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Captain America: Civil War Review

Three long years.

Three long years I’ve waited for this Movie and finally the time is here. Captain America: Civil War pits its most popular Avengers head to head: Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man. 

Prior to Civil War, Marvel was on the edge with this one, dropping that dud of a movie in Age of Ultron. Iron Man was ready to say peace to Stark Industries, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) quit the Avengers, and in that we were left with a half-written movie filled with plot holes and mistakes. As a fan, I was left disgusted with AoU and had little faith they could nail the Civil War story line, in which heroes are pitted against one another behind a difference of opinions — especially with the two newest additions in the Marvel Comics Universe not having backstories yet on film.

The storyline was not ruined in the trailers. The Russo Brothers mislead us big time, including the major twist in that not only does one winter soldier (Bucky) exist; multiple do. Each hero has valid reasoning in this fight and me being a avid Tony Stark hater, I can honestly say towards the end I wanted him to kill Bucky. It wouldn't have been right because Bucky committed the act as a sleeper agent but for Captain America to have known from the start of the film that he killed Tony's parents and still didn't tell him was messed up. From shocking turn of events to finding a way to show every character do something iconic from the comics, Marvel splashed with the hits. 

First and foremost, as the no.1 Spider-Man stan I was standoff-ish with Tom Holland being casted as our friendly neighborhood superhero but from the moment he was introduced until his final scene, Peter Parker stole the show with each of his witty responses, quirky one-liners and a clear signal of him being a teenager fighting grown ups. I loved how they had Parker build his own webbing and web shooter instead of the first incarnation of him which saw Spider-Man have organic webbing, which was horrible, and in the second, he used an Oscorp technology to assist him with the web shooters.

The best part about all of this is we learned about him and it didn't feel forced. The Russo brothers knew exactly what they had planned with Holland and executed like Steph Curry from 30 ft. 

Finally on Spiderman, only the dorky nerd himself would tell Tony Stark he has math homework to do instead of joining him in a fight (he also has a post-credit scene setting up his standalone film — Tony Stark is set to appear — which drops July 7, 2017.)

Black Panther is up next and when someone makes a threat about killing someone after a awhile it fades and the hate runs thin. Not for the King of Wakanda. From the moment he put on the Black Panther ring he was all about that action boss. The accent. The claws. The suit. And the kicks — yes, his kicks deserve their own mention. 

Panther was the MVP of this movie. Marvel showed just enough about Wakanda and his origin while leaving us guessing what lies ahead (Black Panther drops in 2018) in the most technological advance country. His entrance was bad ass, plus the fact that his theme music was flutes (The Green Ranger had flute music and he was badass; it just makes sense). He put them claws on Bucky from the moment he threatened to kill him.

And if you didn’t catch it, T'Challa nabs the other post-credit scene and just keeps on dominating his scenes with his threat if the Avengers or United Stated dare to try to step foot in Wakanda. 

The airport scene in Civil War was 15 minutes of greatness and everything you wanted from the glimpse shown in the trailer,  increased ten-fold. Ant-Man turning into Giant-Man. Black Panther performing his unique fighting style vs, Cap. Spidey referencing Star Wars as he took down Giant-Man. Hawkeye and Ant-Man’s arrow combo. Talking about that whole sequence really doesn't do that scene justice at all. 

And then the ode to the final battle between Cap and Iron Man. That scene brought me to metaphorical tears. Everything about the scene was PERFECT from Iron Man programming his suit mid-fight to adjust to Cap's fighting style to Cap blocking Iron Man’s blast causing the screen to pause in the MOST epic way, bringing everyone's nerdgasm to a climax, no pun intended. 

Civil War is a BLOCKBUSTER comic movie done right. Forget The Avengers, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, or any other group of superheroes in a movie. Civil War gave us the movie version of "Game, Blouses”, and if Marvel continues in letting the Russo's direct movies, we as fans are in good hands. The MCU is finally looking like it’s all connecting and reaching the final climax in Avengers: Infinity War Pt. 1 & 2 which should be the ultimate slam dunk for Marvel. 

Telling you about the movie only does so much. Check out this great spectacle foryourself and let me (@ChillGawd) know what you think.

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Captain America: Civil War Review


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