party, is seemingly a witty and innocuous narrative, centering on food products carrying out their simple lives, hoping to be chosen by “the gods,” (average consumers simply purchasing food from the supermarket), to ascend into paradise.

Naturally, some of us were shocked to discover that this animated feature was a far cry from Disneyland. Accepting that this R-rated film is such for the obvious, many of us could not resist the need to see how the storyline played out. I blame it on the appeal of Jonah Hill, who I also enjoyed in the animated picture, Megamind, starring Will Ferrell, which also featured Hill.

Though Sausage Party is loaded with hilarious one-liners, innuendos and scenarios, it is the rawest animated flick I have seen since Shrek. Talking food products who sing show tunes is far up my alley. I may have been the loudest person laughing in the theater, amused by crude humor at its finest.
Yet I must preface this by stating that any parent or caretaker, who brings a child to see Sausage Party, understand that you are truly fucked up. These animated food products swear like sailors throughout the entire movie, and their raging libidos are ridiculous. Food products that fuck in full-on orgies is not for the faint of heart and mind.

Then again, some may be open to food porn. Pun intended. Moreover, Sausage Party, explores a brutish world contrasting vulgar adult expressions with child-like imagery to convey a much broader message. Quite simply, the purpose of our existence is not what we have been led to believe it is. Who or what is really running the world as we know it? Should this give us pause for thought. Maybe, maybe not.

Then again, interpretation as we know is totally subjective. No film viewer perceives art the same, but if you are curious, impish and still seeking to embrace your inner frat boy, and as long as you understand the rules of consent,     I encourage you to see Sausage Party. Simply for fits of giggles, which are always worth it. I promise.

Now go fucking see it!


Autumn Simmons

Autumn Simmons is the producer and host of the podcast, Talk Fuzion (Don’t Call It

Radio), and she is also the creator, producer, writer and lead talent of the award-winning sitcom web series, The Quirk Chronicles. You can visit her at and you can follow Autumn on Twitter at @TalkFuzion @thequirkchroni1, including Instagram,

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Movie Review: Sausage Party


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